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Jan 2016 · 689
Dispondent Tomorrows
koketso Jan 2016
Lethargic energies found on the corner street
Dreams devoured by their caustic cigar
Infatuated with not what to eat...
All the seek is the next bottle of liquor

The women selling mealies and vetkoeks
Hoping for at least, a penny
The kids are back from school but too hungry to entertain books
No wonder these kids grow to be as fatuous as Lenny
Dec 2015 · 372
They Shoot
koketso Dec 2015
Not once but the number of stars on their shoulder
I wish miracles existed 'cause he'll never survive
Is this what is meant by laws being bolder?
Taking the life of a youngster holding just a knife?
Live ammunition shot by fatuous brains
Bury our bodies but our soul remains
Venting on reality. The unjustified decisions police  make.
Utterly unacceptable.
Jun 2015 · 691
intoxicated love.
koketso Jun 2015
while hugging, our bodies release oxytocin hormones into our system

eating chocolate gives off the same hormones
as being with your loved one

...guess that's why I'm rocking back & forth
on grandma's squeaky chair
with all chocolate money could buy
a precaution for the lonely hours of 2am
when the chocolate is well out
& still...quivering & craving
your feminine touch
your sweet lullaby voice
& your ability to numb my heart from the pain
right after you abuse it with love

chocolate makes my heart weep,
But Baby,
You make it roar
louder than a lion that just won war

a blink without your love quivers my soul
Don't you see, you're the drug
that makes me whole
you make ****** seem like ordinary water when compared to you

my druggie,

-Your ******
Based on a true love reality...not story.
May 2015 · 337
koketso May 2015
Yes, actions speak louder than words...but some lies shout.
Random, how truth is bound to be futile in this generation.
Apr 2015 · 855
coal souls.
koketso Apr 2015
some souls
are made
from pitch black coals
turning everything they touch dull & old


Every fierce, eternal fire of hope demands the same load
of dark unattractive coals

that nobody wants to touch.
Mar 2015 · 954
inevitable love. ( 10W )
koketso Mar 2015
There are no parachutes given
on the plane of Love.
Love & life are not parallel, don't expect to have one of them without the other...
Mar 2015 · 3.1k
unconditional love.
koketso Mar 2015
Even if my rib cages confined my heart away from you
Your ability to make it melt
would let my love drip through to you.
-For my pumpkin.
Mar 2015 · 449
koketso Mar 2015
Amongst all things that devoured my life's time
From birth to death
Smiles to frowns
Laughter to cries
Even the most intense euphoria I ever had

There is no doubt that
If tomorrow was judgement day & the Lord asked what I did with the gift of life...
I'd say I spent it with you.
#Random.|   My life, is my "Joy".
Mar 2015 · 416
koketso Mar 2015
I witness souls die everyday
Showing no pity for them
For I am now used to this daily routine

Except for mine
My soul never dies

...It has been dead all along.
Once again, protect your Self-esteem...while its still high.
Mar 2015 · 452
volcanic love. 10W
koketso Mar 2015
Drop my heart into a volcano
Let my LAVA erupt...
Mar 2015 · 542
death. 10W
koketso Mar 2015
Death is like a shuffled playlist..anyone could be next.
Mar 2015 · 8.4k
(10W) hurtful words.
koketso Mar 2015
words undress your self-esteem, some never put them back on...
Don't let negative comments obliterate how you feel of yourself. Be the source of your self love.
Mar 2015 · 8.2k
10W poem. (procrastination)
koketso Mar 2015
Constant procrastination draws anything closer to the brink of impossibility.
Mar 2015 · 1.6k
heart & mind
koketso Mar 2015
an ignition far more vivid
than a nuclear bomb
is how it all began

a war between two great kings
heart and mind
feelings and knowledge

both undefeatable,
mutually assured destruction for both

& with everything destroyed,
I love you with the survived debris of my heart.
Feb 2015 · 712
oblivion pain
koketso Feb 2015
you know not
the pain you've ignited my heart with
Feb 2015 · 344
once again
koketso Feb 2015
Once again
I am but stuck with burden memories
Promises, promises that we'd make it till forever
Now time has picked up its pace
The bus to forever has left just a second early
And once again,
I might be stuck with a forever of not believing in forever...
One day there'll be a time where there is no time, no estimations predicting how long forever is, because with time there is no forever.
Feb 2015 · 2.1k
eternal beauty
koketso Feb 2015
To find enternal beauty meticulously I look into your crystal eyes
I can never get over her & her eyes. Each day I stubble into love with her like the 1st time all over again.            -Joy<3
Feb 2015 · 5.2k
reality fairytales.
koketso Feb 2015
Most believe happy endings are fairytales
Some have had theirs granted
& that's the reason...
We read too many fairytales
sit & wait for one to come to us
Instead to forbid yourself from writing about one
& make one
Feb 2015 · 1.8k
her eyes.
koketso Feb 2015
We're told doomsday is inevitable
& that one day the largest star will obliterate the only home humans ever had

Most fell for that myth...
For your eyes are an iconography for eternity.
Feb 2015 · 194
koketso Feb 2015
If most people could keep shut,
Maybe I'd fall in love with humanity again
If they could fully cook up delicious comments than ignorant bland words
Then I might just...

— The End —