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The Dybbuk Oct 14
When we are alone,
and our masks crumble,
we are confronted by the mirror.
So close...
you could reach out and touch
your self.
Your sickly reflection
stares back into you, and you are struck by
the confrontation between souls.
Break the mirror, and you will only be left with ****** knuckles.
Break yourself, however, and you will be born anew.
Amber Waddy Jul 25
Soon I will peak the pinnacle
of my ever convalescent soul,
and dance to the rhythm of
Mother Earth's warming glow.

Soon I shall defy the odds
and make conviction my home,
bidding well to former vices
and write my glory in stone.

Soon I can commit myself
to forgiveness, love and faith
and take your inviting hand
to a luring, otherworldly place.

But for now I take the toll,
hold the weight and persevere.
For now I brace sullen the fog
until my fated path is clear.
Layers on layers,
Are you keeping from the cold?
These winds are in the end, the very true
They know how to make their way, you know
They will seep in, they will creep in,
They will break through,
This guard is temporary,
It won't be able to keep for long,
You, away from you.
You can't run away from you.
Face it. Embrace it.

Remember, hiding is never an option.
J Dec 2019
In the world of colors, I was a deep purple. A dark cloud in the midst of a golden palace - royal tinged with a sadness that blocked rays of light with a deep gray. My dark thoughts twisted around oak trees and into the roots of this one world. It is not be assumed that all was depressing but comfortable. There were rarely rainstorms for the self rarely allowed drops to fall from one's face. Just deep, heavy clouds.

What is this new world that I am in? A big, glass room that reflects the burning sun as it beings to rise. The self has dug its heels into the start of a sunrise. Highlighted with fury, my thoughts bounce off the glass and into my body, jolting with energy. I have yet to see the sun fully rise as I am stuck with the burning sky. One day, the heat ooze out onto the earth and crumble the glass, forcing the self to contend with what comes next. But right now, every inch of my skin is soaking up the blazing sun that it had missed so much. Maybe a full rise isn't welcome right now, but it will be one day.
Derrick Jones Sep 2019
Thinking I see clearly
Comes at a price
I pay it dearly
Spraying windex on glass barriers
Trapped by this transparency
I run wildly through a labyrinth
A prison of my own creation
Crimson, I move with desperation
The direct path overlooked

You are complex and unpredictable
Yet I try to predict you anyway
I put a vision of you inside my maze
I see your actions through an egoic haze
I analyze and interpret in a naive craze
And as I forecast the coming phase
I finally see this labyrinth I must raze

Wisdom is knowing how much you cannot know
Freedom is acting with that knowledge
Truth is the value that sets you free
The only path toward reality

Go shatter the glass
Veer off the path that you created
That you never knew you hated
The false entrapments in your way
So you can finally seize the day

I will not put you in a prison
I will correct this twisted prism
Come join me in this mission
Let’s create a new shared vision
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Derrick Jones Jul 2019
Sink deeply into being
You’ll find it oh so freeing
This life is oh so fleeting
Why spend it just retreating

I’d rather go exploring
The horizon’s glow implores me
Like those who came before me
I will go to find my glory

So jump in without restraint
Rescind each shrill complaint
Evacuate your ego
Fall fully in the fairest flow
Wander where the wind may blow
See just how far you can go
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Dshamilja Sturm Apr 2019
Close your eyes.
Now imagine all your potential.
Who you could be if this were not the case.
What you would do if that was not stopping you.
Where you would be if you didn't have to be here.
Now imagine all those obstacles.
And find a solution.
To overcome.
That is stopping you from reaching your potential.
A little reminder that you can achieve anything you want to in this life!
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