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Jun 2023
In the tapestry of life, a truth holds strong,
To get the best of life, patience will prolong.
For the end, dear friend, holds treasures untold,
In its gentle embrace, dreams will unfold.

Though beginnings may whisper with uncertainty,
Hold steadfast, my soul, for the end is the key.
Though peers may sprint, seemingly miles ahead,
Be patient, dear heart, your own path will spread.

The seeds of your efforts, sown with care,
In the soil of persistence, will surely bear.
Though the road may wind and the journey be long,
Each step you take, you grow wise and strong.

When doubts cloud your vision, obscuring the light,
Keep the faith burning, shining through the night.
For faith is the compass that guides us along,
Leading us closer to where we belong.

Your time will arrive, as sure as the sun,
Unfolding a destiny that's uniquely spun.
The symphony of your life, it patiently waits,
For the crescendo of success, and joyful gates.

In the grand tapestry, each thread has its place,
Embrace the beauty of your own special pace.
For life's greatest treasures are not to be rushed,
But savored, cherished, in moments hushed.

So, be patient, my dear, do the work with a smile,
Every endeavor, every step, is worthwhile.
The end, like a masterpiece, will soon be in sight,
Revealing the splendor of your persistent fight.

For in the best of life, patience holds the key,
Unlocking the wonders that are meant to be.
Embrace the journey, with a heart full of grace,
And behold the magnificence of your own unique space.
Ikimi Festus
Written by
Ikimi Festus  28/M/Nigeria
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