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Ikimi Festus Aug 2023
Within my realm where life takes root and soars,
Now a sadness lingers, a paradox adored.
Cruelty, a term that humans define,
Yet in my dance of balance, it intertwines.

I cannot deny the pain I see,
Is like rejecting fire's warmth or crimson sea.
I'm not malevolent as humans might assume,
But survival's art in every creature's tune.

In every human war, the cruel was seen,
A reflection of my ways, or so they deem.
But know, dear reader, I'm not to blame,
For blood and fire are not the same.

Human minds project their darkness on me,
And my creatures suffer, as far as I can see.
Unfolds in struggle, where survival's key,
And adaptation shapes each destiny.

In Nature's school, where progress and pain merge,
Humans elevate, their spirits surge.
Distinct from beasts, they hold a higher place,
With right and wrong etched on their moral space.

Yet biological laws devoid of morals dwell,
Inhuman, they are, neither heaven nor hell.
Humans, in contrast, can both love and hate,
A choice that sets them apart from fate.

Tennyson's line, with agonizing might,
Paints red in tooth and claw a dreadful sight.
But life's grand curtain is more complex, you see,
With predators and prey in harmony's decree.

The surgeon's blade, a healer's tool so true,
Teaches that pain can bring renewal too.
Struggle refines, victory crowns the end,
Nature's guidance, a benevolent hand.

Balance is my secret, predator and prey,
In harmony dance, as night turns to day.
Swift blows of death ensure a swift demise,
And in this cycle, my wisdom lies.

Through adaptation's art, I mold and shape,
Each creature's role, each destiny to drape.
Predators and prey, a dance so grand,
A circle woven by my hand.

Struggle's path leads to victory's embrace,
A challenge conquered, a daunting race.
Just as a surgeon brings healing's balm,
My lessons bring strength and calm.

Yet my cruelty's not human intent,
But purposeful growth, with wisdom sent.
Lessons unfold, in pain's transient grace,
Building strength, a resilient embrace.

Human presence, a disruptor's role,
Changing ecosystems, altering my goal.
But wisdom unseen, in time prevails,
Rebalancing forces, as each tale entails.

In my realm of paradox and charm,
Cruelty and balance intertwine, disarm.
Each creature's place, each struggle endured,
Leads to triumph, strength assured.

But as I watch my realm slowly fade,
A sadness lingers, a price to be paid.
For humans have disrupted my balance so true,
And now my creatures suffer, as do I too.
Ikimi Festus Aug 2023
She pleaded, "Love me,"
Clasped in my arms, in the void of my desolation
I implored her, "Let not your fragrance linger on my sheets, should you forsake me"
I'm a shadow, not the soul you see
In the depths of my heart, a love like no other blooms,
Yet, no hands have ever offered solace
But yours, Amaka, they've graced me
No others have brushed my soul
The gods and the princes swept away my kin
The ancient spirits and council stripped my autonomy
The divine forces and masses shattered my tranquility
The gods and my oppressors pilfered my joy.

Amaka, I beg you to listen to my tale, as I bared my truth to you
In bliss, my brother and I once thrived, a happiness profound
My sisters and I once reveled, a laughter shared
How I wish you glimpsed my parents, their faith profound, they rejoiced in the divine
Then, one fateful day, our people were swallowed by the land, the gods' decree
The great king sleeps eternal, lives sacrificed for fate's designs
One somber day, our clan fell, as the elders ordained
The great king sleeps eternal, his passage eased by the companions he brings
One mournful day, our tribe crumbled, a sacrifice to appease the multitude's desire
The great king sleeps eternal, a new reign awakens, adorned with offerings.

Buried alive were our brethren, at the gods' command, their lives entwined
And for chattel to journey alongside the great ruler, destinies yielded to abyssal Depths.

Amaka, daughter of the great king, whispered,
"Love me,"
Enveloped in my arms, in the absence of all
I implored her, "Let not your fragrance linger on my sheets, should you forsake me"
I'm a shade, not the figure you perceive
From the slave caste, I emerged
A love as boundless as the heavens blossoms within me,
No hands have journeyed through my existence, except yours, Amaka
None have touched my being as you do,
I vow to defy the deities, the new ruler, the princes, the council, and the multitude
So we might flourish, unshackled, in our affection's embrace.

Yet, if fate compels your departure,
Then entomb me under the earth, as the gods did my kin,
For you are all I possess, all I fight for, all I cherish in this world of woe.
Ikimi Festus Aug 2023
My Dearest,

In the depths of darkness, I find myself lost,
yet my heart yearns for your guiding light. Like a hound with a downcast gaze,
I am haunted by whispers that deem me hellbound, lost in a perpetual daze.
But oh, how I long to unravel the shroud of truth and touch the celestial angels,
standing on the very edge of the abyss.

Amidst this chaotic realm where faiths collide and vivid stories take their stand,
it is your existence that I yearn to prove.
As a mere mortal soul, I find myself searching for the persistence to find my path.
Your phantom-like presence in the mist only adds to the mystery, but I am determined to discover the truth that lies within.

Yet, within this realm, even my private desires are clouded with guilt, sentenced by society's judgment. It is not wicked intentions, but diverse dreams that await their due repentance. I long for helping hands to be extended from above, to unravel the twisted system that casts shadows upon love, and grant us the freedom to chase our deepest desires.

Backlash ensues as I begin to depart from the confines of Christian traditions and creed, regarded by many as a life deemed sinful, a ruinous feed for my soul. But I resist, my love, for I cannot bear to align myself with their claims. I am compelled to seek answers beyond the grasp of humanity, delving into realms divine.

The earth and sun, such divine creations or ingenious design, remain an enigma, a captivating mystery intertwined. Is heaven but a mirage, disguising the realm of fantasy? And the silence of the Holy Ghost, is it an absence to be despised? These questions plague my mind, playing a relentless and chaotic score, with answers forever out of reach.

A Bible bestowed upon me, its pages waiting to be unraveled, yet I am left in confusion within this enigmatic space. The hands of humans penned its words, leaving me uncertain of its essence. Equipped with a mind capable of grace, I find myself searching for guidance, lost in this labyrinth of uncertainty. The mission I sought to embark upon feels aborted, as trust in sources have gone awry and human tongues have become tainted with deceit.

My love, I struggle to regain the guiding light of my path. Each knock from a Jehovah's Witness feels like a futile fight, for their beliefs hold them dear, while my doubts continue to be proven. Indeed, many believe, but my surprise is as thin as a wisp of smoke, for humanity's folly continues to hope for a return of a savior, in a world steeped in sin.

My intent is not to torch legacies or cast doubt upon the convictions of others, my love, but I yearn for the truth to come forth from the mouth of the horse itself. The tales of sheep, passed down through generations, tell of old men who claimed to hear divine speech, but I bow my head and close my eyes, desperately reaching for the Holy Ghost's touch. Yet all I hear are echoes of a poltergeist, promises unfulfilled. Show yourself, end this torment, and let doubt be stilled.

Prove your existence, my love, and the doubting within me shall cease. Let rumors be erased, doubts be replaced with an inner peace that only your presence can provide. I ponder the realm of heaven, questioning if it is but a mirage, a fragile trace born from my deepest desires. Is it merely a construct of longing, or is it a reality to be embraced? My belief defies logic, intertwined with doubts that refuse to be silenced.

Tell me, my love, are you the heaven I seek? Are you the illusion I hold onto, fearing the reality that lies beyond it? In this void where I confide, I beseech you to show yourself and offer solace on this night of uncertainty.

In this world of uncertainty, I lament my loss, seeking condolences within this void where I confide. The conversations I have with mortals only serve to provide glimpses of divine messages, leaving me longing for more. The tales of talking snakes and forbidden apples, they confound my senses, but my hunger for truth persists like an unwavering hound.

My love, do you exist? Or is this chaos my only guide? I seek solace in your embrace, for doubts have entangled my mind and left my heart adrift. I fear that faith's grip has unwound itself, leaving me lost and disconnected. Without your presence, my prayers cease to exist, and I am left to craft purpose from thin air, a cruel jest of my mind.

The echoing hollowness of the church's walls reminds me of doubt's cruel test. What if, my love, what if we are all stuck in a box, ensnared by life's unanswered questions? Earth's "what ifs" are declarations of the universe's secrets, and my sacrifice, my afterlife, lingers within this snare. All that I hold dear becomes suspect under doubt's cold glare.

And so, my love, this chapter in my journey comes to a close. My canvas is a point where destinies intertwine, where pleasure's path awaits me in a future that remains unknown. I shall remain, in my human form, perched upon uncertainty's throne. It is in this space, filled with empathy and empathy alone, that I express my love for you. In this world of tangled webs, I find solace in the love we share, for you are the beacon of light that guides me through the darkness.

Yours always and forever,
Ikimi Clifford Festus.
Ikimi Festus Jul 2023
In the depths of my desolate heart, hope once bloomed,
As this wretched year began, dreams were entombed.
But fate's merciless hand extinguished each flame,
And sorrow's torrent drowned the embers of my name.

Undervalued and dismissed, I stand with weakened knees,
In the eyes of my in-laws, cast adrift on desolate seas.
Bound by archaic customs, they deem me unworthy,
Their prejudiced whispers, like poisoned arrows, scurry.

My family, a sanctuary now shattered and torn,
In my hour of despair, their absence leaves me forlorn.
For this year held my dearest wish, an eternal vow,
To wed my beloved, only to witness it disavow.

To birth "100EMPIRE," my envisioned realm so grand,
And ascend the celestial staircase, hand in trembling hand.
My hopes soared high, envisioning the tender embrace,
Of my twin kids, a radiant legacy, now lost without a trace.

