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Jun 2023
In shadows deep, where my desires stray,
I seek a change, my soul in disarray.
My spirit, willing, yet my flesh weak,
I confess my flaws, the secrets I keep.

I've known many beauties, across the globe,
Their faces captivating, my heart they probe.
But always, I yearn for a face more fair,
A longing that lingers, a constant snare.

My eyes wander, to that ample rear,
A temptation that whispers, filling me with fear.
And in my mind, the chase is never done,
For a slimmer waist, a new conquest to be won.

When my manhood rises, my discipline fails,
No restraint can tame these burning trails.
I succumb to passion's relentless plight,
Indulging desires, each and every night.

Yet deep within, a longing takes its toll,
For a simpler life, where love consoles.
I yearn for the ease of staying true,
But the image of temptation is a haunting view.

I pray for change, my heart in strife,
Hoping that time will transform my life.
I've been told that with passing years,
Even the wayward soul can conquer its fears.

Now, I must make a choice and bid farewell,
A voice beckons from the bed, my senses swell.
A beautiful girl, naked and pure,
Calls for round three, my desires allure.

In this tale of mine, a struggle unfolds,
My restless heart, a story yet untold.
For in the depths of darkness, a glimmer may gleam,
And even a fornicator's soul can redeem.

So, dear reader, as you delve into my plight,
Know that within me, battles both dark and light.
For change is sought, a journey to begin,
And through these words, my story lies herein.
Ikimi Festus
Written by
Ikimi Festus  28/M/Nigeria
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