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Aug 2023
Within my realm where life takes root and soars,
Now a sadness lingers, a paradox adored.
Cruelty, a term that humans define,
Yet in my dance of balance, it intertwines.

I cannot deny the pain I see,
Is like rejecting fire's warmth or crimson sea.
I'm not malevolent as humans might assume,
But survival's art in every creature's tune.

In every human war, the cruel was seen,
A reflection of my ways, or so they deem.
But know, dear reader, I'm not to blame,
For blood and fire are not the same.

Human minds project their darkness on me,
And my creatures suffer, as far as I can see.
Unfolds in struggle, where survival's key,
And adaptation shapes each destiny.

In Nature's school, where progress and pain merge,
Humans elevate, their spirits surge.
Distinct from beasts, they hold a higher place,
With right and wrong etched on their moral space.

Yet biological laws devoid of morals dwell,
Inhuman, they are, neither heaven nor hell.
Humans, in contrast, can both love and hate,
A choice that sets them apart from fate.

Tennyson's line, with agonizing might,
Paints red in tooth and claw a dreadful sight.
But life's grand curtain is more complex, you see,
With predators and prey in harmony's decree.

The surgeon's blade, a healer's tool so true,
Teaches that pain can bring renewal too.
Struggle refines, victory crowns the end,
Nature's guidance, a benevolent hand.

Balance is my secret, predator and prey,
In harmony dance, as night turns to day.
Swift blows of death ensure a swift demise,
And in this cycle, my wisdom lies.

Through adaptation's art, I mold and shape,
Each creature's role, each destiny to drape.
Predators and prey, a dance so grand,
A circle woven by my hand.

Struggle's path leads to victory's embrace,
A challenge conquered, a daunting race.
Just as a surgeon brings healing's balm,
My lessons bring strength and calm.

Yet my cruelty's not human intent,
But purposeful growth, with wisdom sent.
Lessons unfold, in pain's transient grace,
Building strength, a resilient embrace.

Human presence, a disruptor's role,
Changing ecosystems, altering my goal.
But wisdom unseen, in time prevails,
Rebalancing forces, as each tale entails.

In my realm of paradox and charm,
Cruelty and balance intertwine, disarm.
Each creature's place, each struggle endured,
Leads to triumph, strength assured.

But as I watch my realm slowly fade,
A sadness lingers, a price to be paid.
For humans have disrupted my balance so true,
And now my creatures suffer, as do I too.
Ikimi Festus
Written by
Ikimi Festus  28/M/Nigeria
   Rob Rutledge
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