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koketso Apr 2020
Death and the ***** got a high exchange rate
How much marketing is put up for the hate
Its graffiti how the bullets are sprayed on us
Splattered on our T-shirts to reminisce but never do make it on any front page
The museums are filled with masterpieces painted from the bristles of our anguish
The harsh circumstances that make us selfish
If my blood turned into a currency
how much would you sell me out for?
koketso Jan 2016
Lethargic energies found on the corner street
Dreams devoured by their caustic cigar
Infatuated with not what to eat...
All the seek is the next bottle of liquor

The women selling mealies and vetkoeks
Hoping for at least, a penny
The kids are back from school but too hungry to entertain books
No wonder these kids grow to be as fatuous as Lenny
koketso Dec 2015
Not once but the number of stars on their shoulder
I wish miracles existed 'cause he'll never survive
Is this what is meant by laws being bolder?
Taking the life of a youngster holding just a knife?
Live ammunition shot by fatuous brains
Bury our bodies but our soul remains
Venting on reality. The unjustified decisions police  make.
Utterly unacceptable.
  Oct 2015 koketso
I just wanted to say
that I'll always
love you infinitely more
than you could ever hate yourself.
So if you ever need a reminder
of all the reasons you could be loved,
come into my arms and
let my hands dance down your back,
I'll tell you different ways I love you
with every vertebra I touch
koketso Jun 2015
while hugging, our bodies release oxytocin hormones into our system

eating chocolate gives off the same hormones
as being with your loved one

...guess that's why I'm rocking back & forth
on grandma's squeaky chair
with all chocolate money could buy
a precaution for the lonely hours of 2am
when the chocolate is well out
& still...quivering & craving
your feminine touch
your sweet lullaby voice
& your ability to numb my heart from the pain
right after you abuse it with love

chocolate makes my heart weep,
But Baby,
You make it roar
louder than a lion that just won war

a blink without your love quivers my soul
Don't you see, you're the drug
that makes me whole
you make ****** seem like ordinary water when compared to you

my druggie,

-Your ******
Based on a true love reality...not story.
  Jun 2015 koketso
There was this one time

you came to my house,

and I accidentally fell asleep,

and I remember you

putting a blanket on top of me

and kissing my forehead

and I remember

in that one moment,

I knew.

You are my forever,

and I mean that in the way

that not only are you my sunshine,

but also the warm feeling in my heart.

You are every kiss that's been

on my unworthy lips,

you are the subject of

every pang of longing

that I have ever felt.

You are my nicotine, my line,

my whiskey, my fix.

You are every moan at 2am,

all of my fantasies and none of my nightmares.

You wrap bandages

Around my broken bones

and my shattered soul.

You are my ever-lasting muse,

you are my one and only.

You are my favorite and my everything,

But "forever" doesn't seem to be enough.
Inspired by this one tumblr post, I'll do some digging to find the original url.
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