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Ikimi Festus Aug 16
Within my realm where life takes root and soars,
Now a sadness lingers, a paradox adored.
Cruelty, a term that humans define,
Yet in my dance of balance, it intertwines.

I cannot deny the pain I see,
Is like rejecting fire's warmth or crimson sea.
I'm not malevolent as humans might assume,
But survival's art in every creature's tune.

In every human war, the cruel was seen,
A reflection of my ways, or so they deem.
But know, dear reader, I'm not to blame,
For blood and fire are not the same.

Human minds project their darkness on me,
And my creatures suffer, as far as I can see.
Unfolds in struggle, where survival's key,
And adaptation shapes each destiny.

In Nature's school, where progress and pain merge,
Humans elevate, their spirits surge.
Distinct from beasts, they hold a higher place,
With right and wrong etched on their moral space.

Yet biological laws devoid of morals dwell,
Inhuman, they are, neither heaven nor hell.
Humans, in contrast, can both love and hate,
A choice that sets them apart from fate.

Tennyson's line, with agonizing might,
Paints red in tooth and claw a dreadful sight.
But life's grand curtain is more complex, you see,
With predators and prey in harmony's decree.

The surgeon's blade, a healer's tool so true,
Teaches that pain can bring renewal too.
Struggle refines, victory crowns the end,
Nature's guidance, a benevolent hand.

Balance is my secret, predator and prey,
In harmony dance, as night turns to day.
Swift blows of death ensure a swift demise,
And in this cycle, my wisdom lies.

Through adaptation's art, I mold and shape,
Each creature's role, each destiny to drape.
Predators and prey, a dance so grand,
A circle woven by my hand.

Struggle's path leads to victory's embrace,
A challenge conquered, a daunting race.
Just as a surgeon brings healing's balm,
My lessons bring strength and calm.

Yet my cruelty's not human intent,
But purposeful growth, with wisdom sent.
Lessons unfold, in pain's transient grace,
Building strength, a resilient embrace.

Human presence, a disruptor's role,
Changing ecosystems, altering my goal.
But wisdom unseen, in time prevails,
Rebalancing forces, as each tale entails.

In my realm of paradox and charm,
Cruelty and balance intertwine, disarm.
Each creature's place, each struggle endured,
Leads to triumph, strength assured.

But as I watch my realm slowly fade,
A sadness lingers, a price to be paid.
For humans have disrupted my balance so true,
And now my creatures suffer, as do I too.
Ikimi Festus Aug 16
She pleaded, "Love me,"
Clasped in my arms, in the void of my desolation
I implored her, "Let not your fragrance linger on my sheets, should you forsake me"
I'm a shadow, not the soul you see
In the depths of my heart, a love like no other blooms,
Yet, no hands have ever offered solace
But yours, Amaka, they've graced me
No others have brushed my soul
The gods and the princes swept away my kin
The ancient spirits and council stripped my autonomy
The divine forces and masses shattered my tranquility
The gods and my oppressors pilfered my joy.

Amaka, I beg you to listen to my tale, as I bared my truth to you
In bliss, my brother and I once thrived, a happiness profound
My sisters and I once reveled, a laughter shared
How I wish you glimpsed my parents, their faith profound, they rejoiced in the divine
Then, one fateful day, our people were swallowed by the land, the gods' decree
The great king sleeps eternal, lives sacrificed for fate's designs
One somber day, our clan fell, as the elders ordained
The great king sleeps eternal, his passage eased by the companions he brings
One mournful day, our tribe crumbled, a sacrifice to appease the multitude's desire
The great king sleeps eternal, a new reign awakens, adorned with offerings.

Buried alive were our brethren, at the gods' command, their lives entwined
And for chattel to journey alongside the great ruler, destinies yielded to abyssal Depths.

Amaka, daughter of the great king, whispered,
"Love me,"
Enveloped in my arms, in the absence of all
I implored her, "Let not your fragrance linger on my sheets, should you forsake me"
I'm a shade, not the figure you perceive
From the slave caste, I emerged
A love as boundless as the heavens blossoms within me,
No hands have journeyed through my existence, except yours, Amaka
None have touched my being as you do,
I vow to defy the deities, the new ruler, the princes, the council, and the multitude
So we might flourish, unshackled, in our affection's embrace.

