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Jun 2023
In shadows deep, I find my place,
With heavy heart and weary soul.
Can I, like those great men of faith,
Meet the standards that God extols?

Job, the perfect and upright one,
Feared God and shunned all evil's touch.
But can I, in my brokenness,
Emulate such strength, oh, so much?

Faith, the substance of hoped-for dreams,
Evidence of unseen realms above.
But without it, I'm left adrift,
Unable to please the One I love.

Abraham, called to unknown lands,
Obedient, though uncertain of his fate.
Offered Isaac, his cherished son,
Could I bear such trials, or simply break?

Moses, forsaking a life of ease,
Refused the titles of earthly pride.
Chose affliction, suffering with the chosen,
Could I relinquish what I hold inside?

The walls of Jericho crumbled down,
After days of endless circling round.
Their faith unwavering, resolute,
While mine falters, cracks upon the ground.

And David, the man after God's heart,
Anointed amidst Saul's demise.
But can I, with all my faults and flaws,
Capture the essence that God implies?

These great men of faith, they haunt me,
Their towering presence casts a gloom.
In my weakness, doubts consume,
Am I destined for eternal doom?

Oh, Lord, I tremble in my doubt,
Lost in the shadows, faithless and weak.
Can I ever stand like those before,
Or am I condemned to endless bleak?

The burden weighs upon my soul,
The fear of failure grips me tight.
Can I meet the standards set above,
Or am I destined to dwell in night?

In shadows deep, I find my place,
Yearning for a glimmer of hope.
Oh, grant me strength, divine embrace,
That I may find the faith to cope.

For in my brokenness, I plea,
May your mercy wash over me.
Guide me, teach me, light my way,
That I may stand, redeemed, someday.
Ikimi Festus
Written by
Ikimi Festus  28/M/Nigeria
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