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Jan 2019
Voice : "Who do people say the Son of Man is?"
Me : They say you is the end or the start of the end of a fiction
That they once prayed every night but never heard or got any response, and that you'll have to beg for their forgiveness if you indeed exist.
They said you is the one that need saving, because they have crafted their own way by the sword and saved them-selfz
And soon will grow higher above you with abilities strong enough to path waters and push through the mountains.
Others say
That you very far, so far much,
And that
because some differ in faith, you've left
mothers and fathers in pain,
their sons and daughters
You put to death
And soon to cast their soul in a burning fire
before the very eyes of all as
You established and order a new world!
Still others say
That they believe in a power they can see, and not
You who they cannot touch, see, or feel,
that you left the innocent broken.
they questioned for a reason to trust you or Drop down on their knees and pray for a miracle because
you is the one who have forsaken all to a blind faith...

Voice : "But what about you?"
he asked.
It hurts...
After thinking deep...
Truth is I can't answer this question...
I just won't use another's answer as mine...
Got me questioning me.
Ikimi Festus
Written by
Ikimi Festus  28/M/Nigeria
     sue and C P X
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