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It is said there is life out of Earth,
Not just moss or some germ livin’ in filth;

There are beasts very smart in Syluthaarme,
A big rock with a vast digital farm,

Where they work not at all or too hard,
Have one ear, but three legs, walk backward,

Got one eye gazing far far away,
And complexions of more shades of gray

Than is seen here on Earth. Among the mass
Live a few who belong to no class,

But pretend that they share illusions
The less smart breeding mass envisions.

An asylum it is for the sane
In the insane’s needed stead feel the chain.
Hossein Mohammadzade
There is no inherent right or in the world
those labels are just artificial constructs
created by the ones who have a seat in the underworld
right and wrong are held by positions of authority
that's the way it has always been
so bow down to the ones with superiority
it's like 120 days of ******
such is the life of the majority.
Created by me on October 24th, 2019
A bit of a Soul eater reference in there as well as a movie reference. a disturbing movie at that, but yeah, a good poem with a harsh message.
Ikimi Festus Jan 2019
A road diverged, into two
And sorry beloved you cannot travel both
Be one traveller, long to stand,
It's personal, a race to run alone
Look as far as you can
To where it bent in the undergrowth; and see how the
Mortal Society is in a state of constant flux,
With a factor that has never changed.
The majority conform to whatever is normal at the time.
Many sorrows come as consequences of having faith, sitting idle and hoping.
Don't play the role allotted to them because conformity is constant,
for humans are social creature who are always imitating one another.
Pride goeth before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.
They are oppressed by there lack of freedom, thus are drawn to those who are most fluid and flunt their difference.
Be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence: that At certain point in your history, it was not fashionable to be rebellious,
but as lots of people start playing that role, there was nothing different or rebellious about it again, but
Two roads diverged, and you
took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
liza Jan 2019
indefatigable fools
fighting currents
Acting all different
just to stand out
Arguing with reality
frightened by normality
Majority ain't got time
for this purposeless rebellion.
Tryin to impress with a
dead dude's philosophy
but got no original thoughts.
Taking big like some prodigy
What a sad parody
Nothing but mindless beans
looking for a way outa
Social rejection
Drug addiction
blaming side affects of
anxiety and depression
Left behind
bruised and beaten
People shout, "just shut up
Sit back in your sadle
You ain't surviving
this battle;  Life
It hands out punches
just roll with it
go with the flow
No need to stay low, tho
Let 'em know
who's the real you"
But incorrigible fools
ignoring advise
Not worth ego sacrifice
they see no alternative but
a prideful stride to suicide
Brent Kincaid Jan 2018
You put the whole world
In his tiny greedy hands!
Is he the type of leader
Who truly understands?
Or does he dole out money
To friends who are foes?
Do really want to quietly wait
And see just how it goes?

Are you just fine with
Your head in the sand?
What will it take to see
This country is out of hand?
Will you be satisfied
With half the planet corrupted
As long as you have beer and
The football game uninterrupted?

Did you stop learning
When you were thirteen
What lack of due process
Can ultimately come to mean?
Did sleep through the classes when
The Constitution was taught?
Or will you blame Obama
For what your ignorance cost?

Then will you ***** and moan
When things don’t go your way
And go vote for some actor
As long as its not a black or gay?
Will you wave your Bible then,
The one you have never read,
When a modern Armageddon
Come crashing down on our heads.

Do you think this government
Is of the people or of the rich?
Do you find yourself calling liberals
A stupid, shameless sonofabitch
When they try to wake you up
That you have elected a cult
With members countrywide
That are robbing us as a result?

Are you just fine with
Your head in the sand?
What will it take to see
This country is out of hand?
Will you be satisfied
With half the planet corrupted
As long as you have beer and
The football game uninterrupted?
Sethnicity Feb 2017
I am black; As privileged claws scratch against this Blackboard
Thomas EG Nov 2016
Hold yourself back, girl,
Rest those wretched fists
The laughter is surrounding us
Don't try to make it quick

Your customs may not differ
From those who face the west
But slow your heart rate, girl,
For the hunter can hear best

Whisper behind the willows
And set your secrets free
They don't dominate you, girl,
Yet predate on you and me

Now, if the majority strikes
You should never dare wither
You're safe when I'm around
So... What if, girl?
we live in times
in which disasters chase each other
around the globe in never-ending sequence

    or is it just the real-time news media hype
    that gives us this impression?

yet even if I generously discard
the ****** massacres and crises
far away

there are enough rough dreadful things
that even if they don’t affect me ******
do touch my heart and make me grieve
with the afflicted

methinks we’re coming near the point
when the majority of normal people on our globe
will rise an tell fanatics of all creeds
to shove it  
     take a shower  
          just go home
and let us live our lives in peace !
It is good giving emphasis
To concrete jungles
And infrastructural development,
But first leaders must learn to cut
A corner in their subjects' heart! ///

Who  is Alem Hailu  ?

He is an emerging  Ethiopian poet,translator and author of all literary genres in the medium of English language.
He is penetrating the global book market stamping a foot print on the firmament of literature.
If you peruse his work you could note ,with poems of local touch and national sentiment like 'Come to Ethiopia' and 'Great Tiding' , he is playing an ambassadorial role in several international poetry blogs from Australia to America .His poems have proved trending.
He has achieved global presence via
www­ / Australia
His books  and posters showcasing the knack of an Ethiopian author are cracking open publishers hearts' from Europe to America(www.united ) (Austria),, www.trafford .com America)
From the publisher  or amazon and the like, you can order for his books aiming at entertaining,edifying,style-showing,seeking an outlet to east African voice,finding a niche to Ethiopian authors in the global literary scene  and teaching the English language.
Specially schools,colleges,universities and libraries, people running stationeries,book malls and cultural unites of different embassies could benefit from making his works available on their shelf.

To foreigners his work could serve as a window story.
His works include

1) In the Vortex of Passion's Wind

A poetic Drama on the Wrong Turns of life( *** and AIDS )
It is also meant to serve a language teaching material to Higher Learning Institutions and Preparatory Schools
A useful input  for performing artists
By Alem Hailu G/Kristos


2)   A Boon of Classic Poems

(Translation in Amharic)  
A collection of selected  classic  poem
By Alem Hailu G/Kristos
ISBN: 978-1-312-94998-0, America

3)    A Vent to Stifled Emotion
A debut collection of poems
By Alem Hailu
ISBN: 978-1-4907-5675-2(sc)  
4)    The Truth and Dawn
and Other  palatable Short Stories
of both mix: Art for art's sake and life's sake
By Alem Hailu G/Kristos
IBN 978-1-329-43915-390000

5)   Pupil's poem(Full Color)  

Rhyming poems for pupils and learners of the language
Systematically selected words and expressions to upgrade the language proficiency of students.
Inspires pupils to read as well as write poems., America
ISBN: 5800111090472

6)   Hope from the Debris of hopelessness

A Novel with the theme “Disability is not inability! ”
By UnitedP.C is in the pipeline
I appreciate servant leaders that are considerate to citizens than maximizing material wealth
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