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A M Ryder Apr 23
The past
always seems
To chase after us
When I choose to lie
I've learned to never
Let it go any further
If I know
I did something
That I'm accused of
I confess

I don't want to play
Cat and mouse
Delaying the inevitable
Is the worst game
You can play
And never win

If I did it
Then I did it
And that's all
There is to it
D Jan 2021
Wish upon a star they said,
And everything turns out alright,
But where is my order of a happy ending?
The one that was guaranteed tonight.

There must have been a delay in the delivery,
Or my product was out of stock,
However I haven't received my email yet,
To tell me who's head will be on the block.

So where is this happy ending?
And the package of happily ever after,
It seems all hoping and wishing,
Doesn't seem to get it here any faster.

How did all the fairy tales end,
With such a baffling amount of joy,
I guess they didn't have the postal service to deal with,
Or their happiness dependent on a boy.
Carlo C Gomez Apr 2020

Where'd my
Stimulus check go?
Gabriel Apr 2020
May love bring me to you
   Like a warm fire
         that hugs you in a rainy night
   a burning bush you came to me
        That's when I knew
       God makes miracle happen
A little delay wont hurt the process
    but it takes time
to embrace the pain
     And more time to love you more
I love you
Simon Oct 2019
Every time you try to pull that trigger, the action destabilizes! Leaving you without wounds from the inside out. Actions have consequences. Especially when yours isn’t good enough for the misfired bullet. Further actions destabilize even more. Showing the blockage of bullets cramming the gun barrel. Gun barrel becomes lost in its own action. Rendering its actions futile. More misfiring bullets go off! Nothing sprouts from the gun with love on its mind. Firearm cartridge is burning up! Feeling abandoned by itself. To much cramming volunteers mucking up too many services. Feeling more destabilizing numbness. Gun barrel becomes more exhausted. Numbness is no longer the issue. All actions have now taken away feeling. Doesn’t matter. Won’t stop the action from destabilizing further into a nothingness claim. A claim trapped in a misfired action. Halted all it’s processes. Resorting blockage sharing entire feelings with the first misfired bullet. Love becomes escapable.
If a bullet did flow out freely, more loving examples would be more presentable to the entire populace.
Rahama Sep 2018
I wait all day for the train,
But it has been delayed.
I sit a few feet from the tracks,
As time just slips away.

I finally escaped,
But my getaway,
Hasn't come to take me away.

And my past will soon catch up to me,
I guess I'll never truly be free.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love was delayed for one second.
Love was the second step.
Love is there as you take your final breath.
Love is something you can never forget.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
nick armbrister Apr 2018
Uncle Sam
When will the company payout?
Just like Catch 22
All the benefits come after death
You sign on the line

And pay the cash
For the listed benefits
But you don’t see them
Not a single ******* one

They’re left to your loved ones
Don’t have a wife or kids?
Too bad then
Uncle Sam will claim your benefits

To enrich his war chest
And defeat the *** and the ****
And the Reds after that
The benefits are all his
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