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Nigdaw May 8
we are all accomplices
the plate cannot lie
something murdered casually
so we can finely dine
oozing still the blood
that once coursed it's veins
a rare and gruesome pallet
enjoyed with chips and peas

yet we pet the dog
call him companion and friend
invited into the family
like a furry surrogate child
stroke the cat on our evening lap
cooing and talking
like they understand
they have the protection of PET

otherwise we'd be cuddling a snack
Nigdaw May 4
we take this narrow
fragile flight into the light
ghosts even before we die
haunting the world
with fleeting moments
as we pass by
leaving memories and shadows
of our former selves
free in our limited way
to follow destiny

too many stories ending
shadows left on hearts
who grieve a selfish loss
pretending they can cope
knowing they are
a little more alone today
glimpsing the last page
epilogue epitaph preordained
we capture each new moment
determined to be unafraid
  May 4 Nigdaw
Kafka Joint
If the mirrors could speak,
They would go to shrinks,
They would throw themselves on couches,
And they would talk, they would talk, they would talk...
  May 4 Nigdaw
Kafka Joint
A midnight omelette
Could be a heaven on earth,
Although some eggs might beg to differ.
When I think of you

I think shampoo and strawberry ice-cream

weekend tangerine sunrises

atlas of freckles and new rain on cheeks

my hole-strewn t-shirt against your skin

so it’s like I’m there with you, almost
Written: May 2020.
Explanation: A short, very simple poem written in my own time. A link to my Facebook writing page can be found on my HP home page.
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