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Jun 2023
In the delicate dance of love's sweet embrace,
Where two souls intertwine, a sacred space.
With a whispered kiss, a gentle sigh,
Dreams awaken as the night draws nigh.

Restless hearts find solace in your presence,
Love's depths explored, fears evanescent.
The world becomes a symphony of light,
As we unfurl our love, taking flight.

Let us ascend, love's celestial flight,
Painting the town with our hearts alight.
Melodies of passion echo through the night,
In our embrace, everything's transformed, so right.

You've sculpted my world, like an artist divine,
A masterpiece painted with love's design.
Graffiti erased, replaced by a name,
Inscribed on the stars, igniting the flame.

I sought completion, a missing piece,
But you brought wholeness, my soul's release.
No more searching, for I've found my home,
In your love, I am forever known.

The moon, our mirrorball, casts its glow,
The city's alive, as our love's seeds sow.
Sirens harmonize, violins intertwine,
Our symphony of love, a divine sign.

Every step we take, an enchanted stride,
Guided by love, our hearts open wide.
As you slumber, tranquil and deep,
Know that in your presence, our love's secrets keep.

So let us rise, my love, on wings of desire,
Embracing the stars, setting souls on fire.
Bound together, forever we'll be,
In this journey of love, eternally free.

With you, my love, the path is clear,
In your arms, I'll always find my sphere.
As we drift into dreams, hand in hand,
While we slumber, everything's changed,
While we slumber, everything's grand.
Ikimi Festus
Written by
Ikimi Festus  28/M/Nigeria
   Stephen E Yocum
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