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neo Jul 15
this is
where i

i never
for you
i was
in love
with the
idea of


neo Jul 7
she stands there,
wind through her hair,
dazed and unaware,
numb and hopeless,
a broken goddess.

she stands there
waiting for time
to fade her away
into the dark, cold night.
neo Jul 7
i want to touch you
and feel you close to me

i want to dive deep into your eyes
and into your soul

i want to come near you
and tell you how much i adore you

how i adore you and the way you shine
in contrast to the dark sky enveloping us all the time

i want to love you
but i can't

i can't love you when all eyes are watching from all corners of the earth

i can't love you when all the other stars shine brighter than me

i can't love you

not when it means that to love you would mean to come near you

once we collide there's no turning back

as beautiful as an explosion that we may be, i'm scared to lose myself just trying to love you
i'm sorry but i can't
  Apr 29 neo
ting is
your           life
thro             ugh
a ne           edle
and         if
you sew
neo Apr 29
a wave of warmth rises from the East.

the marriage of red and orange injects itself in the bleak, blank sky.

blue, red, white, and yellow dances with the cool breeze.

as the chariot of Apollo rises, a glimmer of hope streams into the blind eyes.

a new hope for the archipelago of the seas.

a new hope for a new tomorrow.
i wrote this during the Philippines' Independence Day last year (June 12) and this roots from my hope to see change in my country.
neo Apr 29
"This day is the worst!" I grunt to myslelf as I enter the coffee shop. "A whole year of dedication, sacrifice, and hardwork and all for what? Being replaced by a geeky little teenager who haven't had any job experience." I sigh. Being fired from my job was the cherry on top on the ****-pie called life.

Breathe. Breathe.

"Good morning! What's your order?" the barista says whilst smiling through her not so real expression. You and me both, buddy. You and me both. I scan the menu of fancy calligraphy engraved in chalk. "I'll take the Classic Americano," she nods as she takes my order and types it in the lineup. I catch sight of my order before it eventually disappears into the sea of other requests.

"Your order will be with you in a moment. You may want to sit down. It might take a while," she advises me, gesturing towards the full and busy cafe shop. She left me dumbfounded as I look across the entire scene. My eyes scanned every possible vacant seat. And there was only one. My stomach twisted at the sight of this.

Bless the heavens for the vacant seat and curse the fiery pits for this curse. Across the vacant seat, a woman sat. A book was comfortably gripped on her hands and so was her mind. Her interest seemed to be captured by the printed words on paper. I start to reluctantly walk towards the vacant seat. As I approach the seat, the more my nerves went uncontrolled. I could spot more of her features.

Freckled blonde beauty. Three words to describe her in my head as I stand in front of the table. Taking a deep breath, I clear my throat. Startled by my interruption, she jumps from her seat and shoots her head up. Oh God, I hope I didn't give off a bad impression. Why do I always mess stuff up?

"Is this seat taken?" I ask, a sensation of warmth spreads across my cheeks. She shakes her head and gestures to the seat in front of her. As I sit down, she continues to immerse herself in the book. I caught a glimpse of the title. They Both Die At The End. One of the finest novels I know.

Awkwardness quickly dawns over the whole scene. It seemed like every other sound was blocked out and the universe halted to watch us in this very moment. The silence was broken as the waitress puts down my order on the table. I grab hold of my cup and start to stir.

"So, you like black coffee?" she asks. I nod. She takes sip of her own Classic Americano and grins at me. "Cool," she says. Silence is the worst thing to exist. Small talks are a free pass to Awkward Town. I sigh. Break the silence. Just talk.

"I like the book you're reading," the words escapes my mouth. She smiles at this and acknowledges the random fact I spat out. "Yeah. It's the best book ever," she replies. A genuine smile creeps its way on my face and the warm sensation in my face comes back.

After a few moments, she abruptly stands up and starts to leave. "Wait!" I blurted out, attracting a few curious stares from the other customers. She turns to look back confused and quite startled. "I-uh... What's your name? I didn't quite get it," I say as I fidget in my seat.

She smiles at me brightly and giggles. We make eye contact for a few seconds. "Lila... Lila Smith," she then nods at me, her eyes telling me to tell mine. I hesitate but I didn't want to ruin anything.

"My name is Jacquie. Jacquie Rose."
uwu i'm soft
neo Dec 2018
red, yellow, green illuminates the road lined with beads of the sky's tears.

the constant honks echoes in the frantic passageway.

frustration makes its prescence felt.

when will this end?
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