Why must love's drapery be woven with blades?
Why must I dwell in this labyrinth of guilt and shades?
April's haunting shadows unveiled tragedy's play,
As daylight thieves pillaged my life in brazen display.

They devoured my savings, my livelihood, my soul,
Debt's merciless grip, an ever-tightening toll.
Lost in a void, my spirit crumbles and quakes,
Rent's relentless arrival, a desperate plea it makes.

Yet, in this abyss, I muster courage to defy,
To find solace within, and let teardrops run dry.
For within the darkness, a fragile flame still gleams,
Believing in miracles, where despair redeems.

My testimony, will etched in scars deep and profound,
It shall resonate through tears, a symphony unbound.
Though this treacherous path threatens to consume,
I will rise with hope's anthem, through the tempest I loom.

From the ashes of sorrow, I will rebuild my torn soul,
Through anguish and torment, my redemption will take its toll.
Resilience will becomes my guide, through the tears that flow,
In the depths of despair, hope's gentle whispers grow.

For even amidst the void, tears reveal their worth,
Unleashing an ocean of grief, sorrow's poignant birth.
In this final act, I shall transcend pain's harrowing abyss,
Embracing rebirth, as tears cleanse, renew, and kiss.
Jun 2023 · 168
Love's Celestial Flight
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In the delicate dance of love's sweet embrace,
Where two souls intertwine, a sacred space.
With a whispered kiss, a gentle sigh,
Dreams awaken as the night draws nigh.

Restless hearts find solace in your presence,
Love's depths explored, fears evanescent.
The world becomes a symphony of light,
As we unfurl our love, taking flight.

Let us ascend, love's celestial flight,
Painting the town with our hearts alight.
Melodies of passion echo through the night,
In our embrace, everything's transformed, so right.

You've sculpted my world, like an artist divine,
A masterpiece painted with love's design.
Graffiti erased, replaced by a name,
Inscribed on the stars, igniting the flame.

I sought completion, a missing piece,
But you brought wholeness, my soul's release.
No more searching, for I've found my home,
In your love, I am forever known.

The moon, our mirrorball, casts its glow,
The city's alive, as our love's seeds sow.
Sirens harmonize, violins intertwine,
Our symphony of love, a divine sign.

Every step we take, an enchanted stride,
Guided by love, our hearts open wide.
As you slumber, tranquil and deep,
Know that in your presence, our love's secrets keep.

So let us rise, my love, on wings of desire,
Embracing the stars, setting souls on fire.
Bound together, forever we'll be,
In this journey of love, eternally free.

With you, my love, the path is clear,
In your arms, I'll always find my sphere.
As we drift into dreams, hand in hand,
While we slumber, everything's changed,
While we slumber, everything's grand.
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In the realm of riddles, I shall weave a tale,
Of women who dared to risk, their spirits unveiled.
They belittled themselves, chained by their own doubt,
But within them, a fire burned, yearning to break out.

A call to action for those who undervalue their worth,
Who think beauty alone can grant desires on Earth.
Fashion's trends may sway, but cannot define,
The essence of a soul, radiant and divine.

Humble yet afraid to take a leap of faith,
They stood at life's crossroads, contemplating their fate.
For life, a game of truth and dare, they knew,
To seek the truth, risk must be embraced anew.

Abigail, the joy of her father, held the key,
When Nabal insulted David, her spirit flew free.
She acted quickly, in desperate times she knew,
Extreme measures were needed, her resolve true.

With gifts offered in secret, she soothed anger's fire,
Submissive and respectful, she fulfilled her desire.
Bowing before David, forgiveness she did seek,
Her courage shone bright, humble yet bold and meek.

Joanna, a name mentioned briefly in holy verse,
Willing to follow her Savior, her faith a rehearse.
Supporting Jesus and the apostles from her own means,
Connections to Herod's palace, where danger convenes.

Her husband Chuza, the right hand of the king,
Yet Joanna chose the path where faith takes wing.
Risking it all for her Lord, she stood strong,
Her dedication rewarded, she witnessed the empty tomb's song.

Rahab, known as a harlot, yet her past did fade,
When she risked her life, her loyalty displayed.
Spying for Joshua's men, hidden on her rooftop,
Lying to the king's men, her family's safety her hope.

Deborah, wise and courageous, a beacon of light,
An influential woman, standing firm in the fight.
As a prophet and priestess, God's voice she would hear,
Leading worship and preaching, casting aside fear.

With Barak and troops, she ventured to the fray,
The glory destined for a woman, prophecies would say.
But not Deborah herself, it was Jael who would stand,
Driving a tent peg through Sisera's head, bold and grand.

Esther, the Queen of Courage, in the palace she dwelled,
Never forgetting her roots, where she once excelled.
A loyal Jew, she held fast to her faith,
Trusting in God's wisdom, she prepared a banquet's wraith.

No blind rush, no heed to doubts and fear,
She approached King Xerxes, her voice crystal clear.
Risking her very life, she yielded to God's might,
Trusting His plan, walking in His guiding light.

Ruth, when her husband died, faced a choice,
To return to her kin or embrace a new voice.
Against doubt's agony, she held steadfast,
Choosing to stay with Naomi, her conviction unasked.

Her influence grew, as others took note,
Admired for her loyalty, a foreigner of note.
Favor gained from Boaz, protection sought under wings,
Her decision stood out, like vibrant colorful rings.

A woman who stood apart, shining so bright,
Impressing the town and elders with her inner light.
May God make her like Rachel and Leah, they blessed,
A pillar in Ephrathah, her name forever impressed.

To the women who ponder their worth and might,
Who belittle themselves, yet yearn to take flight,
I ask you now, in the face of life's glare,
Will you embrace risk's dare and dare to dare?
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In shadows deep, where my desires stray,
I seek a change, my soul in disarray.
My spirit, willing, yet my flesh weak,
I confess my flaws, the secrets I keep.

I've known many beauties, across the globe,
Their faces captivating, my heart they probe.
But always, I yearn for a face more fair,
A longing that lingers, a constant snare.

My eyes wander, to that ample rear,
A temptation that whispers, filling me with fear.
And in my mind, the chase is never done,
For a slimmer waist, a new conquest to be won.

When my manhood rises, my discipline fails,
No restraint can tame these burning trails.
I succumb to passion's relentless plight,
Indulging desires, each and every night.

Yet deep within, a longing takes its toll,
For a simpler life, where love consoles.
I yearn for the ease of staying true,
But the image of temptation is a haunting view.

I pray for change, my heart in strife,
Hoping that time will transform my life.
I've been told that with passing years,
Even the wayward soul can conquer its fears.

Now, I must make a choice and bid farewell,
A voice beckons from the bed, my senses swell.
A beautiful girl, naked and pure,
Calls for round three, my desires allure.

In this tale of mine, a struggle unfolds,
My restless heart, a story yet untold.
For in the depths of darkness, a glimmer may gleam,
And even a fornicator's soul can redeem.

So, dear reader, as you delve into my plight,
Know that within me, battles both dark and light.
For change is sought, a journey to begin,
And through these words, my story lies herein.
Jun 2023 · 243
Hopeful Future Unveiled
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In Nazareth's hidden corner, where hopes did dwell,
A carpenter's tale of wonder, only time can tell,
Whispers echoed through the narrow streets,
"Can anything good come from such humble beats?"

Jesus, the destined one, with skillful hands,
Carved dreams from timber in forgotten lands,
For in the realm of sawdust and wood grain,
Lies the power to defy limits and restrain.

In a town overlooked, his journey took flight,
A symphony of purpose, an eternal light,
For greatness, he sought, amidst doubt's abyss,
With love as his compass, he'd surely persist.

Like a master craftsman, his heart shaped anew,
A future abundant, where dreams could accrue,
He embraced the rejected, the wounded, the weak,
Turning despair into hope with every word he'd speak.

Through dusty roads, he walked with grace untold,
Uniting divided souls, like stories yet to unfold,
For it's not in grandeur alone that true worth lies,
But in hearts filled with love, reaching for the skies.

So let us dream of a future, where doubts fade away,
Where miracles thrive and darkness turns to day,
In the humblest corners, potential will bloom,
A symphony of resilience, breaking barriers of gloom.

With faith as our armor, we'll march hand in hand,
Transforming the mundane into a vibrant wonderland,
For the power of dreams knows no earthly reign,
A tapestry of hope, we'll weave through joy and pain.

Let skepticism crumble beneath our united will,
For creativity's magic shall the world fulfill,
Like a kaleidoscope of colors, our spirits shall ignite,
Weaving a masterpiece, where love takes flight.

So let us honor Jesus, the carpenter of might,
Whose story ignites our souls, like stars in the night,
With every stroke of inspiration, let us forge ahead,
Crafting a better future, where love's legacy will spread.

In the symphony of life, let doubt's anthem cease,
As we embrace the divine spark, finding inner peace,
For in our hands, lies the power to create,
A world of compassion, where dreams resonate.

So let us paint a masterpiece, brushstroke by brushstroke,
With hope as our canvas, let love provoke,
In the most creative tapestry, we shall play our part,
Building a future that transcends every heart.

In this realm of possibilities, we shall persist,
Inspiring generations, as dreamers and activists,
For from Nazareth's humble realm, we'll surely learn,
That greatness blooms where even doubt could adjourn.
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In the shadows of great men, I stand,
Their faith, their strength, I cannot comprehend.
I worry if I can meet their lofty heights,
Or if I'll crumble under doubts that never end.

Paul, who fought the good fight till the end,
Finished the race, and kept the faith so true.
But I, a weary soul, burdened by fears,
Wonder if I have the strength to follow through.

Peter, the rock of the Church, they say,
Crucified upside down, his fate so grim.
Can I bear the weight of such sacrifice,
Or will I compromise when faced with sin?

