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Jun 2023
In the shadows of great men, I stand,
Their faith, their strength, I cannot comprehend.
I worry if I can meet their lofty heights,
Or if I'll crumble under doubts that never end.

Paul, who fought the good fight till the end,
Finished the race, and kept the faith so true.
But I, a weary soul, burdened by fears,
Wonder if I have the strength to follow through.

Peter, the rock of the Church, they say,
Crucified upside down, his fate so grim.
Can I bear the weight of such sacrifice,
Or will I compromise when faced with sin?

Andrew, who preached in far-off lands,
Crucified on the cross of St. Andrew's name.
Will I have the courage to spread the gospel,
Or will my voice be silenced by fear and shame?

James, executed by the sword's cruel blade,
Forgiving his guard, seeking peace in his last breath.
Could I show such grace in the face of death,
Or would bitterness consume me till my death?

John, beloved disciple, entrusted with care,
Mary, the mother, in his faithful hands.
Exiled to Patmos, revelations received,
Can I endure such trials in distant lands?

Stephen, the martyr, his tears fell like rain,
****** to death, yet never caused his foes to wane.
Can I bear such hatred with love in my heart,
Or will anger and resentment fuel my pain?

The list goes on, a testament to faith's cost,
Each name etched in sorrow, suffering, and loss.
As I contemplate their stories, I tremble inside,
Will I measure up or crumble beneath the cross?

In the depths of my soul, I find despair,
Overwhelmed by the weight of their legacy.
I question if I have what it takes to stand,
To endure the trials that may come for me.

But in the midst of my worries and doubt,
A glimmer of hope begins to take hold.
For in their weakness, these great men found strength,
Their stories inspire, a tale yet untold.

So I'll gather the fragments of my broken faith,
And lift my eyes to the heavens above.
Though I may falter and stumble along the way,
I'll seek the courage to walk in their love.

For in the shadows of great men, I stand,
Embracing the struggles that may come my way.
With trembling steps, I'll strive to follow their lead,
Trusting that God's grace will guide me each day.
Ikimi Festus
Written by
Ikimi Festus  28/M/Nigeria
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