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Jul 2019 · 123
Young worlds
Ikimi Festus Jul 2019
Too late,
Young worlds chanted for the antichrist
They held not the teaching of the Elders.
Hopeless after the news at nine,
impossible not to feel lost
For young minds got their own bad news.
Young worlds opt for denial and ignore the reporter, they ignore the warnings of the prophets so
Young promises are dying as depression bigot suicide,
The harvest of ignorance as stupidity keeps trending.
Endtime our excuse,
Armageddon just touch down.
Men of high told the young minds that Eduction is the key
Yet young world's know not that life and wealth is unattainable with man's currency.
Young souls in showglass with a display price,
Young minds now slaves to socialising,
The fear of loneliness the virus of the mind.
Men on high ground pick and choose what's equal
And de-clear What's good and what's evil, the rule of law so as to keep young world in line.
The circle is unbroken
Gender equality they scream
The clock is ticking
Our power source is watching from above.
May 2019 · 153
Loop of mankind
Ikimi Festus May 2019
Everyone has their own journey but there is only one path...
Many a man his life hath sold
but an outside to behold,
All that glitters is not gold—
Gilded tombs do worms enfold.
Had we been as wise as bold,
young in limbs and in judgment old,
Our answers would had been in scrolls.
Fare us well,
our suit is cold—
Time fast spent on vain-nity
and it cold indeed, a labour lost.
Everyone has their own journey but there is only one path with same destination "Death"...
What account have we to present after all is done?
Just a leap of faith but do note,
nobody ties the bungee
As it will be in the future so it was at the start of civilazation--
men lost reason and faith to birth
"a generation of lazy, entitled narcissists."
The blame of the antelope is on the hunter and
Birds of all kinds will end up landing.
And all will see whom on his own merit paid off their balance.
Mar 2019 · 245
Ikimi Festus Mar 2019
To The Love Of A Friend
Worry Never
Don't Quit
Take Time
Today Be Determined
Stand Firm
Believe In Yourself
Don't Find Fault
It Is Easy
Your problem
It Don't Take Long
Laugh A Little
Encouragement Is
Be That Person
comfort to know
there's a place In you...
Others can lean on
To the love of a friend.
Feb 2019 · 927
Beauty killed the Beast
Ikimi Festus Feb 2019
Trapped in a place of mystery,
My Heart beating wildly,
Scrutinizing gaze of thy soul,
To know if someone is alone,
Edam grew empty,
But two gazes stood locked,
And thy feet start feeling weary,
Until I,
The beast came along,
Strange yet mutual,
New yet sensual,
We couldn't leave but stay,
And watch each other fade away,
she, so beautiful.
I, a beast.
Our love for each other could never be.
I died when she said no.
She died when i left.
So what if i'm a beast
can't you see i've a heart?
With terror you screem - kong
but mind you, my heart is free of dirt
That woman is all i want
the one i fell in love with
She is my morning sun
and star my nights are blessed with.
When she holds my hand and grab my finger
I know for once i'm not alone
In my veins her scent lingers,
Her thoughts make me smile
No power in terra and above can end this love
There's no such pain that i couldn't resist
Her beauty is made for me alone,
it's not meant to be,
Bringing nothing but tears to me,
For her beauty has killed this beast,
For our love was not meant to be.
So I made me a goal
Up to Babel
Climbing with a note that reads.
" #beauty killed the beast"
Got to the top
took a Leap
With hope the struggle will be over any seconds.
Breathing no more was as easy as standing.
She filled her tub as i made my goal.
Got in it and pulled her razor out .
She made a note that would read.
"His inner #beauty killed me the ugly beast"
She slit her wrist and gave a last sigh.
Her last breath left her as it did me.
beautiful yet a monster in disquise.
a beast whos beauty was inside.
Finally we now can be.
Together forever the beauty and the beast
Feb 2019 · 398
Ikimi Festus Feb 2019
Treasure so dear I found once,
only to give it all up.