Andrew, who preached in far-off lands,
Crucified on the cross of St. Andrew's name.
Will I have the courage to spread the gospel,
Or will my voice be silenced by fear and shame?

James, executed by the sword's cruel blade,
Forgiving his guard, seeking peace in his last breath.
Could I show such grace in the face of death,
Or would bitterness consume me till my death?

John, beloved disciple, entrusted with care,
Mary, the mother, in his faithful hands.
Exiled to Patmos, revelations received,
Can I endure such trials in distant lands?

Stephen, the martyr, his tears fell like rain,
****** to death, yet never caused his foes to wane.
Can I bear such hatred with love in my heart,
Or will anger and resentment fuel my pain?

The list goes on, a testament to faith's cost,
Each name etched in sorrow, suffering, and loss.
As I contemplate their stories, I tremble inside,
Will I measure up or crumble beneath the cross?

In the depths of my soul, I find despair,
Overwhelmed by the weight of their legacy.
I question if I have what it takes to stand,
To endure the trials that may come for me.

But in the midst of my worries and doubt,
A glimmer of hope begins to take hold.
For in their weakness, these great men found strength,
Their stories inspire, a tale yet untold.

So I'll gather the fragments of my broken faith,
And lift my eyes to the heavens above.
Though I may falter and stumble along the way,
I'll seek the courage to walk in their love.

For in the shadows of great men, I stand,
Embracing the struggles that may come my way.
With trembling steps, I'll strive to follow their lead,
Trusting that God's grace will guide me each day.
Jun 2023 · 127
Sorrowful Faithful Worries
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In shadows deep, I find my place,
With heavy heart and weary soul.
Can I, like those great men of faith,
Meet the standards that God extols?

Job, the perfect and upright one,
Feared God and shunned all evil's touch.
But can I, in my brokenness,
Emulate such strength, oh, so much?

Faith, the substance of hoped-for dreams,
Evidence of unseen realms above.
But without it, I'm left adrift,
Unable to please the One I love.

Abraham, called to unknown lands,
Obedient, though uncertain of his fate.
Offered Isaac, his cherished son,
Could I bear such trials, or simply break?

Moses, forsaking a life of ease,
Refused the titles of earthly pride.
Chose affliction, suffering with the chosen,
Could I relinquish what I hold inside?

The walls of Jericho crumbled down,
After days of endless circling round.
Their faith unwavering, resolute,
While mine falters, cracks upon the ground.

And David, the man after God's heart,
Anointed amidst Saul's demise.
But can I, with all my faults and flaws,
Capture the essence that God implies?

These great men of faith, they haunt me,
Their towering presence casts a gloom.
In my weakness, doubts consume,
Am I destined for eternal doom?

Oh, Lord, I tremble in my doubt,
Lost in the shadows, faithless and weak.
Can I ever stand like those before,
Or am I condemned to endless bleak?

The burden weighs upon my soul,
The fear of failure grips me tight.
Can I meet the standards set above,
Or am I destined to dwell in night?

In shadows deep, I find my place,
Yearning for a glimmer of hope.
Oh, grant me strength, divine embrace,
That I may find the faith to cope.

For in my brokenness, I plea,
May your mercy wash over me.
Guide me, teach me, light my way,
That I may stand, redeemed, someday.
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
Perebote! The King has graced our presence, they proclaim,
In the land where resilience and strength remain.
Oba no dey go on transfer, this truth we hold,
For his reign is eternal, a story yet untold.

From Nigeria, a land of vibrant hue,
I proudly stand as an Ijaw, Bayelsa through and through.
The Glory of all Lands, my state's blessed name,
With ancestral wisdom, our heritage we reclaim.

In joyous harmony, my ancestors will cry,
For the chains of Legbe's *******, I'll defy.
Breaking free, their spirits uplifted and revered,
Their legacy lives on, in me, persevered.

When I depart from this earthly domain,
The earth itself will tremble, in recognition, it will strain.
For a piece of something profound will forever be lost,
Ikimi, my name, carries the weight of utmost cost.

The earth shall tremble when I bid farewell,
For something precious will be lost, I can foretell.
Ikimi, my name, in Ijaw it speaks,
Of significance, importance that none can critique.

In the heartbeat of Nigeria, I find my place,
A tapestry of cultures, a diverse embrace.
Deep within, the rivers of wisdom flow,
Proverbs and tales from the ancients aglow.

In the heartbeat of Africa, I take my stand,
Embracing the wisdom of my ancestral land.
Deep proverbs flow like rivers from my tongue,
Tales of resilience, in which our spirits sung.

Like the mighty Niger, coursing through the land,
I carry the essence of my people, hand in hand.
In every step I take, their spirits guide my way,
Respecting traditions, in the present and each new day.

From the plains of the Serengeti to the Nile's flow,
I carry the legacy of greatness, it's mine to bestow.
In each step I take, I honor their legacy,
Guided by their wisdom, in truth and unity.

The rhythm of the drums echoes in my soul,
As I dance to the beats that make me whole.
From sunrise to sunset, I honor the land,
With gratitude, I cherish, hand in hand.

Perebote! The King has arrived, I hear them say,
In the realm where ancestral echoes sway.
Ikimi, a name that bears the mark of esteem,
Signifying importance, a cherished theme.

In African accent style, I embrace my roots,
A testament to the strength that Africa imputes.
For I am a vessel of traditions and pride,
With the land of my birth forever intertwined.

Ikimi! Let my name be heard afar,
As I honor the legacy of my ancestral star.
In unity we stand, with passion burning bright,
Preserving our heritage, a beacon of light.
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In the tapestry of life, a truth holds strong,
To get the best of life, patience will prolong.
For the end, dear friend, holds treasures untold,
In its gentle embrace, dreams will unfold.

Though beginnings may whisper with uncertainty,
Hold steadfast, my soul, for the end is the key.
Though peers may sprint, seemingly miles ahead,
Be patient, dear heart, your own path will spread.

The seeds of your efforts, sown with care,
In the soil of persistence, will surely bear.
Though the road may wind and the journey be long,
Each step you take, you grow wise and strong.

When doubts cloud your vision, obscuring the light,
Keep the faith burning, shining through the night.
For faith is the compass that guides us along,
Leading us closer to where we belong.

Your time will arrive, as sure as the sun,
Unfolding a destiny that's uniquely spun.
The symphony of your life, it patiently waits,
For the crescendo of success, and joyful gates.

In the grand tapestry, each thread has its place,
Embrace the beauty of your own special pace.
For life's greatest treasures are not to be rushed,
But savored, cherished, in moments hushed.

So, be patient, my dear, do the work with a smile,
Every endeavor, every step, is worthwhile.
The end, like a masterpiece, will soon be in sight,
Revealing the splendor of your persistent fight.

For in the best of life, patience holds the key,
Unlocking the wonders that are meant to be.
Embrace the journey, with a heart full of grace,
And behold the magnificence of your own unique space.
Jun 2023 · 433
Despair's Bleak Lament.
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In the depths of despair, where shadows reside,
Lies a poem of anguish, where hope has died.
To get the best of life, they say, be patient,
But in this bleak existence, patience grows vacant.

The beginning, a mere illusion, an empty shell,
For the end, they say, matters more, they foretell.
Yet as I trudge this desolate path alone,
The end seems distant, a cruel unknown.

Peers march ahead, their success ablaze,
While I stumble, lost in this desolate maze.
Comparison haunts my weary, burdened mind,
As I toil, unseen, in the deafening grind.

Be patient, they say, do the work and believe,
But faith dwindles, like a flickering eve.
How long must I wander, devoid of solace,
While others revel in life's sweet embrace?

Time mocks me, relentless in its ceaseless flow,
As I drown in sorrow, with nowhere to go.
The weight of existence, a burden too great,
Each step I take feels like a cruel twist of fate.

Will my turn ever come, or am I forever confined,
To this desolate realm, where dreams are maligned?
The best of life, a distant mirage, elusive and cold,
Leaving me broken, with a spirit that's sold.

So here I stand, amidst the ruins of hope,
With a heart that's shattered, clinging to a fraying rope.
For patience alone cannot heal my wounded soul,
As I grapple with a fate I can't control.

In this unpleasant verse, my voice does cry,
A symphony of despair, a melancholic lullaby.
For in the face of darkness, I find my release,
In the depths of these words, my anguish finds peace.
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In this precious life we're given,
Where dreams and hopes are driven,
Let our spirits soar and dwell,
For what's worth doing, let's do it well.

A gentle whisper stirs within,
A reminder of the life we've been given,
A chance to paint our dreams on time's canvas,
To embrace each moment with fervor and compass.

Let not the hours slip through idle hands,
Instead, let passion guide us through life's sands,
For in this fleeting journey we embark,
Every step taken leaves an everlasting mark.

In this precious life we're given,
Where dreams and hopes are driven,
Let our spirits soar and dwell,
For what's worth doing, let's do it well.

With every sunrise, a new dawn unfolds,
A symphony of possibilities, untold,
Be it the whispers of art or the dance of words,
Or the melodies that fill the hearts of the birds.

Embrace the passions that set your soul ablaze,
Let courage guide you through uncharted ways,
For the world awaits your unique melody,
Unveil the brilliance that lies within, set it free.

In this precious life we're given,
Where dreams and hopes are driven,
Let our spirits soar and dwell,
For what's worth doing, let's do it well.

Chase the dreams that paint your sky,
Let determination be your battle cry,
For life's challenges may try to pull us astray,
But resilience and faith will light our way.

Embrace the joy in every twist and turn,
In lessons learned and bridges burned,
For even in failure, growth finds its place,
A chance to rise, to conquer with grace.

In this precious life we're given,
Where dreams and hopes are driven,
Let our spirits soar and dwell,
For what's worth doing, let's do it well.

