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Jul 2023
In the depths of my desolate heart, hope once bloomed,
As this wretched year began, dreams were entombed.
But fate's merciless hand extinguished each flame,
And sorrow's torrent drowned the embers of my name.

Undervalued and dismissed, I stand with weakened knees,
In the eyes of my in-laws, cast adrift on desolate seas.
Bound by archaic customs, they deem me unworthy,
Their prejudiced whispers, like poisoned arrows, scurry.

My family, a sanctuary now shattered and torn,
In my hour of despair, their absence leaves me forlorn.
For this year held my dearest wish, an eternal vow,
To wed my beloved, only to witness it disavow.

To birth "100EMPIRE," my envisioned realm so grand,
And ascend the celestial staircase, hand in trembling hand.
My hopes soared high, envisioning the tender embrace,
Of my twin kids, a radiant legacy, now lost without a trace.

Why must love's drapery be woven with blades?
Why must I dwell in this labyrinth of guilt and shades?
April's haunting shadows unveiled tragedy's play,
As daylight thieves pillaged my life in brazen display.

They devoured my savings, my livelihood, my soul,
Debt's merciless grip, an ever-tightening toll.
Lost in a void, my spirit crumbles and quakes,
Rent's relentless arrival, a desperate plea it makes.

Yet, in this abyss, I muster courage to defy,
To find solace within, and let teardrops run dry.
For within the darkness, a fragile flame still gleams,
Believing in miracles, where despair redeems.

My testimony, will etched in scars deep and profound,
It shall resonate through tears, a symphony unbound.
Though this treacherous path threatens to consume,
I will rise with hope's anthem, through the tempest I loom.

From the ashes of sorrow, I will rebuild my torn soul,
Through anguish and torment, my redemption will take its toll.
Resilience will becomes my guide, through the tears that flow,
In the depths of despair, hope's gentle whispers grow.

For even amidst the void, tears reveal their worth,
Unleashing an ocean of grief, sorrow's poignant birth.
In this final act, I shall transcend pain's harrowing abyss,
Embracing rebirth, as tears cleanse, renew, and kiss.
Ikimi Festus
Written by
Ikimi Festus  28/M/Nigeria
   Stephen E Yocum
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