"Died of a broken heart" a phrase heard every now and then.
I have spent a couple years without teardrops,
I got issues but I've improved,
I don't want to die for love like valentine
What's this feeling?
Why do I want to risk it all?
In an attempt to remove myself from this world, I write about it alot.
I know that's childish, but this is me trying to comprehend it,
Not in a way that would bid my non believe - but to be an observer hopefully a partaker to the existence of something as Pure as love.
What's so special about?
So Stressed and torn between Aftermath,
History all over repeating,
All is fair in love and war.
Staring deep into the night, attempting to understand  something impossible
Trying hard to draw an interpretation for a feelings new.
To that someone that is and will be,
The soul and the love I will need,
I have nothing else of worth
So Manage please
As poor as it is
All the best,
Festus Ikimi.
Feb 2019 · 363
Ikimi Festus Feb 2019
Insanity is the new normal,
hate Without reasons, they different.
In to out
two becoming one flesh?
To hold fast?
To be joined to a wife?
That's all sht menh.
Holy matrimony no longer for
The straight, but hell yeah hallelujah the ****-gay-dudes, and others.
Advance we are,
This time the government dudes got it right,
The human right thingy bla bla bla, you know... emmm whatever, point is
we spreading true love Bro, same-*** marriages,
I trust the system,
No taboo in the idea dude, all is human nature.
Your life is yours
Take a shot to the head, if you wish
Jump from any desired structure on high or dive into the ocean thingy...
Yeah that's right
We answer to nobody, the government dudes said it has been a big lie, fiction game or somethingy,just To control our mind state.
The heaven is here on earth paradise.
Let's make money,
All means
Let's plus it,
And get ****** high like f
ck yeah.
certainly living by the golden rule of loving our neighbours as ourselves would be of no effect, they better stick to them business
Freedom! Freedom!! Freedom!!!
We finally free.

Greetings and Farewell words of friends,
they cleave in fellowship,
And soon to cleave in sorrow to aching  heart.
Final wave, in moment coming, all to disappears,
hush of silent tears,
Through thoughts disturbed current flows
"Why can't sorrow be so kind
As to hide away?"
Shall I hide from em what I am about to do?"
"The outcry of ***** and Gomorrah is indeed great, and their sin is exceedingly grave. I will go down now, and see if they have done entirely according to its outcry, which has come to Me; and if not, I will know."
Jan 2019 · 1.2k
savoir faire
Ikimi Festus Jan 2019
A road diverged, into two
And sorry beloved you cannot travel both
Be one traveller, long to stand,
It's personal, a race to run alone
Look as far as you can
To where it bent in the undergrowth; and see how the
Mortal Society is in a state of constant flux,
With a factor that has never changed.
The majority conform to whatever is normal at the time.
Many sorrows come as consequences of having faith, sitting idle and hoping.
Don't play the role allotted to them because conformity is constant,
for humans are social creature who are always imitating one another.
Pride goeth before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.
They are oppressed by there lack of freedom, thus are drawn to those who are most fluid and flunt their difference.
Be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence: that At certain point in your history, it was not fashionable to be rebellious,
but as lots of people start playing that role, there was nothing different or rebellious about it again, but
Two roads diverged, and you
took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Jan 2019 · 552
Ikimi Festus Jan 2019
Voice : "Who do people say the Son of Man is?"
Me : They say you is the end or the start of the end of a fiction
That they once prayed every night but never heard or got any response, and that you'll have to beg for their forgiveness if you indeed exist.
They said you is the one that need saving, because they have crafted their own way by the sword and saved them-selfz
And soon will grow higher above you with abilities strong enough to path waters and push through the mountains.
Others say
That you very far, so far much,
And that
because some differ in faith, you've left
mothers and fathers in pain,
their sons and daughters
You put to death
And soon to cast their soul in a burning fire
before the very eyes of all as
You established and order a new world!