So let us seize each moment without regret,
With love as our guide, let's never forget,
That life's true essence lies in the pursuit,
Of passions pursued with courage and truth.

In this precious life we're given,
Where dreams and hopes are driven,
Let our spirits soar and dwell,
For what's worth doing, let's do it well.

As the symphony of life reaches its final note,
Let our legacy be one that forever floats,
A testament to a life fully lived and shared,
Where dreams were pursued, and souls truly cared.

So let us embrace this journey with all our might,
Illuminate the world with our love and light,
For in this precious life we're given to dwell,
What's worth doing, let's do it well.
Jun 2023 · 534
Debt's Grip: Love Fades
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In shadows cast by burdens' weight,
I wander through a bleak estate,
Where debts entwine like chains of fate,
And dreams of love lie desolate.

Oh, wretched soul, trapped in this snare,
My heart, once hopeful, now stripped bare,
For love's embrace seems all but fair,
As debts devour the joys we share.

The golden band that graced my hand,
A symbol of a promised land,
Now tarnished by the debtors' brand,
A bitter curse I can't withstand.

With each passing day, a mounting toll,
A debtors' song, an endless role,
No solace found in midnight's shoal,
As dreams of wedded bliss take a toll.

I yearn to hold my lover near,
To banish all the doubts and fear,
But in this realm of debts austere,
Our love's sweet whispers disappear.

The wedding bells, a distant chime,
Lost amidst this pitiless rhyme,
As debts entangle, stall, and bind,
Our future fades, a shattered mime.

No fairytale ending shall we find,
For love's foundation, undermined,
By creditors' greed, so unkind,
Our plans to wed, forever confined.

Oh, cruel fate, with callous glee,
You douse our hopes, relentlessly,
In this abyss, we'll cease to be,
A tragic tale of debt's decree.

So let my tears flow like a river,
For shattered dreams and love's endeavor,
As debts consume, and hearts deliver,
A woeful dirge, a love that withers.

In the depths of debt's relentless snare,
A lover's union, left threadbare,
A somber tale of love's despair,
Bound in the debt's suffocating lair.
Jun 2023 · 53
Priceless Pursuit 6
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In riddles, I shall weave a tale of woe,
Where suffering and sin in shadows grow,
With each line, a glimpse of sorrow's grip,
And the hope that lies beyond the crypt.

Sometimes, amidst suffering, sin takes flight,
A dark companion in the depths of night,
But God, He welcomes hearts humble, repentant,
Job surrendered, acknowledging, transcendence.

"I despise myself," Job cried in the dust,
Repentance found in ashes, a solemn trust,
Creator and creation, a divine divide,
Job's surrender to God, his soul's abide.

Not only against God, sometimes we transgress,
Sinning 'gainst friends, leaving wounds to address,
Job's companions failed him, love turned astray,
With misguided counsel, they led him astray.

The Lord's anger burned, His verdict clear,
Job spoke truth, his friends filled with fear,
Though friends may falter, God never does,
In our misery, He remains our refuge.

Job's friends on defense, their comfort amiss,
"Miserable comforters," he did dismiss,
His strength flowed from knowing his Redeemer lives,
In flesh and spirit, hope forever gives.

"I shall see God," Job's heart did declare,
His eyes beholding, no other to share,
Within him, his heart faltered, fainting and weak,
Yet his faith in the Redeemer, victory it would seek.

One day, our eyes shall witness the sight,
Our Redeemer alive, with radiance bright,
He stands upon the earth, triumphant and grand,
With Him, we face tomorrow, victors we stand.

So, ponder this riddle, let it linger in air,
In the midst of suffering, do we sin, beware?
But in humble repentance, God's grace does ignite,
And one day, our Redeemer's glory shines bright.

Do you, dear soul, embrace this truth divine?
Will you seek redemption, let your heart align?
Amidst suffering and sin, will you turn to the light?
Will you surrender, in His arms find sleep?
Answer this question, let your spirit take flight.
Jun 2023 · 51
Priceless Pursuits 7
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In the realm of despair, where shadows creep,
A poem of proverbs, sorrow runs deep,
Amidst the darkness, the lines unfold,
Echoing truths that need to be told.

Bad things befall the virtuous and just,
In Job's tale, suffering we trust,
His life unraveled, yet blameless he stood,
Faithfulness to God, misunderstood.

It's never too late to reclaim your way,
To be who you might have been, they say,
In the face of trials, hope must remain,
God's presence, our solace, in midst of pain.

Job, a beacon of faith in the storm,
Though slayed, he clung to hope, his norm,
No one can steal joy or peace divine,
When hope in God's hands we firmly entwine.

In the silence of God, His presence stays,
Though questions linger, through nights and days,
Job wrestled, seeking answers to his plight,
In the fiery furnace of suffering's might.

He wrote, "He knows the way that I take,
When tried, I'll emerge like gold, awake,
My foot held fast to His righteous steps,
His words, my treasure, my soul He keeps."

Wisdom eludes the realm of the living,
In God's mind, its essence is thriving,
He understands its ways, its sacred place,
Guiding us through life's intricate maze.

And remember, dear soul, in depths unseen,
It's never too late to be who you've been,
Hope shines eternal, an unwavering flame,
Embrace your true self, break free from shame.

So, let us grasp these proverbs so wise,
In the darkness, seek truth, let it rise,
For within the depths of our hearts, we find,
The strength to endure, the light of our mind.
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In the depths of despair, where shadows loom,
A tale of anguish, a solemn gloom,
Through proverbs and wisdom, I shall unfold,
The melancholic journey that needs to be told.

The hands, they toil, in darkness they stay,
But the eyes hold the power to light the way,
To discern the good from the bad, they must see,
For the hands to improve, to set the spirit free.

Yet in this lament, the eyes are clouded,
Blind to the good, in darkness shrouded,
The hands, they labor, but with no clear sight,
Their creations marred, devoid of light.

In the realm of creation, an artist's plight,
Yearning for beauty, searching for light,
But without discernment, the hands cannot soar,
They grasp at darkness, forevermore.

To cultivate the eyes, a journey must begin,
To see beyond the shadows, to find light within,
For without the vision to perceive what's true,
The hands remain shackled, their potential askew.

Oh, the sorrow that befalls the unseeing eyes,
Their blindness prevents the work's true rise,
The hands, they crave guidance, a vision so clear,
To sculpt a masterpiece, banishing fear.

But in this desolate state, they remain confined,
No improvement achieved, no solace to find,
The hands, once skilled, now wither away,
Their potential thwarted, in shadows they stay.

So let us seek wisdom, let us yearn to see,
To cultivate the eyes, set the spirit free,
For in discerning the good from the bad,
The hands shall rise, no longer be sad.

With sharpened sight, the artist shall emerge,
From the depths of darkness, their talent will surge,
And with skilled hands, they'll create art divine,
A testament to their journey, a triumphant sign.

Thus, let us remember, in our darkest hour,
To cultivate the eyes, reclaim their power,
For only then, can the hands surpass,
Creating beauty that forever shall last.
The hands will never surpass the eyes
Unless you cultivate the eyes to discern the good from the bad, you cannot hope to improve the hands that create the work of art. - Jujutsu kaisen
Jun 2023 · 36
Priceless Pursuits 5
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In the realm of darkness, where shadows creep,
A riddle of wisdom, secrets I shall keep,
Unveiling truths that lie deep within,
With proverbs and riddles, the journey shall begin.

Behold, the law of the LORD, perfect and pure,
It converts the soul, its essence sure,
A testimony that echoes through time,
Illuminating minds, making simple hearts climb.

From the mouth of the LORD, wisdom's decree,
Knowledge and understanding flow free,
For His words hold the power to impart,
Enlightenment and truth to every seeking heart.

True happiness, a puzzle to unravel,
Beyond riches and wealth, its essence we travel,
Immersed in a feeling where all is right,
A state of mind, where rest takes flight.

Not measured by treasures or possessions amassed,
But by the joy and contentment that shall last,
Fulfillment and satisfaction, deep within,
A sanctuary where tranquility begins.

For in the words of John, a promise so bold,
Peace He leaves, a gift to behold,
Not as the world gives, transient and frail,
But a peace divine, a refuge without fail.

Do not let troubled hearts sow seeds of fear,
Embrace His peace, let it draw near,
In the face of turmoil, let courage prevail,
For His peace shall guard, it will never fail.

In the tapestry of darkness, the light does gleam,
Through riddles and proverbs, a guiding beam,
Seek wisdom, the LORD's law does bestow,
Transforming souls, as the depths they know.

Let the testimony of the LORD find its place,
Making the simple wise, with divine grace,
In the depths of understanding, we shall find,
True happiness, where serenity entwined.

So heed these words, let them seep inside,
In the realm of riddles, let truth abide,
Embrace His peace, in your heart let it reign,
For darkness shall fade, and light shall remain.
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
I have no purpose any more,
Lost in the depths, my spirit sore,
Like a painter who's gone blind,
No canvas for my thoughts to find,
And a singer who's gone deaf,
No melody to give my heart a breath.

In this void, I wander aimlessly,
No light to guide, no solace to see,
There is no call for what I sell,
A hollow existence, a somber spell.

Yet still, I daub colors on a board,
To feel the Linseed Oil, sweet accord,
I grasp at fragments of forgotten days,
Desperate to hold onto the vibrant rays.

I hear the music in my head,
A symphony of longing, unspoken, unsaid,
I mouth the words in silence deep,
Hoping my soul's echoes will find their keep.

There is no surgery or cure,
What's gone is lost, forever obscure,
In this silent darkness, I must strive,
To find a way to live, to survive.

But through the shadows, a glimmer gleams,
A flicker of hope, breaking through the seams,
For even in the darkest night,
Stars emerge, casting their gentle light.