Yet, if fate compels your departure,
Then entomb me under the earth, as the gods did my kin,
For you are all I possess, all I fight for, all I cherish in this world of woe.
Ikimi Festus Aug 15
My Dearest,

In the depths of darkness, I find myself lost,
yet my heart yearns for your guiding light. Like a hound with a downcast gaze,
I am haunted by whispers that deem me hellbound, lost in a perpetual daze.
But oh, how I long to unravel the shroud of truth and touch the celestial angels,
standing on the very edge of the abyss.

Amidst this chaotic realm where faiths collide and vivid stories take their stand,
it is your existence that I yearn to prove.
As a mere mortal soul, I find myself searching for the persistence to find my path.
Your phantom-like presence in the mist only adds to the mystery, but I am determined to discover the truth that lies within.

Yet, within this realm, even my private desires are clouded with guilt, sentenced by society's judgment. It is not wicked intentions, but diverse dreams that await their due repentance. I long for helping hands to be extended from above, to unravel the twisted system that casts shadows upon love, and grant us the freedom to chase our deepest desires.

Backlash ensues as I begin to depart from the confines of Christian traditions and creed, regarded by many as a life deemed sinful, a ruinous feed for my soul. But I resist, my love, for I cannot bear to align myself with their claims. I am compelled to seek answers beyond the grasp of humanity, delving into realms divine.

The earth and sun, such divine creations or ingenious design, remain an enigma, a captivating mystery intertwined. Is heaven but a mirage, disguising the realm of fantasy? And the silence of the Holy Ghost, is it an absence to be despised? These questions plague my mind, playing a relentless and chaotic score, with answers forever out of reach.

A Bible bestowed upon me, its pages waiting to be unraveled, yet I am left in confusion within this enigmatic space. The hands of humans penned its words, leaving me uncertain of its essence. Equipped with a mind capable of grace, I find myself searching for guidance, lost in this labyrinth of uncertainty. The mission I sought to embark upon feels aborted, as trust in sources have gone awry and human tongues have become tainted with deceit.

My love, I struggle to regain the guiding light of my path. Each knock from a Jehovah's Witness feels like a futile fight, for their beliefs hold them dear, while my doubts continue to be proven. Indeed, many believe, but my surprise is as thin as a wisp of smoke, for humanity's folly continues to hope for a return of a savior, in a world steeped in sin.

My intent is not to torch legacies or cast doubt upon the convictions of others, my love, but I yearn for the truth to come forth from the mouth of the horse itself. The tales of sheep, passed down through generations, tell of old men who claimed to hear divine speech, but I bow my head and close my eyes, desperately reaching for the Holy Ghost's touch. Yet all I hear are echoes of a poltergeist, promises unfulfilled. Show yourself, end this torment, and let doubt be stilled.

Prove your existence, my love, and the doubting within me shall cease. Let rumors be erased, doubts be replaced with an inner peace that only your presence can provide. I ponder the realm of heaven, questioning if it is but a mirage, a fragile trace born from my deepest desires. Is it merely a construct of longing, or is it a reality to be embraced? My belief defies logic, intertwined with doubts that refuse to be silenced.

Tell me, my love, are you the heaven I seek? Are you the illusion I hold onto, fearing the reality that lies beyond it? In this void where I confide, I beseech you to show yourself and offer solace on this night of uncertainty.

In this world of uncertainty, I lament my loss, seeking condolences within this void where I confide. The conversations I have with mortals only serve to provide glimpses of divine messages, leaving me longing for more. The tales of talking snakes and forbidden apples, they confound my senses, but my hunger for truth persists like an unwavering hound.

My love, do you exist? Or is this chaos my only guide? I seek solace in your embrace, for doubts have entangled my mind and left my heart adrift. I fear that faith's grip has unwound itself, leaving me lost and disconnected. Without your presence, my prayers cease to exist, and I am left to craft purpose from thin air, a cruel jest of my mind.

The echoing hollowness of the church's walls reminds me of doubt's cruel test. What if, my love, what if we are all stuck in a box, ensnared by life's unanswered questions? Earth's "what ifs" are declarations of the universe's secrets, and my sacrifice, my afterlife, lingers within this snare. All that I hold dear becomes suspect under doubt's cold glare.

