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Ikimi Festus May 14
Everyone has their own journey but there is only one path...
Many a man his life hath sold
but an outside to behold,
All that glitters is not gold—
Gilded tombs do worms enfold.
Had we been as wise as bold,
young in limbs and in judgment old,
Our answers would had been in scrolls.
Fare us well,
our suit is cold—
Time fast spent on vain-nity
and it cold indeed, a labour lost.
Everyone has their own journey but there is only one path with same destination "Death"...
What account have we to present after all is done?
Just a leap of faith but do note,
nobody ties the bungee
As it will be in the future so it was at the start of civilazation--
men lost reason and faith to birth
"a generation of lazy, entitled narcissists."
The blame of the antelope is on the hunter and
Birds of all kinds will end up landing.
And all will see whom on his own merit paid off their balance.
Crego Nov 2018
eats away at me
like my vanity
gnaws at the bones
of my bank account.
Dinodust Sep 2018
I made an account

With no links to me

And no one will know it’s me

Unless I trust them enough

With my demons and monsters

And run amuck inside my head
I made a spam/vent account on instagram and it oddly helps
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2017
maybe a mole
in the mountain of space.
But the story is bigger
than any epic tale.

It's the one scoops
the bottom line
of the bottomless space!

Small simple finishing
tells the complete tale
'as above, so below'.
One that takes into
account all the matter
and the entire space.

The story goes on
The fine earth takes its place.
Now the mountain
sits on the mole space!
Druzzayne Rika Feb 2018
Round and around
trying harder to let out a sound
in all the noises
I will never be found
I'd really like to astound
but I have no such current account

I look at the people crowned
not a single frown
smiles surround
Along them
I try pretend

Sentences silver and gold
choices not too bold
the ideas carefully framed
the visions all very tamed
nothing I had in mind
just to please their time

Speak all the roses
hide all the thorns.
Do you let others
Do you stay strong
and firm
Believing  the values
from  God's holy word .
King James version
It's the more reliable version than any other s.
Their are so many version's of the bible .
The language I feel in some of them
Feels like it's been watered down.
Becareful  you do not believe every spirit but test it to see whether it is from God.
Some have alterd  the truth to bend the rules. The truth ..
So that it can suit their way of living .
Do not add or take away the words of the prophecy of this book the holy St James version ..
can someone volunteer to help me
set up another Hello Poetry account
as I've not the know how in creating  
a second or possibly a third account

so please feel free to jot any information down
in the comment's section of this write
then I'll be able to start penning under
an additional name on the Hello Poetry site

— The End —