In this abyss, I seek a new start,
To redefine purpose, to mend my heart,
Though sight and sound may be denied,
Within my spirit, resilience abides.

For life's kaleidoscope still unfolds,
With secrets untold, stories yet untold,
In this silent darkness, I'll find my way,
To embrace the beauty of each passing day.

I may be blind, but I'll learn to feel,
The textures of life, wounds that will heal,
And though deaf, I'll learn to listen,
To the whispers of hope, my soul's ignition.

For within me, a strength resides,
A flame that flickers, never subsides,
And though the world may not understand,
I'll rise from ashes, resilient I'll stand.

So, let the colors dance on my board,
The silent symphony be my reward,
In the face of despair, I'll defy,
And find purpose anew, as hope draws nigh.
I believe that credit should be given where it is due, and I want to acknowledge Lori Jones McCaffery for her contribution as the seed that sparked this particular concept. Your poem has played a significant role in shaping the final outcome, and I am grateful for your input, Wishing you continued inspiration and success in all your endeavors.

With gratitude,
Ikimi Clifford Festus.

I have no purpose any more.
I’m a painter who’s gone blind
And a singer who’s gone deaf.
There is no call for what I sell.

I still daub colors on a board
To smell the Linseed Oil again
I hear the music in my head
And mouth the words in silence.

There is no surgery or cure,
What’s gone is lost forever.
And I must find a way to live
In silent darkness, if I can.

Purpose by Lori Jones McCaffery
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
The memory of kissing a girl in a dark room lingers in my mind like a scene from a captivating movie. It was a moment filled with anticipation, secrecy, and the intoxicating thrill of forbidden romance. As I recall, the room was softly lit by a solitary lamp, casting long shadows on the walls, creating an atmosphere that was both mysterious and enchanting.

We found ourselves in that dimly lit room, seeking solace from the outside world. The hushed whispers and stolen glances between us held an electric charge, as if we were the only two souls in existence. The air was heavy with the scent of anticipation, as our hearts raced in unison, knowing that this encounter was clandestine and time-limited.

Wrapped in the silence of the room, we gradually moved closer, our bodies gravitating towards each other like magnets drawn together by an irresistible force. The gentle touch of her hand sent shivers down my spine, and I could feel the electricity coursing through our connection. It was a moment suspended in time, where every breath, every touch, felt like an eternity.

But alas, our stolen moments were not meant to last. Duty called, and she had to rush back to her house, leaving me yearning for more. We knew that our time together was limited, and the outside world beckoned her back to its responsibilities. It was bittersweet, knowing that we had to part ways and resume our separate lives, she and her family are moving permanently out of the state.

As she hurriedly gathered herself, a mischievous smile played on her lips, as if daring me to follow her into the unknown. I watched her silently, admiring her grace and the light that emanated from her presence. We both understood the unspoken agreement between us – to seize every stolen moment we could, knowing that the world has conspire to keep us apart.

In the dimness of the room, we exchanged one final lingering kiss, a promise of what could be. It was a blend of longing, desire, and the acknowledgment that our time together was a precious gift. With a heavy heart, she tiptoed towards the door, careful not to make a sound as I slept, knowing that stealth and secrecy were our allies.

As Lisser disappeared into the night, I couldn't help but feel a mixture of melancholy and hope. Our connection was undeniable, and the memory of our stolen kiss and romance in my dark room would forever be etched in my mind. We both knew that the world would continue to pull us apart, but the memory of that day would serve as a reminder of the passion we shared and the possibility of a future in another multiverse where we could be together, unencumbered by the constraints of time and responsibilities.

That memory remains as a testament to the resilience of love, the power of stolen moments, and the enduring hope that one day, we may find a way to be together without shadows or secrecy.
Jun 2023 · 46
Tree and Grass
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In shadows' grip, where darkness seeps,
A tale of bitterness, my heart keeps,
Where trees disdain the grass so near,
Though they share roots, their bond unclear.

From a common origin they did arise,
Yet severed now, this truth belies,
As humans too, in their bitter plight,
Engage in struggles, devoid of light.

Like towering trees with branches high,
We seek the sky, aspirations fly,
But in our quest for individual reign,
We disregard the grass, its silent pain.

The grass, unseen, trodden underfoot,
Endures the weight of life's brute,
Its whispers lost in the wind's cruel howl,
Trampled by ambitions, dark and foul.

In every corner, our bitter battles wage,
Humans torn apart, locked in a cage,
We forget the bonds that could sustain,
The unity we once knew, now in vain.

The world we inhabit, consumed by strife,
A reflection of our bitter, ruthless life,
As trees stand tall, aloof and proud,
Grass languishes, disdained, unbowed.

In these bitter struggles, a mirror we find,
To the harsh realities of humankind,
Divisions sown, a fractured domain,
Where unity withers, and hope wanes.

The tree and grass, symbols of our fate,
A reminder of how we segregate,
We forget the roots that intertwine,
Ignoring compassion, so divine.

Oh, bitter humans, blinded by pride,
Locked in battles we cannot hide,
Let us pause, reflect, and comprehend,
The wounds we inflict, how they won't mend.

For in the unity of trees and grass,
Lies the essence of a world that could surpass,
The darkness that plagues our every day,
If only we'd embrace a different way.

But alas, the truth remains unseen,
As bitterness festers, dark and mean,
In the depths of our souls, we must strive,
To rediscover unity and keep hope alive.

So, let us learn from this dark decree,
To bridge the gaps that divide, you see,
For in the struggle, we all share a part,
May unity heal the bitterness in our heart.
Trees don't hang around with grass even though they all started from the same place
Jun 2023 · 606
Soul Satisfied
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In the depths of my being, a hunger unfolds,
A yearning for solace that my heart beholds.
In the vast expanse of this earthly domain,
Only one name can quell the ache and the pain.

Jesus, only You can satisfy my soul,
With grace that mends and makes me whole.
In Your embrace, I find peace profound,
In Your presence, true joy is found.

Through life's winding paths and tempestuous tide,
It's Your love that carries me, my faithful guide.
No earthly treasure or fleeting desire,
Can ignite the flame that Your touch inspires.

You are the bread that nourishes my spirit,
The living water, my soul's endless merit.
In Your words, I find wisdom and truth,
In Your boundless grace, eternal youth.

When shadows surround and doubts assail,
Your light shines forth, and doubts shall pale.
You lift me up on wings of hope,
And in Your embrace, I learn to cope.

Jesus, only You can satisfy my soul,
With a love that heals and makes me whole.
In You, I find purpose and meaning anew,
For every step I take, I find strength in You.

So I surrender all, my heart, my will,
In Your presence, all my fears grow still.
You are the anchor in life's raging sea,
Forever and always, my soul finds peace in Thee.
Jun 2023 · 56
Priceless Pursuit 4
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In a realm of conflict, a riddle I bring,
Where the soul of man hears the clash and sting.
A war of cosmic proportions, fierce and bold,
Between Heaven and Hell, their stories unfold.

Amidst this battleground, souls find their place,
Caught in the struggle, seeking saving grace.
For the fight is not against mere mortal flesh,
But rulers, authorities, a darkness afresh.

In heavenly realms, evil forces conspire,
To deceive, corrupt, and ignite a fire.
A battle unseen, where spirits contend,
As light and darkness clash without end.

Yet heed this warning, let it resound,
Blow a trumpet in Zion, let the alarm sound!
Let all inhabitants tremble, take heed,
For the day of the LORD approaches with speed.

In the face of darkness, remain steadfast and true,
Let your spirit soar, guided by what's pure and true.
For the battle may rage, but hope will endure,
When we align with righteousness, resolute and sure.

Blow the trumpet, sound the alarm on high,
Let hearts awaken, for the day draws nigh.
Be prepared, for the LORD's judgment is near,
In trembling reverence, let your soul persevere.
Jun 2023 · 42
Priceless Pursuit 3
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In a realm adorned with reflective glass,
Where egos dwell, I present a riddle en masse.
Within this stage, vanity takes its stand,
Inviting pondering minds to comprehend.

A reflection of self, it beckons the eye,
Whispering promises, bidding you try.
It thrives on admiration, fueled by acclaim,
But beware, dear seeker, the cost of its game.

For what shall it profit a man, do you see?
To gain the vast world, yet lose what makes him free?
A soul, so precious, can't be sold or traded,
No treasures amassed can heal what's degraded.

In glittering halls, where accolades gleam,
The ego expands, a self-serving dream.
But deep in its chambers, a void may take hold,
As true purpose and essence are left in the cold.

Vanity's whispers may echo so loud,
But heed the warning, escape from the crowd.
For hollow is the victory, a facade so frail,
When the soul is neglected, left to bewail.

Amidst the illusions, stay anchored and true,
Embrace what defines you, what makes you you.
Seek not fleeting fame or material gain,
But nurture your soul, let it rise and sustain.

So ponder this riddle, its truth resonates clear,
As vanity's grip may draw ever near.
Remember the words, a timeless control,
"What profit, dear soul, if you lose your own soul?"
Jun 2023 · 52
Priceless Pursuit 2
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In this realm where transactions enthrall,
A proverbial tale I weave for all.
Where goods and fortunes are bought and sold,
Two treasures remain, elusive and bold.

Everything is for sale, or so they say,
But two priceless gems shall never stray.
The first is your soul, ethereal and pure,
A beacon of essence, forever secure.

No currency or wealth can claim its might,
For your soul is a flame that burns bright.
It yearns for meaning, it craves its own fate,
Beyond the clutches of worldly debate.

In the depths of your being, it finds its voice,
A compass that guides, a conscious choice.
It resonates with truth, integrity's song,
A sanctuary where your spirit belongs.

The second gem, universal and real,
Is pain, a language that we all can feel.
It knows no boundaries, it speaks no tongue,
From joys to sorrows, its chords are strung.