And so, my love, this chapter in my journey comes to a close. My canvas is a point where destinies intertwine, where pleasure's path awaits me in a future that remains unknown. I shall remain, in my human form, perched upon uncertainty's throne. It is in this space, filled with empathy and empathy alone, that I express my love for you. In this world of tangled webs, I find solace in the love we share, for you are the beacon of light that guides me through the darkness.

Yours always and forever,
Ikimi Clifford Festus.
Ikimi Festus Jul 4
In the depths of my desolate heart, hope once bloomed,
As this wretched year began, dreams were entombed.
But fate's merciless hand extinguished each flame,
And sorrow's torrent drowned the embers of my name.

Undervalued and dismissed, I stand with weakened knees,
In the eyes of my in-laws, cast adrift on desolate seas.
Bound by archaic customs, they deem me unworthy,
Their prejudiced whispers, like poisoned arrows, scurry.

My family, a sanctuary now shattered and torn,
In my hour of despair, their absence leaves me forlorn.
For this year held my dearest wish, an eternal vow,
To wed my beloved, only to witness it disavow.

To birth "100EMPIRE," my envisioned realm so grand,
And ascend the celestial staircase, hand in trembling hand.
My hopes soared high, envisioning the tender embrace,
Of my twin kids, a radiant legacy, now lost without a trace.

Why must love's drapery be woven with blades?
Why must I dwell in this labyrinth of guilt and shades?
April's haunting shadows unveiled tragedy's play,
As daylight thieves pillaged my life in brazen display.

They devoured my savings, my livelihood, my soul,
Debt's merciless grip, an ever-tightening toll.
Lost in a void, my spirit crumbles and quakes,
Rent's relentless arrival, a desperate plea it makes.

Yet, in this abyss, I muster courage to defy,
To find solace within, and let teardrops run dry.
For within the darkness, a fragile flame still gleams,
Believing in miracles, where despair redeems.

My testimony, will etched in scars deep and profound,
It shall resonate through tears, a symphony unbound.
Though this treacherous path threatens to consume,
I will rise with hope's anthem, through the tempest I loom.

From the ashes of sorrow, I will rebuild my torn soul,
Through anguish and torment, my redemption will take its toll.
Resilience will becomes my guide, through the tears that flow,
In the depths of despair, hope's gentle whispers grow.

For even amidst the void, tears reveal their worth,
Unleashing an ocean of grief, sorrow's poignant birth.
In this final act, I shall transcend pain's harrowing abyss,
Embracing rebirth, as tears cleanse, renew, and kiss.
Ikimi Festus Jun 30
In the delicate dance of love's sweet embrace,
Where two souls intertwine, a sacred space.
With a whispered kiss, a gentle sigh,
Dreams awaken as the night draws nigh.

Restless hearts find solace in your presence,
Love's depths explored, fears evanescent.
The world becomes a symphony of light,
As we unfurl our love, taking flight.

Let us ascend, love's celestial flight,
Painting the town with our hearts alight.
Melodies of passion echo through the night,
In our embrace, everything's transformed, so right.

You've sculpted my world, like an artist divine,
A masterpiece painted with love's design.
Graffiti erased, replaced by a name,
Inscribed on the stars, igniting the flame.

I sought completion, a missing piece,
But you brought wholeness, my soul's release.
No more searching, for I've found my home,
In your love, I am forever known.

The moon, our mirrorball, casts its glow,
The city's alive, as our love's seeds sow.
Sirens harmonize, violins intertwine,
Our symphony of love, a divine sign.

Every step we take, an enchanted stride,
Guided by love, our hearts open wide.
As you slumber, tranquil and deep,
Know that in your presence, our love's secrets keep.

So let us rise, my love, on wings of desire,
Embracing the stars, setting souls on fire.
Bound together, forever we'll be,
In this journey of love, eternally free.

With you, my love, the path is clear,
In your arms, I'll always find my sphere.
As we drift into dreams, hand in hand,
While we slumber, everything's changed,
While we slumber, everything's grand.
Ikimi Festus Jun 20
In the realm of riddles, I shall weave a tale,
Of women who dared to risk, their spirits unveiled.
They belittled themselves, chained by their own doubt,
But within them, a fire burned, yearning to break out.

