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Feb 2019
Trapped in a place of mystery,
My Heart beating wildly,
Scrutinizing gaze of thy soul,
To know if someone is alone,
Edam grew empty,
But two gazes stood locked,
And thy feet start feeling weary,
Until I,
The beast came along,
Strange yet mutual,
New yet sensual,
We couldn't leave but stay,
And watch each other fade away,
she, so beautiful.
I, a beast.
Our love for each other could never be.
I died when she said no.
She died when i left.
So what if i'm a beast
can't you see i've a heart?
With terror you screem - kong
but mind you, my heart is free of dirt
That woman is all i want
the one i fell in love with
She is my morning sun
and star my nights are blessed with.
When she holds my hand and grab my finger
I know for once i'm not alone
In my veins her scent lingers,
Her thoughts make me smile
No power in terra and above can end this love
There's no such pain that i couldn't resist
Her beauty is made for me alone,
it's not meant to be,
Bringing nothing but tears to me,
For her beauty has killed this beast,
For our love was not meant to be.
So I made me a goal
Up to Babel
Climbing with a note that reads.
" #beauty killed the beast"
Got to the top
took a Leap
With hope the struggle will be over any seconds.
Breathing no more was as easy as standing.
She filled her tub as i made my goal.
Got in it and pulled her razor out .
She made a note that would read.
"His inner #beauty killed me the ugly beast"
She slit her wrist and gave a last sigh.
Her last breath left her as it did me.
beautiful yet a monster in disquise.
a beast whos beauty was inside.
Finally we now can be.
Together forever the beauty and the beast
Ikimi Festus
Written by
Ikimi Festus  28/M/Nigeria
       Fawn, White Widow, Mark Tilford, Traveler and ---
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