Through laughter and tears, it binds us tight,
Uniting us all in the darkest of nights.
It teaches compassion, empathy's embrace,
A reminder of our shared human grace.

Though all else may falter, crumble, or sway,
These treasures endure, come what may.
So remember, dear seeker, as you tread,
Keep your soul and pain close, never to be misled.

For in their embrace, a wisdom lies,
That connects us all beneath the skies.
In a world where everything is for sale,
Hold fast to these gems, their power prevail.
Jun 2023 · 65
Priceless Pursuit
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In a world where desire does dwell,
A riddle I bring, I bid you tell.
From the humblest grain to treasures untold,
A truth untangled, yet still to behold.

What am I, a notion so bold,
Where everything is traded, bought, and sold?
I dance in the air, unseen, yet profound,
In whispers and dreams, I can always be found.

I'm not just coins or shimmering gold,
Nor jewels that glimmer and stories untold.
I'm intangible, yet touch every soul,
From birth to the grave, my presence unrolls.

I can be won, but never be earned,
An illusion of value, sometimes unearned.
With pockets of hope and pockets of dread,
I'm the hunger that drives us, where dreams are led.

In marketplaces bustling, my reign takes hold,
Where desire and greed intertwine, bold.
But remember, dear seeker, as you strive and compete,
Amidst the pursuit, hold onto what's sweet.

For in the quest for wealth, we can often forget,
That love and connection are riches you won't regret.
So ponder this riddle, its layers unfurled,
And grasp the true worth of this priceless world.

Tell me, dear wanderer, if you can unveil,
What am I, the essence that's never for sale?
Jun 2023 · 747
Luluwa my Beauty Muse
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In realms where angels dances with delight,
There dwells a maiden, radiant and bright.
Her eyes, twin stars that shimmer in the night,
Unveil the secrets of a celestial flight.

Her smile, a sunbeam that graces the air,
Melts my heart of ice, banishing every care.
Her lips, like petals kissed by gentle rain,
Whisper sweet verses that heal all pain.

Her hair, a cascade of silk and gold,
Frames a face where elegance unfolds.
A porcelain canvas, flawless and fair,
Painted with grace and utmost care.

Oh Her voice, a symphony of dulcet tones,
Serenade my heart with soothing undertones.
Her, a chorus of joyous song,
Brings harmony where sorrow had thronged.

Her presence, a beacon of pure delight,
Illuminating my soul in her sight.
She's beauty's muse, a masterpiece divine,
A reflection of love's essence, so fine.

But beyond the surface, her truest grace,
Resides in a spirit that knows no trace
Of arrogance or vanity's cruel embrace,
For her kindness emanates from a sacred place.

She's more than a vision, she's a gentle soul,
A tapestry of beauty, making my heart whole.
In her, my world finds solace and reprieve,
A living poem, the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, in her I believe.
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In twilight's embrace, I sit alone,
Melancholy's touch, a gentle moan.
My heart yearns for you, my dearest love,
In these moments when the stars weep above.

Whispers of your laughter, once so near,
Now dance as echoes, faint and unclear.
Your touch, a brush of fingertips so fine,
Chased away fears, a warmth divine.

Your eyes, a galaxy of love's embrace,
Once held me close in their tender grace.
But now they dwell in distant memory,
Fading embers of a vibrant reverie.

The world, a canvas devoid of hue,
Since the day you bid this realm adieu.
No vibrant strokes, no colors bright,
Just monochrome days and endless night.

I reach out for you, in empty spaces near,
Longing for your touch, your presence so dear.
Silent tears trace paths upon my pillow's crest,
Yearning for your head upon my chest.

Our hearts, once united in rhythmic dance,
Now play a symphony of solitude's expanse.
In night's embrace, your essence I feel,
Yet cruel illusion shatters with dawn's appeal.

Alone, I navigate this world unknown,
An empty vessel in memories sown.
Your absence, an ache that pierces deep,
A void unfillable, where tears still seep.

No time or distance can heal this pain,
In my heart, our love forever remains.
Tethered eternally, our souls entwined,
Until the day our paths realign.

I'll count the stars, and whisper your name,
Hoping my love reaches you, all the same.
Until that day, know you're missed profound,
In depths of my soul, your longing resounds.

Yours in a world where colors fade away,
Ikimi Clifford Festus, forever I'll stay.
Ikimi Festus May 2023
In the grip of despair, amidst famine and filth,
A glimmer of hope pleads for divine grace.
Whispers of remnants yearn for echoes to reach.

"I beg you, show me mercy!" I weep,
Like a fading ember, virtuous yet frail,
Burdened by a sorrowful world so deep.

Billions of souls inhabit this existence,
Some in lavish homes, others in wretched holes,
Yet for me, solace is scarce, no place for persistence.

In the terror of the masses, I find strange amusement,
At a gathering's stage, a speaker proclaims,
"If we embrace them, they'll steal our sustenance."

But in the same assembly, they hailed us as the leaders of tomorrow, the hailed us as the future,
How can this contradiction be? I ponder and wonder,
While poverty's grip holds tight, unyielding and sutured.

On shelterless streets, i fight for survival,
Searching for a chance, scavenging in strife,
A victim of circumstances, without a rival.

Oh, Lord! What awaits when night falls?
In this dark part of town, where darkness thrives,
Will I lie alone beneath the sky's angry calls?
Why am I forsaken and unknown to my kin?

I detest the wealthy, cursing their prosperity's bane,
Perhaps the speaker at the town hall spoke some truth,
How did they find comfort, while we endure squalor's chain?

Whom did they harm, whom did they exploit? I question,
Which commandments did they break to reach such heights?
Or did inherited wealth become my oppression's expression?

My forefathers, once prosperous but alone in their days,
Do their mistakes haunt me, a burden I bear?
Their debts pass on, and I become their pays.

Curiosity led me to the price of liberation's door,
The gods whispered, "No fixed cost, just surrender your soul,
Take what you desire, a loan to your core."

They promised a transformed life, with riches bestowed,
Claiming freedom and happiness beyond strife,
"Are you willing to abandon everything?" they bestowed.

"We are destined to fail," they mockingly declare,
My flesh meant for opulence, destiny ordained,
"Do you want to join the winning team and surrender your name?
Believe in me, surrender to me, abandon God's reign."

The speaker proclaimed that we are the future of humanity,
Perhaps there's a grain of truth in his words,
A voice distinct from the gods, untamed whispers untie.

I know a man who considers himself poor,
Yet possesses unseen wealth, profound and true,
Understanding want and deprivation, wisdom to explore,
Finding contentment in plenty or scarcity's view.

To trade one's soul for progress is too steep a cost,
Success must be earned, not acquired without due,
Claiming what's rightfully yours, forever embossed.

My greatest investors, my loyal and true son,
No debts to repay, just unconditional love,
His path, His price, the sole endeavor to pursue,
Dearest one, the noblest venture is honoring me and every other thing shall be added to you.
Ikimi Festus May 2023
Banish worry, let it fade away,
Don't surrender, keep going, I say.
Take moments to pause, to breathe and unwind,
Today, let determination shine, unconfined.
Stand firm in your purpose, never sway,
Believe in yourself, come what may.

Seek not to fault, let understanding flow,
Compassion comes easy, let kindness show.
Your problems, though heavy, find solace and mend,
For time is a friend, it will help you transcend.
Amidst life's challenges, laughter's embrace,
Bring joy to your heart, a sweet saving grace.

Encouragement is a lifeline, profound,
Be that person who lifts others when down.
Find comfort in knowing, deep and true,
There's a place within you, where strength can accrue.
Lean on this love, like a steadfast embrace,
To the love of a friend, find solace and grace.
Ikimi Festus May 2023
They say you're the embodiment of hope, a beacon in the darkness,
The one who listens when prayers are whispered, and responds with love and kindness.
They say you're the salvation, the one who offers forgiveness,
No begging required, for your grace is boundless and endless.

They say you're the way, guiding us through life's strife,
And as we forge our own paths, you're with us in every step of life.
They say you're near, intimately involved in our joys and our pains,
You never abandon us, even when doubts and questions remain.

They say you're the divine, beyond what our eyes can behold,
Yet your presence is felt, in every story left untold.
They say you're the healer, mending broken hearts and souls,
Restoring the innocence, making us whole.

They say you're the power, mighty and grand,
Yet you're found in the humble, the meek, and the sand.
They say you're the reason, the purpose we seek,
To trust in you, to find strength when we're weak.

So when you ask, "Who do you say I am?"
I say you're the embodiment of love, the Great I Am.
May 2023 · 158
Conflict of Temptations
Ikimi Festus May 2023
In quietness, a handful finds its worth,
Than burdened hands, filled with toil and dearth.
The conflict within, the eternal fight,
Between who I am and who tempts me in sight.

Who wouldn't desire a higher living grace?
Yet, it brings torment to the human race.
Is this all there is? Where lies true meaning?
I gaze around, souls no longer gleaming.
Humans turned machines, always on the run,
Busy, hurried, with no time to feel the sun.

A solitary figure, no kin or brother,
Toiling endlessly, eye unsatisfied with riches' smother.
For whom does he labor, his soul bereaved?
An empty vanity, a travail deeply grieved.

Hedonistic pleasures, vanity in reign,
Significance lost, drowned in a material plane.
Money, the new measure of one's character,
A vast desert of souls lost, our society's grandeur.
Hope fades away, replaced by absurdity's plight,
Blindly following rules till death's eternal night.

The fallacies of our age, we cannot deny:
Standard of living, consumerism's cry,
Media's influence, shaping our desires,
The pursuit of a wrinkle-free life, beauty aspires,
And debts, chains that bind, our souls confined.

