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neo Jun 2022
unprecedented, your presence.
like the flaring warmth
of the early morn
s e e p i n g
through the blinds: awakening
the heaviest of eyes;
the coldest of dawns;
the most oblivious of hearts.
i wished i bargained
for five more minutes.

like a forgotten alarm
r i n g i n g
loudly, repetitively:
it never leaves, no matter
how many times it
has been shut down,
shut out.
how do i shut you out?

like the crisp, soulless
f a l l i n
letting go from its
cling onto the
sturdiness yet fragility.
if i let you go,
would that make me sturdy?
would that make me more

unprecedented, your presence.
and as i traverse past you,
i have one request:
next time, knock on the door.
neo Feb 2022
i can feel the passion slowly fading.
when faced with blank pages, i spew nothing
but empty words and meaningless sentences,
so superficial, overflowing with pretenses.

oh, how i miss the wide-eyed writer I used to be:
the type to pour his whole heart and soul into his stories.
now, i'm stuck chasing the words that were once mine,
stuck wondering if i'll ever get back my shine.
neo Apr 2020
the moon is shining bright tonight
just like the night we met.
i remember you taking my hand
and saying,
"make a wish. the moon is listening."
so we wished.
we wished for something.
we wished for someone.
every single time.
we always wished for someone...

but we would never wish for each other.

and that's why we had to let it go.
neo Dec 2019
light the edge,
fan the flame,
make sure it reaches aim,
make sure it reaches,
make sure that it wont die,
the flame: let it burn out.
burn out.
fire: bright: deadly: marvelous:
a predictable spectacle.
fireworks: works of fire,
forged, colorful,
temporary: a mere distraction.
spectacle: superficial.
distraction from the bleak night sky.

just like us.
happy new year
neo Jul 2019
this is
where i

i never
for you
i was
in love
with the
idea of


neo Jul 2019
she stands there,
wind through her hair,
dazed and unaware,
numb and hopeless,
a broken goddess.

she stands there
waiting for time
to fade her away
into the dark, cold night.
neo Jul 2019
i want to touch you
and feel you close to me

i want to dive deep into your eyes
and into your soul

i want to come near you
and tell you how much i adore you

how i adore you and the way you shine
in contrast to the dark sky enveloping us all the time

i want to love you
but i can't

i can't love you when all eyes are watching from all corners of the earth

i can't love you when all the other stars shine brighter than me

i can't love you

not when it means that to love you would mean to come near you

once we collide there's no turning back

as beautiful as an explosion that we may be, i'm scared to lose myself just trying to love you
i'm sorry but i can't
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