Still others say
That they believe in a power they can see, and not
You who they cannot touch, see, or feel,
that you left the innocent broken.
they questioned for a reason to trust you or Drop down on their knees and pray for a miracle because
you is the one who have forsaken all to a blind faith...

Voice : "But what about you?"
he asked.
It hurts...
After thinking deep...
Truth is I can't answer this question...
I just won't use another's answer as mine...
Got me questioning me.
Ikimi Festus Dec 2018
Akalu loko-loko
Everything that falls breaks eventually including love
Everything that rises eventually falls, gravity has never failed  
So what's the point?
Akalu loko-loko
What the point of being in love?
Today, you where not here to see
before my very eyes
Two  lovers
Frolicking at the setting evening sun
Their pleasure visible in their playful kiss
I wise to know also,
Akalu loko-loko
To truly understand
Only they know what's bent behind the
Secrets, the raw passion flowing in their blood, they said it's magic.
Akalu loko-loko
Magic is full of trickery,
Give me just one reason to believe.
The art of living lifts desires of needs and wants; above all true love and
Just like you, Akalu am yearning for accompaniment
Even in the mist of infinite stars you stand still lonely
Awaiting a fictional lover
Akalu loko-loko
You know how it feels,
You know how I feel,
Lonely and lost
Orbiting a crush who never notice my being.
Akalu loko-loko
We both seek for Someone to call my own
Whose love has no bounds and can't be sold (priceless)
That someone who will catch when we fall
To help withstand gravity mighty pull.
But unlike me
Akalu loko-loko You got the sun
A lover light ray that turns you on to glow bright Each passing month.
I have lost faith,
That hope that once beautify love
My mystic garden
has fallen
A journey that has lead to this  
Mournful journal.
Nov 2018 · 151
Dying world
Ikimi Festus Nov 2018
Me:  So bitter the truth, it won't make you happy.
Today I'm not gonna lie or pretend it is well.
Before I begin I know
I'm far from perfect cause
no matter what i do, it has never been good enough
Yet I never thought it could ever get this tough over here.
I don't wanna' seem ungrateful or disrespectful  
Lord in this world you created,
Your people are afraid
Even to voice a single sound,
Powers of high evil are watching in glee
As darkness is descending and flooding nations to their death.
Our Fire to serve is dimming
And righteous hearts are heavy with pains.
Lord look at the sad state of your world
And see the misguided hate of Somalia, Nigeria, Irag, India, Yeman, Pakistan, Afghanistan just to mention few, what sense is there to make of the Holocaust?
it's becoming too late lord so act,
Life as we  know it is about to end at your watch,
Endless nights are passing, with terror lurking upon terror, one of greater evil than the other...
Oh Lord your world is full of evil,
When will you send help?
LORD: I already did, I sent YOU!
Nov 2018 · 158
Dad said
Ikimi Festus Nov 2018
Dad said to never forget my enemies as well as friends, and to trust non
we are ever close to those we hate, and for these reason, I should never be truly close to those i love.
Dad said to lock once enough I know,
Not all truth deserve my attention but best leave them be...
some will see it as history and other as tale of fairies .
Dad said our sexuality,  is full of immorality our world today,
entertainment, drugs, technology and weapons...
Are reason he no longer believe in God and that we don't need to.
Dad said
if I knew that before man could predict the weather, they prayed for it,
Because he know not how it works,
men were fools they just know that if it rained when they needed it to, it was a blessing.
Dad said
Men got knowledge, and has better understanding of how the these works, so he doesn't need God, it is all nature.
Dad said
there are many knowledge about the world we live in, and that the bible is one of them be it I believe it true or not.
Mike dad said,
I quote
"My son, there are many conflicting ideas questioning both the Holy Book and Documented Science.
But if you believe the bible and want the truth, maybe you should ask God.
But if you are looking for the truth and all you believe in is science, than son I guess you just gonna have to trust men."
Choose wisely

— The End —