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  Jan 7 Ikimi Festus
I wonder if they don't see our efforts.
Just because we don't show our tears
Doesn't mean, that we have none

I wonder what they'd think of us, if we stopped lying...
They wouldn't know, that the truth will tear them apart.

I wonder what they'd do, if we stop loving them?
Would they be relieved, or would they cry??

I wonder if they'd cry after seeing our tears.
But you know...

Boys cry too!! We just smile better.
  Dec 2020 Ikimi Festus
Aa Harvey
Jack and Jill: Enter the Matrix

Jack and Jill, took the blue pill.
The truth they cared not for, the truth they ignored.
Their minds couldn't handle, what their brains didn't believe.
The truth stood in front of them, but they knew nothing is free.

They thought if they learned,
What wasn't meant to be known.
They would become slaves and never see home.

Stood on top of a hill, Jack turned to Jill.

Did we make the right choice?
Should we have had our eyes opened?
Just think of all the things, that we could have learned.
But what was the cost, a life time of slavery?
In life nothing’s given; foolishness is bravery.

Think of all of those heroes, you read about at school.
They died for a cause, surely that makes them fools.
Sure they found their fame, but only in their deaths;
I'd rather be unknown, than take my last breath.

But forever more we must know something is missing.
Our lives are a lie, our entire existence.
Scared of learning, or scared of the consequences?
Regrets all we have now, the truth could have been splendid!

Our chance has now passed, through fear of being slaves,
But we're trapped in this matrix, a slave to the wage.
Money and possessions, that’s all that we crave.
The heroes may be foolish, but at least they were brave,
Enough to at least try; I think we’re the slaves.

A glimmer of hope, shines right there in front of us
And we turn our backs, through fear and mistrust.
We could have been Gods!  Better than our fellow man.
Now were just numbers, working for 'Uncle Sam'.

We could have flown, like birds in the sky,
Slowed down time, dodge bullets and not die.
We could have lived forever!  We could have been just like Neo!
Now we’re just worms, to be eaten by the eagles.

I hate you Jack! You made me choose wrong.
I hate you Jill! I ignored it for a home
And a life with my wife.

We climb each day for a bucket of water;
We can hardly even feed our baby daughter.
Jenny's her name, her brother Joe's on the way.
What would they choose?  Would they choose the same?

But our families ok, they won't know that they’re slaves.
They'll love life at home and they'll visit our graves.
We must teach them, nothing of what we know,
For they would grow to hate us and then they would go.

Our house is just fine, with the orchards of wine.
A family business for a hundred years,
Their lives will be the same.
Never wanting for anything, they will have all they want;
But they can never leave, for this is our spot,
Where my mother gave birth, like her mother before;
As will Jenny, as did I and as will many more.

For life is a circle, what goes around comes around.
Repeating history, is what we have found,
To work for generations, our family has survived.
We’re born here.
We live here.
And it's here that we die.

(C)2005 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
  Dec 2020 Ikimi Festus
isn’t it truly amazing
this universe
in which we co-exist
has evolved
through dinosaurs
evolution and wars
heartbreak and turmoil
happiness and moments of peace  
every single event
extravagant or minute
each occurrence played a part
to mould this space we live in
so many contributions
in the form of attributions
all the tongues created
words spoken, thoughts shared
stories passed down through generations
buildings assembled, torn down
life and death
diseases and cures
chaos and equilibrium
a perpetuous cycle playing out
continuously on loop
all of it comes together
to form this mess of an education system
that’s makes me want to **** myself.
honestly it’s 3am and I’m up studying for an exam a month away that’s supposed to decide my whole future and the career paths I can take. suffering doesn’t even begin to cut it, there’s such a huge sense of foreboding and so many children commit suicide over stress or fear of disappointment. I know there are loads of issues worldwide and I probably could’ve written a better poem about it. But here I am addressing the education system and how whack it is. Goodnight. Hope you enjoyed.
  Dec 2020 Ikimi Festus
The intimate connection

A closeness
where proximity
is never the issue
words caught from mouth to mouth
like a French kiss of communication
Seductive cognitive stimulation
Tingling understanding
from ear to heart to mind
As soon as the first word uttered
first glance in flight
it's as if
loneliness was never known

The lighthearted playful connection

Laughter released roaring from
the core
A dream fostered by two
to champion the fantastical
adventurous night of
spontaneity and the birth of a different self
Veins, blood, cheeks chuckling
A direct line of yellow energy
from one being to the other
spreading like unconscious permission
allowing comic relief
and free-spirited flight of
words, song, dance
It's as if
consequence of action
never existed

The healing connection

Rage and pain
spouted out of a
heartbroken hose
A desperate hope for rehabilitation
And then another enters the space
Alas, another enters the suffocating space
and pumps oxygen back into the room
for hurled haughty words
and salted wounds
No need to choose a side
the center of the bed, saved for you
to curl and cry and become lost in
another's blanket embrace
Holding exhaustion for you
It's as if you had four shoulders
to hold that world of yours
instead of two

The forbidden connection**

Two beings
owned by another
or promises
or time
The universe, introducing them
The light accidental brush of a hand
Longing iris to iris
Lust permeating the senses
Logic and sequence futile
Crimson licking up breath,
movement, muscles
It's as if for an instant
a wish thrown out to the stars
to be an article of clothing
hugging crevice, curve, skin
the connection to another and three of it's forms
  Dec 2020 Ikimi Festus
Charlie Chirico
It's knowing.
It's knowing that stalls you.
It's knowing what steps to take.
It's knowing what promises to break.
It's knowing how time should be spent.
It's knowing there will always be regret.
It's knowing what seems perfect is desperation.
It's knowing that there are boundaries for relation.
It's knowing what it means to be a friend.
It's knowing there isn't need to pretend.
It's knowing how to be spacious.
It's knowing how to be gracious.
It's knowing that leads you.
It's knowing,
in the end.
  Dec 2020 Ikimi Festus
Dear God,
I'm sorry I don't believe
I really want to
That feeling of comfort
That feeling of relief
Believing that things will be ok
Even when everything is burning around you
I've been burning for some time now
With no answers from above
And a flood of calls from below
I'm sorry I don't believe
But how could I
I've been agnostic ever since high school. Religion is something that I always saw people use as a crutch for tough situations. It makes me wish I was religious at times. When my best friend had died I had the honor of being the paul bearer at his funeral. The funeral was very catholic (even though he wasn't religious). Everyone was talking about how he was in a better place within heaven. The reason I took his death so hard is because I wasn't able to have this sort of comfort. I truly believe that I will never see him again. It would be nice to believe.
  Dec 2020 Ikimi Festus
I have found peaceful sleep on concrete floors
Where my desires have been needs
And had restless nights on feather soft beds
Where dreams of wants have piled with greed
They ask how people become mad
And I tell them
Look, like this
By doing business with dreams
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