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Derrick Jones Sep 29
Thinking I see clearly
Comes at a price
I pay it dearly
Spraying windex on glass barriers
Trapped by this transparency
I run wildly through a labyrinth
A prison of my own creation
Crimson, I move with desperation
The direct path overlooked

You are complex and unpredictable
Yet I try to predict you anyway
I put a vision of you inside my maze
I see your actions through an egoic haze
I analyze and interpret in a naive craze
And as I forecast the coming phase
I finally see this labyrinth I must raze

Wisdom is knowing how much you cannot know
Freedom is acting with that knowledge
Truth is the value that sets you free
The only path toward reality

Go shatter the glass
Veer off the path that you created
That you never knew you hated
The false entrapments in your way
So you can finally seize the day

I will not put you in a prison
I will correct this twisted prism
Come join me in this mission
Let’s create a new shared vision
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Cyan Aug 27
When you’re your own ******
viewing your experiences,
pleasures of the past,
as you’re suspended
in branches of a flower bush,
expecting a blush
and rush of life,

and instead
find that from afar,
made abstract
by time and distance,
they’re rather alarming,

you’ll gouge out your eyes
with thorns from
the vines
you’re entwined in
and stuff the sockets
with flower petals
to rose tint
that hint of unhappiness
welling within you.
Cyan Aug 15
Whisk me away.
Make me a merengue.
Split me
To separate my insides
From my outs,
And beat me until I reach
A heightened state
Where I can be made sweet.
Derrick Jones Jul 30
Sink deeply into being
You’ll find it oh so freeing
This life is oh so fleeting
Why spend it just retreating

I’d rather go exploring
The horizon’s glow implores me
Like those who came before me
I will go to find my glory

So jump in without restraint
Rescind each shrill complaint
Evacuate your ego
Fall fully in the fairest flow
Wander where the wind may blow
See just how far you can go
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Close your eyes.
Now imagine all your potential.
Who you could be if this were not the case.
What you would do if that was not stopping you.
Where you would be if you didn't have to be here.
Now imagine all those obstacles.
And find a solution.
To overcome.
That is stopping you from reaching your potential.
A little reminder that you can achieve anything you want to in this life!
Do not cement the bars of your own prison around you.
When will you wake up, and realise that your reality is false?
Restricted to what you have so far been taught it is.
Your potential is unlimited;
You are not your body,
You are infinite energy,
That infects whatever you do,
who ever you encounter,
whatever thought crosses your mind,
You can choose what type of energy you are.
Are you love?
Wouldn't it be uplifting to infect everyone and everything around you with this energy.
Wouldn't it be difficult to find darkness to hide in in a light filled room?
The moment you believe your energy is out of your control, is the moment you sacrifice reaching your ultimate potential.
Just a little reminder that you can achieve anything you want to in life, it starts within :)
allison Mar 5
like a phoenix
i'm reborn
from the ashes of who
i used to be.

I went to check up on you today
but then like fate, my hand stopped me
so I didn't see what you were up to
for the better.

like a phoenix
i'm reborn
from the ashes of who
i used to be.

I'm the happiest I've been in weeks
Today I did something that I could've let
ruin me
but instead I held my head high and
didn't let it affect me.

like a phoenix
i'm reborn
from the ashes of who
i used to be.

my friend told me
that he saw self improvement
in me that i didn't pick up on
until he said it,

and now i see...
like a phoenix
i'm reborn
from the ashes of who
i used to be.
i'm growing as a person and I couldn't be happier :)
abigail j s Feb 20
I've fallen to mapping
the deepest parts of my forehead
again. these days it feels like
I'm climbing the jungle gym of my mind,
clearing away cobwebs and
dust-covered boxes into my lap,
searching yellowed scrolls and broken crates
for diamonds.
it's not that I feel far from
the present, just as if
I'm swimming through it,
my head the only part of me
above the water.

it's been a little while but
I am still only climbing,
praying, and
scribbling words
on a familiar page.
written July 31, 2018.
Derrick Jones Jan 23
It has to have a little bounce to it
I gotta put another ounce to it
My rhythm and flow
Make you dig it and glow
Hope you dig in and grow
Like Diglet to Dugtrio
I’m still evolving me though
I am a dissolving ego
A problem-solving Neo
I have broke free from the Matrix
Still my mind plays wicked tricks
But now I see these traps and ticks
All these flaws I can soon fix
As I climb ever higher
Atop my funeral pyre
No fear that I’ll expire
So my soul sits ever lighter
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The dirt shifts under me,
My head laying back into the soft ground.
Situated on a small patch of brown,
Isolated from the world of flowers surrounding me.

It’s dark where I lay,
From here I can see the moon.
Bright and colourful resides outside of my patch,
Despite the trees in the suns wake.

I lift my arm to the sky,
Reaching for the moon.
A tattoo across my wrist formed by a fine blade,
reveals a sea of red from my outstretched palm.

My vision blurs and the world hazes,
I reach to pull the moon away and reveal the sun.
But the thatch work above me holts my progress,
Beneath it I am never to see the sky.

I long to breach this sky of branches...
Back at it again with another Depresso Poem, I promise I’ll write a happier one next time ;)

This is simply the story of a person who wants to beat their weaknesses to become happy, but feel they are unable to do so.
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