A call to action for those who undervalue their worth,
Who think beauty alone can grant desires on Earth.
Fashion's trends may sway, but cannot define,
The essence of a soul, radiant and divine.

Humble yet afraid to take a leap of faith,
They stood at life's crossroads, contemplating their fate.
For life, a game of truth and dare, they knew,
To seek the truth, risk must be embraced anew.

Abigail, the joy of her father, held the key,
When Nabal insulted David, her spirit flew free.
She acted quickly, in desperate times she knew,
Extreme measures were needed, her resolve true.

With gifts offered in secret, she soothed anger's fire,
Submissive and respectful, she fulfilled her desire.
Bowing before David, forgiveness she did seek,
Her courage shone bright, humble yet bold and meek.

Joanna, a name mentioned briefly in holy verse,
Willing to follow her Savior, her faith a rehearse.
Supporting Jesus and the apostles from her own means,
Connections to Herod's palace, where danger convenes.

Her husband Chuza, the right hand of the king,
Yet Joanna chose the path where faith takes wing.
Risking it all for her Lord, she stood strong,
Her dedication rewarded, she witnessed the empty tomb's song.

Rahab, known as a harlot, yet her past did fade,
When she risked her life, her loyalty displayed.
Spying for Joshua's men, hidden on her rooftop,
Lying to the king's men, her family's safety her hope.

Deborah, wise and courageous, a beacon of light,
An influential woman, standing firm in the fight.
As a prophet and priestess, God's voice she would hear,
Leading worship and preaching, casting aside fear.

With Barak and troops, she ventured to the fray,
The glory destined for a woman, prophecies would say.
But not Deborah herself, it was Jael who would stand,
Driving a tent peg through Sisera's head, bold and grand.

Esther, the Queen of Courage, in the palace she dwelled,
Never forgetting her roots, where she once excelled.
A loyal Jew, she held fast to her faith,
Trusting in God's wisdom, she prepared a banquet's wraith.

No blind rush, no heed to doubts and fear,
She approached King Xerxes, her voice crystal clear.
Risking her very life, she yielded to God's might,
Trusting His plan, walking in His guiding light.

Ruth, when her husband died, faced a choice,
To return to her kin or embrace a new voice.
Against doubt's agony, she held steadfast,
Choosing to stay with Naomi, her conviction unasked.

Her influence grew, as others took note,
Admired for her loyalty, a foreigner of note.
Favor gained from Boaz, protection sought under wings,
Her decision stood out, like vibrant colorful rings.

A woman who stood apart, shining so bright,
Impressing the town and elders with her inner light.
May God make her like Rachel and Leah, they blessed,
A pillar in Ephrathah, her name forever impressed.

To the women who ponder their worth and might,
Who belittle themselves, yet yearn to take flight,
I ask you now, in the face of life's glare,
Will you embrace risk's dare and dare to dare?
Ikimi Festus Jun 19
In shadows deep, where my desires stray,
I seek a change, my soul in disarray.
My spirit, willing, yet my flesh weak,
I confess my flaws, the secrets I keep.

I've known many beauties, across the globe,
Their faces captivating, my heart they probe.
But always, I yearn for a face more fair,
A longing that lingers, a constant snare.

My eyes wander, to that ample rear,
A temptation that whispers, filling me with fear.
And in my mind, the chase is never done,
For a slimmer waist, a new conquest to be won.

When my manhood rises, my discipline fails,
No restraint can tame these burning trails.
I succumb to passion's relentless plight,
Indulging desires, each and every night.

Yet deep within, a longing takes its toll,
For a simpler life, where love consoles.
I yearn for the ease of staying true,
But the image of temptation is a haunting view.

I pray for change, my heart in strife,
Hoping that time will transform my life.
I've been told that with passing years,
Even the wayward soul can conquer its fears.

Now, I must make a choice and bid farewell,
A voice beckons from the bed, my senses swell.
A beautiful girl, naked and pure,
Calls for round three, my desires allure.

In this tale of mine, a struggle unfolds,
My restless heart, a story yet untold.
For in the depths of darkness, a glimmer may gleam,
And even a fornicator's soul can redeem.

So, dear reader, as you delve into my plight,
Know that within me, battles both dark and light.
For change is sought, a journey to begin,
And through these words, my story lies herein.
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