But if we stumble, there's a hand to uplift,
Woe to the lonely who fall, no one to gift
A helping hand, a friend in time of need,
Birds of a feather, together they succeed.

In a modern world, mono fidelity a test,
A lone runner tires, company brings zest.
While immersed in trends and empty chatter,
We fail to realize the weariness that shatters.
Yet, the greatest advice, a double-edged sword,
To be yourself amidst a world that tries to mold.
The greatest achievement, staying true and strong,
Amidst the constant pressure to belong.

I contemplate the living under the sun's glare,
The second child who follows, burden to bear.
Endless generations, yet no true rejoice,
Vanity and vexation, our eternal choice.
Jan 2023 · 126
Ikimi Festus Jan 2023
Have you ever noticed the shifting of words?
Greetings, what say you from yonder place?
Our words seem tainted, decaying, toxic to me.
Curiously, they still gleam and resonate on the surface,
Yet do you fathom their quandary?
"They lack all significance, meaning naught.
Witness it for yourself.

From a scientific stance,
Humans fashioned words to expand the realm of knowledge,
Now known as information, a shared bounty.
But behold the transformation...

As darkness fell, and men slumbered beneath shared stars,
War erupted, coercing us to buy dubious wares,
In exchange for a false promise of peace, Hughes deemed a friend,
To escape condemnation, death or prison, for dissenting views,
Once taboo in bygone days.

Generations passed, civilizations rose and crumbled,
Yet one truth remains amidst this eternal dance,
Forgotten is the words' power to inspire fear,
Instead, they become mute pages, hushing silence.

Do you remember consuming those ceaseless warnings?
How could I forget the myriad of prohibitions?
Reiterated by parents, society, teachers, priests,
Till their words turned meaningless babble,
Thankfully coated in apologies, "I'll never do it again,"
Though never intending to in the first place,
Yet they sowed seeds of sinister thoughts within my shadows.

We all proclaimed, "In five minutes," or "Tomorrow I'll start," or
"This time, I'll never be late for..."
Mere piles of reeking ******* they truly are.
How did we reach a juncture where words lost their essence?
Reducing the world to a brothel, a circus, bereft of meaning.

Alas, the mightiest declarations endure the test of time.
Honesty, Justice, and the Truth.
"That all may honor the Son as they do the Father.
He who disrespects the Son, disrespects the Father who sent him."
Ironically, such words have unsettled men for centuries,
Though once uttered with genuine intent.
And who rendered them void?
Politicians, lawyers, professionals, advertisers,
All who employ words as tools, and we with our posts and likes,
Craving more likes,
Fueling the fire with greater fervor,
More love, more laughter, more, more, more,
On the obnoxious host, like...

Do you grasp the meaning of "fast"?
Similar to "pray and fast,"
To seal, confine, shut away, that is its core.
To observe weeks of silence, refraining from speech.
Sadly, our oral sphincter shall not comply,
Yet closure is within reach.

Do you truly seek to infuse your life with new purpose?
Fresh words?
Then embrace silence for seven, or better yet, twenty-one days,
Abstaining from discourse entirely,
Not even a whisper, eschewing
Social media, tranquil and attuned to self,
Embracing the vast expanse of emotions when the month remains unsoiled.
Only then shall wonders befall... and
Unlock the tapestry of thoughts and mysteries within your mind.
Aug 2022 · 255
The Open Latter
Ikimi Festus Aug 2022
To my beloved young souls of this named generation,
Do you seek a voice to remind you of the true essence within us, away from the misconceptions and judgments?
We are not merely the "me-me" self-centered beings, painted as lazy narcissists.
Let us reject the labels of self-interest, self-absorption, and self-indulgence,
For we are capable of much more than self-inflating.
In the annals of human history, let us not be haunted by the false idol of "Self,"
Instead, let our actions be guided by compassion and empathy.
Though older voices warn of destruction and collapse, painting a barren landscape of temptation and immorality,
We, the Y's, Z's, and millennials, defy such narratives and strive for something greater,
Our destiny lies not in becoming mere ego bubbles, but in shaping a world of substance and purpose.
Bound by neither trends nor lustful pleasure, we seek a true and meaningful civilization.
The fabric of morality may appear to unravel, but its preservation is a price we cannot bear to lose.
Look beyond the surface allure of life's trinkets, for often the glitter obscures true value.
We have traded moments of existence for shallow approval, forsaking our inner selves.
Yet, even the grandest tombs turn to dust, reminding us that true worth lies in the legacy we leave.
Had we possessed the courage to champion righteousness, this letter would remain unwritten.
In life, only four certainties endure: progress, change, evolution, and uncertainty.
But let us not be like dogs returning to their ***** or fools drawn back to the flames.
A day will come when we must reckon with our mistakes and seek redemption.
Believe it or not, the choice lies within us.
Ikimi Festus Aug 2022
In the realm of mathematical chance I ponder,
Restless nights consumed by uncertainty's thunder.
Can I embrace reality, forsaking my desire?
Or must I bear the burden of what's required?
Quantum entanglement's mystifying dance,
Threads of destiny woven in life's expanse.
The eternal enigma of life and its end,
Mothers determined, their lost children to mend.
Oh, hapless self trapped in Schrödinger's game,
What defines existence? What is its true name?
In the struggle to pay my worldly dues,
I grasp my father's plight, his toil, his blues.
To straddle both realms, the dead and undead,
When raw truth stands naked, filling me with dread.
Oh, the challenge, as reality unveils,
A test of fortitude that rarely fails.
And yet, amidst the chaos, I recollect,
That worry dissolves when I pause to reflect.
So, I'll turn to prayer, with gratitude's embrace,
Seeking solace, guidance, in God's boundless grace.
Apr 2022 · 311
Ikimi Festus Apr 2022
Nihilism is thriving.
We are forced to learn, accept and to live with unanswered questions.
The answers don’t matter any more than the questions,
As long as we have food, water, air, shelter to F#ck, cloths to wear, and enough money to spend.
principalities and Powers,
Unseen force lurking in tone with gross darkness,
Ankles and wrists all chainer up
The fingers of the pulpit master motion in glee over rigid lifeless law makers.
Orchestra of impending pain and chanting echoes through iron bars,
a prison for all who fell for social trends,
A brotherhood of shared fate, a sisterhood for the slaughter.
Conformity, a new world has emerged where all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for their sins, provided they are rich.
"In God’s Image we are evolving from Abomination to Acceptance"
Same *** marriage, beastility, ******,
The new symbol of human civilization.
Jul 2019 · 196
Young Worlds in Crisis
Ikimi Festus Jul 2019
Too late,
Young worlds once hailed the antichrist
They lacked the wisdom of the Elders.
Hopelessness grew with the nine o'clock news,
A sense of loss engulfed us all
As young minds absorbed their own sorrow.
In denial, they turned away from reporters,
Ignoring prophets' warnings so earnestly shared.
Promises of youth now wilted like flowers,
Overwhelmed by depression, prejudice, and despair,
Ignorance reaping its harvest, foolishness prevailing.
Excuses abound for the impending end,
Armageddon looms ever closer, a palpable dread.
Those in power claimed education as the key,
Yet young worlds remain oblivious
To the truth that life and wealth elude man's currency.
Youthful souls trapped behind a glass facade,
Enslaved by the pressures of socializing,
The fear of loneliness infecting their minds like a virus.
The privileged dictate what is just and fair,
Defining good and evil to keep young worlds in check,
But the cycle remains unbroken, perpetuating injustice.
Amidst the clamor for gender equality they proclaim,
The clock relentlessly ticks, time slipping away,
While our guiding force watches from above.
Ikimi Festus May 2019
In each life's quest, unique paths unfold,
Yet one truth remains, unwavering, bold.
Amidst tales of men who've traded their soul,
Surface appearances may oft deceive, we're told.
Not all that gleams with a golden hue,
Holds the substance and worth that rings true.
For within gilded tombs, lies naught but decay,
Worms, the silent heralds, claim their final sway.

Had we possessed wisdom as daring as youth,
In limbs strong, while judgment spoke truth,
Our answers would be etched in ancient scrolls,
But alas, our journey's pages, the wind now strolls.
Farewell, dear ambitions, as our pursuit grows cold,
Time slips away on the wings of vain-nity, we're told,
A labor lost, indeed, in the clutches of frost.

Everyone treads their path, unique, unswayed,
Yet Death's embrace awaits, undeterred, unfrayed.
What accounts shall we offer, once life's curtain is drawn?
A leap of faith, yet no bungee cord, not a bond.
As the future unfolds, mirroring our origin's lore,
Reason and faith lost, a civilization's core,
A generation labeled, entitled and remiss,
Yet let us pause, reflect, dispel this amiss.

The hunter's blame befalls the prey, unaware,
Birds of all feathers, converge in their earthly affair.
And in due time, true worth shall stand tall,
Rewards bestowed, earned, by each heart's recall.
For it is in the balance of merit we find,
A legacy shaped by one's own design.
Mar 2019 · 260
Ikimi Festus Mar 2019
To The Love Of A Friend
Worry Never
Don't Quit
Take Time
Today Be Determined
Stand Firm
Believe In Yourself
Don't Find Fault
It Is Easy
Your problem
It Don't Take Long
Laugh A Little
Encouragement Is
Be That Person
comfort to know
there's a place In you...
Others can lean on
To the love of a friend.
Feb 2019 · 1.2k
Beauty killed the Beast
Ikimi Festus Feb 2019
Trapped within enigma's embrace,
My heart pounds, a wild chase,
Searching eyes pierce deep within,
Seeking solace, fearing lonely din.

Edam grew empty, void and bare,
Yet two gazes intertwined, aware,
Weary feet and longing souls collide,
As I, the strange beast, arrive.

