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Ellis Reyes Feb 10
The metal floor is slicky
Desert heat amplifies
The odor of ***** and blood
Mostly empty IV bags hang on their stands
Packaging from numerous medical supplies
Litter the ground

Quickly and carefully I clean and spray and sweep and scrub
I sort and pack and refit and reorganize
Preparing the chopper for the next call

Lives were saved
I don’t know what will become of them
Some will leave the Army
Some will come back here
Some will do the job the enemy couldn’t do
And take their own lives

I can’t think about that
This is hard enough
Another day in the life of my roommate, a combat medic.
Ellis Reyes Feb 7
Blackhawk turning, HIT, cockpit burning
Troops learning of war, yearning for home
Continuing to experiment with poetic forms. My first in a series of Tyburns.
Martin Mikelberg Jan 2018
the helicopter
like a dragonfly
in the air
As I listened to the blades turning...........
Stan Patty Jan 2017
A heave of the earth.
Hillsides of structures collapsing;
cascades of rock and vegetation;
liquid shifting of terrain;
the silent screams
of trapped and torn people.  
We turned towards the worst damage.
Rotors, engine, and radio were the
Only sounds.
SassyJ May 2016
Helicopter in the air
Searching for those on the run
Holding the greenness of shattered glass
A tight embrace of the natural beauty

A rock tied to mine locks
Padlocked as I creep the stairway of life
Evolution of flames and fallacies
A sly that promises no tears

Compelled to paste the puzzle together
A locomotion of pieces to a system
Never to be afraid of who we are
United uniqueness to be the ones of a kind

Are we the loyal dogs who bark by the rivers?
Waiting for the tides to wash us away
Singing as the sun reflects beautiful ways
The tales of a long ago uncovers my soul
Summer Michelle Jan 2016
Stop trying to hold me still
I'm sure you mean well,
But your grip can ****.

Your voice is haunting me
How can I find my way
When you're holding so tightly?
Lynn Greyling Jan 2015
He’s young, so very young,
And beautiful.
Dark, broody, beautiful!
No fear in his eyes-
Only quiet confidence.

You fly by night
With sight of the owl,
You climb with your eagle machine,
Fiercely, conquering the night.
Skilfully, lovingly, victoriously!
Serenity Elliot Oct 2014
Roly poly helicopter
Spinning and toppling on a splatter of pink liquid paint
The sharp sound of blackberries and the taste of an oboe
Under the neon night sky glinting with frozen lollipops

— The End —