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Jun 2023
Perebote! The King has graced our presence, they proclaim,
In the land where resilience and strength remain.
Oba no dey go on transfer, this truth we hold,
For his reign is eternal, a story yet untold.

From Nigeria, a land of vibrant hue,
I proudly stand as an Ijaw, Bayelsa through and through.
The Glory of all Lands, my state's blessed name,
With ancestral wisdom, our heritage we reclaim.

In joyous harmony, my ancestors will cry,
For the chains of Legbe's *******, I'll defy.
Breaking free, their spirits uplifted and revered,
Their legacy lives on, in me, persevered.

When I depart from this earthly domain,
The earth itself will tremble, in recognition, it will strain.
For a piece of something profound will forever be lost,
Ikimi, my name, carries the weight of utmost cost.

The earth shall tremble when I bid farewell,
For something precious will be lost, I can foretell.
Ikimi, my name, in Ijaw it speaks,
Of significance, importance that none can critique.

In the heartbeat of Nigeria, I find my place,
A tapestry of cultures, a diverse embrace.
Deep within, the rivers of wisdom flow,
Proverbs and tales from the ancients aglow.

In the heartbeat of Africa, I take my stand,
Embracing the wisdom of my ancestral land.
Deep proverbs flow like rivers from my tongue,
Tales of resilience, in which our spirits sung.

Like the mighty Niger, coursing through the land,
I carry the essence of my people, hand in hand.
In every step I take, their spirits guide my way,
Respecting traditions, in the present and each new day.

From the plains of the Serengeti to the Nile's flow,
I carry the legacy of greatness, it's mine to bestow.
In each step I take, I honor their legacy,
Guided by their wisdom, in truth and unity.

The rhythm of the drums echoes in my soul,
As I dance to the beats that make me whole.
From sunrise to sunset, I honor the land,
With gratitude, I cherish, hand in hand.

Perebote! The King has arrived, I hear them say,
In the realm where ancestral echoes sway.
Ikimi, a name that bears the mark of esteem,
Signifying importance, a cherished theme.

In African accent style, I embrace my roots,
A testament to the strength that Africa imputes.
For I am a vessel of traditions and pride,
With the land of my birth forever intertwined.

Ikimi! Let my name be heard afar,
As I honor the legacy of my ancestral star.
In unity we stand, with passion burning bright,
Preserving our heritage, a beacon of light.
Ikimi Festus
Written by
Ikimi Festus  28/M/Nigeria
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