Mutual, unfamiliar, a dance anew,
A connection formed, sensual and true,
Bound to stay, unable to depart,
Witnessing our fading hearts.

She, adorned in beauty's grace,
I, the beast with hidden face,
Love intertwined, destined to be denied,
I perished when she uttered, "I can't abide."

She perished as I turned away,
A beast's departure sealed her dismay,
Yet, look beyond this monstrous guise,
See the beating heart that never lies.

Though screams of terror fill the air,
My heart remains untouched, fair,
For she is all that I desire,
The one whom my love won't expire.

In her grasp, I find solace's touch,
No longer bound by loneliness's clutch,
Her essence lingers within my veins,
Her thoughts ignite joy, erasing all pains.

No force on Earth or heavenly high,
Can quell this love that won't comply,
Her beauty meant solely for my gaze,
Oh, the tragic tears our fate displays.

For her beauty claimed the beast's last breath,
Our love's demise, a dance with death,
So, I climbed the heights of Babel's might,
With a note proclaiming, "Beauty killed this Beast."

Reaching the summit, I took a leap,
Hoping the struggle would finally cease,
Breathing no more, as still as the night,
While she drew a bath, preparing her plight.

She bathed in sorrow, her heart torn apart,
A note declared, "His true Beauty killed the ugly heart."
With wrists cut open, a final sigh,
Her last breath joined mine, bidding goodbye.

Beauty Killed The Beast, a tale profound,
A monster of beauty, a truth unbound,
A beast whose beauty thrived within,
At last, together, the beauty and the beast shall win.
Ikimi Festus Feb 2019
Once, I stumbled upon a precious treasure,
Yet foolishly let it slip away.
"Died of a broken heart," a phrase whispered in sorrow.
For years, I withheld my tears,
Working on myself, mending my flaws,
But now, I'm plagued by a curious desire.
Why do I yearn to risk it all again?
To escape from this world, I pen my thoughts,
Childish, perhaps, yet a means to understand,
Not to refute my beliefs, but to observe,
To partake in the purity of love's existence.

What makes it so extraordinary, I wonder?
Caught between stress and the echoes of history,
Love and war entwined in a tangled dance.
Deep into the night, I gaze, seeking comprehension,
Struggling to decipher these unfamiliar emotions.

To you, the one who is and will always be,
My soul's companion, the love I crave,
I possess nothing else of value,
So please, handle with care,
This fragile, tattered heart of mine.

Wishing you all the best,
Festus Ikimi.
Feb 2019 · 659
Ikimi Festus Feb 2019
In this new era, insanity's the norm,
My friend,
No hate without cause, let's embrace the different form.
From within to without, unity we seek,
To join in union, the love we shall keep.
No longer confined to straight and narrow,
Holy matrimony welcomes all, hallelujah!
Progress we've made, the government got it right,
Human rights prevail, shining so bright.
Love knows no boundaries, no matter the gender,
No taboo in nature, let's embrace and surrender.
Your life is your own, do as you please,
Take a leap if you wish, conquer the seas.
We answer to none, the Bible's just a ruse,
Designed to control, but we refuse to lose.
Heaven is here, on this earthly plane,
Let's pursue wealth, and get high, no restraint.
But in this pursuit, let's not forget,
To love our neighbors, to never neglect.
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Let shout,
With laughter in our voices, till we reach for the sky.

Meanwhile in a distant land,
Greetings and farewells, spoken with care,
In moments of fellowship, hearts they do share.
But soon comes the sorrow, the ache in His souls,
As they part ways, beneath silent tears that roll.
In troubled thoughts, currents of doubt flow,
Why can't sorrow be gentle and hide, we wish to know.
Shall I conceal my intentions, my secret scheme?
Oh, dear friend, should I hide what I'm about to deem?
The outcry of ***** and Gomorrah, indeed it rings,
Their sins are grave, the chaos it brings.
I shall descend and witness their deeds,
To see if their actions align with the cries and needs.
And if they falter, if they fall astray,
Divine judgment shall have its final say.
Ikimi Festus Jan 2019
A path diverged, splitting in two,
And alas, my beloved, you cannot tread both.
Choose one journey, yearn to endure,
It's an intimate voyage, a solo race to embrace,
Gaze far ahead,
Where it curved amidst the foliage, and witness how
Mortal society ebbs and flows,
Amidst an unchanging factor.
The masses conform to the transient norm,
Many sorrows arise from faith's inertia,
Idle and hopeful, they bear consequence.
Do not play the assigned role, for conformity persists,
As humans, we mimic one another,
Pride precedes ruin,
And arrogance leads to downfall.
They are shackled by their lack of freedom,
Drawn to those who flaunt their fluidity and uniqueness.
Tell this tale with a wistful sigh,
Somewhere in distant ages to come: that
Once, it was unfashionable to be rebellious,
Yet as multitudes assumed the rebel's guise,
It lost its distinctiveness, its defiance faded,
But two paths diverged, and you,
You chose the one less traveled,
And that choice has made all the difference.
Jan 2019 · 566
Ikimi Festus Jan 2019
Voice : "Who do people say the Son of Man is?"
Me : They say you is the end or the start of the end of a fiction
That they once prayed every night but never heard or got any response, and that you'll have to beg for their forgiveness if you indeed exist.
They said you is the one that need saving, because they have crafted their own way by the sword and saved them-selfz
And soon will grow higher above you with machines strong enough to path waters and push through the mountains.
Others say
That you are very far, so far much,
And that
because some differ in faith, you've left
mothers and fathers in pain,
their sons and daughters
You put to death
And soon to cast their soul in a burning fire
before the very eyes of all as
You established and order a new world!
Still others say
That they believe in a power they can see, and not
You who they cannot touch, see, or feel,
that you left the innocent broken.
they questioned for a reason to trust you or Drop down on their knees and pray for a miracle because
you is the one who have forsaken all to a blind faith...

Voice : "But what about you?"
he asked.
It hurts...
After thinking deep...
Truth is I can't answer this question...
I just won't use another's answer as mine...
Got me questioning me.
Ikimi Festus Dec 2018
In this world of constant change, where all things shatter,
Love, too, succumbs to fate, like the falling matter.
From high to low, all rises fall, gravity's hold supreme,
Leaving us to ponder, what's the purpose of this dream?

What's the point, I ask, of embracing love's allure?
Today, you were absent, and my heart felt unsure.
Before my weary eyes, I witnessed a tender sight,
Two souls, enraptured, frolicking in the evening light.

Their joy was evident, as they shared a playful kiss,
A secret world they cherished, a passion they wouldn't dismiss.
But love, they claim, is magic, with hidden tricks concealed,
Give me a single reason to believe this truth revealed.

The art of life, they say, elevates desires and dreams,
Including true love, where nothing's as it seems.
Just like you, dear Akalu, I long for company,
Yet I stand alone, amidst stars, in infinite mystery.

Awaiting a fictional lover, hoping for a guiding hand,
You understand my plight, in this desolate land.
Loneliness engulfs me, a lost soul adrift,
Circling a crush who never notices my existence's gift.

Akalu loko-loko, we both yearn to be complete,
To find a love priceless, with hearts firmly bound, sweet.
Someone to catch us when we stumble and fall,
A companion to withstand gravity's daunting call.

But unlike me, dear Akalu, you bask in the sun's embrace,
Its radiant light ignites you, casting a glowing grace.
My faith, once steadfast, has faltered and waned,
Leaving behind a sorrowful journal, a garden untamed.
Nov 2018 · 330
Plea: Send Help
Ikimi Festus Nov 2018
So bitter the truth, it won't bring you joy,
Today I'll be honest, no facade to employ.
Before I commence, I must humbly confess,
Imperfections abound, my efforts digress.
No matter my striving, it's never enough,
Yet I never imagined it could be this tough.
I don't mean disrespect or ungrateful disdain,
But in this world, Lord, your people are in pain.

Fear silences voices, they tremble and hide,
As wickedness revels, with malevolence wide.
Darkness descends, nations drown in despair,
Our flame to serve wanes, burdened hearts bear.
Oh Lord, see the state of your suffering earth,
Witness misguided hatred, the Holocaust's dearth.
What sense can be made of such human plight?
The hour grows late, Lord, please act with your might.

Life as we know it hangs on a thread,
Endless nights pass, dread upon dread.
Evil thrives rampant, your world cries for aid,
When will you intervene, this chaos to fade?

LORD: I have already sent you, my child,
To be my vessel of light, to heal and renew.
Nov 2018 · 436
Dad said (Father's Wisdom)
Ikimi Festus Nov 2018
Father's counsel lingers, both friend and foe should stay in sight,
To trust the unknown, our closeness to those we despise,
Thus, my heart's embrace is withheld from those I cherish most.

Father's voice imparts, knowledge's lock shall turn enough,
Not all truths warrant attention, best left undisturbed,
Some deem them history, others tales spun by fanciful minds.

Father's caution whispers, our world brims with immoral ways,
Amidst entertainment, drugs, technology, and arms,
He lost faith in God, deeming such beliefs unnecessary.

Father's words unfold, before weather forecasts, prayers rose,
Unaware of its workings, men sought blessings from above,
They were mere fools, blessed by timely rains they yearned for.

Father's insight reveals, men's knowledge surges forth,
Understanding the mechanisms that govern our realm,
For him, God is replaced, all by the hands of nature.

Father's voice resounds, myriad knowledge fills our world,
The Bible, a piece among the countless truths we possess,
Whether believed or not, it remains part of our tapestry.

Mike's father speaks,
In his own words, he imparts his wisdom:
"My son, conflicting ideas arise, questioning both sacred text and documented science.
If you seek truth through faith, perhaps you should turn to God.
Yet, if science alone guides your pursuit of truth, my son, trust in your fellow men."

Choose discerningly, with wisdom as your guide.

— The End —