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Rahama Sep 2018
I wait all day for the train,
But it has been delayed.
I sit a few feet from the tracks,
As time just slips away.

I finally escaped,
But my getaway,
Hasn't come to take me away.

And my past will soon catch up to me,
I guess I'll never truly be free.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love was delayed for one second.
Love was the second step.
Love is there as you take your final breath.
Love is something you can never forget.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
nick armbrister Apr 2018
Uncle Sam
When will the company payout?
Just like Catch 22
All the benefits come after death
You sign on the line

And pay the cash
For the listed benefits
But you don’t see them
Not a single ******* one

They’re left to your loved ones
Don’t have a wife or kids?
Too bad then
Uncle Sam will claim your benefits

To enrich his war chest
And defeat the *** and the ****
And the Reds after that
The benefits are all his
Umi Mar 2018
Complete, four wings stretched for you as an obsticle, big and ominous, they block the light of the sun as it crosses your way,
He will promise you that over walls you will go if you obey him,
Paying from the rule and standing proud with spiteful intent,
Or maybe he will make you believe to be able to shoot over the sky,
What a trecious act of misleading lies, leading to greater falsities,
The cards of fate are already dealt, do not sell your soul, do not lose,
Filth comes in many classes and ranks which cannot be conveyed,
Evil knows tricks into your heart which cannot be explained at all,
His footsteps will leave their mark on you once purgatory is served,
Burning up and feeling priceless now would simply be foolish, dull
Waiting for the cracks of a shady eternity once he breaks his promise,
Beware, the sweetest words might be a game of seduction for you,
Clouded, lost, uncertain of its outcome, struggling for the light inside,
Make another move, you won't be able to turn back, broken light finds no place in this realm of unending decisions to be made today,
You will see it is true, but then it will be far too late for realisation,
Each soul has it's given date, now as beneath the soil do you want to be laid with your records flawed, at last it comes to heaven or ****,
Will you decide now or will you delay, my precious treasure,
He will promise you wealth from amongst the heavens, to lead to poverty from the deepest ****, a cricle you won't escape from,
His promises are transient lies, all he wants is your soul which dies
Do not listen, turn away, do not become a silly devils prey

~ Umi
I want to be great
But you keep me delayed
Mida Burtons Jul 2017
There's just so much water.
Blinding to the eye, torturous to the skin.
I fear this is it.
I can feel my laboured breaths mimicking my beating heart.
Time has no importance.
I can sense my eyesight blurring, my body giving way.
Allowing the water to take full control.
I realize that this was inevitable but is still yet delayed.
The water envelopes my body.
Nothing can be kept sheltered, hidden as I've let myself get to this.
My vulnerability becoming me.
Dark n Beautiful May 2017
May the roof above us never fall in?
and may we friends gathered below never fall out.
May the good saints protect us
And bless us today
And may troubles ignore you
Each step of the way:  quote from an Irish blessing**

When the living pretend to don’t care
About Obamacare, or this new healthcare
in this year of two thousand and seventeen  

His legacy is Washington new vanishing act
They daunting faces, as they smirked in triumph
The poor man burden, once again is left out in the dark
Washington DC is becoming the number one soap opera
An uncaring state of mind for the men in black

Who hold the magic key, who hired the pied piper?
Will pay the price:  the cry that will get us the most
is the cry of the children, in the final hours?

The wine bottle glugging sound effect as they praise
Cork popping, family bawling, and once again
We march for justice, when the living pretend to don’t care

Delay and Repeal:

I have not the power to stop them in the tracks,
All I can do is to write lousy poetry
reconsidered this bill: You have won
Now think of last man in the race:
Arcassin B Nov 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

..And while the void is not yet filled,
I still heal,
From these wounds in my backyard of pumping iron
And fighting skills,
In a place where they rob and steal and they don't care about how you
Feel ,
The day the earth shakes and the beams are steel,
Hope that they can seal the deal,
Past experiences and bad choices made me who I am,
Sending letters to my mind in form of a aerogram,
And at the time,
Riding my bike in Holly hill,
Sitting in sin and praying for the wrong things that Couldn't
Make me feel,
As vulnerable as the people that shouldn't be ,
trying to break the strong, persuade the weak,
Bullies use to call me weak , but couldn't see me in the street,
But I'm looking for eutopia and beauty so Divine,
Like a promise land designed for people that would give their
Lives and lay it on the line, I won't miss that opportunity,
Now Are You Coming?!


This pimple I popped to see a new hope come along,
Hope that God sends so much cargo that I will not go wrong,
Receiving hostility towards me all from your darker tone,
Feeling like you have to be an ******* because you think that
You own,
My soul,
My well-being off your throne,
Steady popping,
So much **** is dropping from my face,
And at this point upon this wicked world , What is the human race?
I question us everyday,
Senseless killings that mess up days,
You've made your time for these delays.
Martin Narrod Mar 2016
I'm getting gone.
I'm getting gone.
And the daisies are tryin' to move.
I'm getting gone.
And the sunrise is tryin' to come early too.
I'm getting gone,
And we stayed out late last night.
Tuesday morning we've got an early flight.
But if you aren't ready to go, I'll get dressed for us both.
We're getting gone.
Red pants and these Tom Ford shades.
You'll wear your Rick Owens sneakers and jacket onto the plane.
We survived another night on the road,
Now we've got to wake up before we're eating yesterday's dinner tomorrow.

We're getting gone.
And the neighbor's are going to keep complainin'
We're getting gone.
And we hold our tongues out even when it's not rainin'.
We're getting gone.
Let's get coffee and eat some LSD.
Smoke three cigarettes and then we'll leave.
We're getting gone.
Red pants and these Tom Ford shades.
You'll wear your Rick Owens sneakers and jacket onto the plane.
We survived another night on the road,
Now we've got to wake up before we miss another tomorrow.
We're getting gone.
We're getting gone.

But hold up 'cause I'd like to know you
I'll kiss your neck if you'll touch my face
Let's be a stereotype and make them wait all the time,
Ten more minutes, is that really the worst lie?


We're getting gone.
And the girls and boys are running us down.
We're getting gone.
I can't remember, what's the name of this town.
We're getting gone.
**** my tongue while I turn you on.
I'll **** your tongue while you turn me on.
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