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Jun 2023
In Nazareth's hidden corner, where hopes did dwell,
A carpenter's tale of wonder, only time can tell,
Whispers echoed through the narrow streets,
"Can anything good come from such humble beats?"

Jesus, the destined one, with skillful hands,
Carved dreams from timber in forgotten lands,
For in the realm of sawdust and wood grain,
Lies the power to defy limits and restrain.

In a town overlooked, his journey took flight,
A symphony of purpose, an eternal light,
For greatness, he sought, amidst doubt's abyss,
With love as his compass, he'd surely persist.

Like a master craftsman, his heart shaped anew,
A future abundant, where dreams could accrue,
He embraced the rejected, the wounded, the weak,
Turning despair into hope with every word he'd speak.

Through dusty roads, he walked with grace untold,
Uniting divided souls, like stories yet to unfold,
For it's not in grandeur alone that true worth lies,
But in hearts filled with love, reaching for the skies.

So let us dream of a future, where doubts fade away,
Where miracles thrive and darkness turns to day,
In the humblest corners, potential will bloom,
A symphony of resilience, breaking barriers of gloom.

With faith as our armor, we'll march hand in hand,
Transforming the mundane into a vibrant wonderland,
For the power of dreams knows no earthly reign,
A tapestry of hope, we'll weave through joy and pain.

Let skepticism crumble beneath our united will,
For creativity's magic shall the world fulfill,
Like a kaleidoscope of colors, our spirits shall ignite,
Weaving a masterpiece, where love takes flight.

So let us honor Jesus, the carpenter of might,
Whose story ignites our souls, like stars in the night,
With every stroke of inspiration, let us forge ahead,
Crafting a better future, where love's legacy will spread.

In the symphony of life, let doubt's anthem cease,
As we embrace the divine spark, finding inner peace,
For in our hands, lies the power to create,
A world of compassion, where dreams resonate.

So let us paint a masterpiece, brushstroke by brushstroke,
With hope as our canvas, let love provoke,
In the most creative tapestry, we shall play our part,
Building a future that transcends every heart.

In this realm of possibilities, we shall persist,
Inspiring generations, as dreamers and activists,
For from Nazareth's humble realm, we'll surely learn,
That greatness blooms where even doubt could adjourn.
Ikimi Festus
Written by
Ikimi Festus  28/M/Nigeria
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