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Oct 2020 · 66
6:03 am
Helsy Flores Oct 2020
I’m scared of death
But not my own
I’m terrified of watching my parents’ faces turn unrecognizable with wrinkles
And their voices becoming that of old people
And then one day, they’re gone
I don’t sleep at night thinking of this
Being aware that everyone we love
Everyone we know
Will leave us eventually
And not necessarily in chronological order
And then I start thinking about a series I watched some months ago
The characters thought they’d died and gone to Heaven
But turns out, it was The Bad Place
And maybe we think we’re living on Earth
When in reality, this is The Bad Place
Isn’t losing everyone we love torture?
But then again, without sorrow there’d be no happiness
We’d be pretty unhappy being happy all the time
The unsolvable riddle
So are we in The Good Place or The Bad Place?
Or are there no “places”, and when we go it’s really the end?
But if we’re energy, we can’t be destroyed
Only transformed
Into what?
Dust? Ghosts?
Are we born again?
One thing is the physical body, another the soul
Our soul lives on forever, supposedly
So are we born again and again forever?
But isn’t forever too... infinite?
It must get tiresome to live a million lives
Again, that’s torture
It’s sad if we stop existing
But it’s sad if we exist forever, too
If that’s the case, maybe that’s why we don’t remember our previous lives
So we experience life for the first time every time
I guess that must be it
Jan 2019 · 1.2k
Helsy Flores Jan 2019
Mi amada Daisy
Ya no tengo quien me avise cuando hay alguien en la puerta
Quien se acurruque en mi panza cuando estoy triste
Quien me vea preocupada cuando estoy enferma
Quien duerma junto a mí en la cama, tapada de pies a cabeza
Era el paraíso despertar con un bultito tan bello y calientito

Mi chiquitita, my tiny
Tan fría que querías parecer, pero cuánto me querías
Todo el día pegada a mí, todo el día en mis piernas
Corrías a sentarte en el tapete para acompañarme hasta en el baño
Sabías perfectamente cuando me iba a ir de viaje
Te subías a mi maleta, y escuchaba tus lloridos desde la puerta

Mi vaquita, mi chilpetina
Ya no tengo quien me despierte en la mañana para ir al baño
Jamás te hiciste en la cama, ladrabas para que te bajara y te abriera
Ladrabas y corrías a tu platito de agua cuando querías agua
O frente a tu platito de comida exigiendo que era hora de comer
Solita lo aprendiste, "Such a smart puppy!"

Mi tinky winky, my ****** twinkle
Ya no tengo a quien soplarle en la carita
Y que como respuesta me llene de besos
No tengo con quien batallar para que coma
Ni a quien ponerle tus vestiditos todos chiquitos
A quien observar, morir de amor, e inevitablemente llenar de besos

Mi bébe, my puppy
Eras tan fuerte que jamás te quejaste de nada
Ni siquiera cuando tus pequeños riñones empezaron a fallar
Siempre estuviste alegre, moviendo tu colita
Excepto en tus últimos días, apagada
Sabías que ya habías cumplido tu misión, que ya era hora

Mi preciosura
GRACIAS por quererme, por hacerme feliz con sólo verte
GRACIAS por cuidarme, por absorber mis males y tristezas
GRACIAS por esperar a que llegara para irte
GRACIAS por ser fuerte cuando tu cuerpo más débil estaba, para poder decirnos adiós estando juntas, en casa
GRACIAS por escogerme como mamá

Mi florecita bella
Fuiste la mejor y más hermosa perrita del Universo
Tenerte fue lo mejor que me pudo haber pasado
¡Qué bonito habernos encontrado en esta vida!
No sabes lo inmensamente feliz que me hiciste
Te amo tanto y lo sabes, porque te lo decía cada 3 segundos

Mi pequeña angelita hermosa
Nos quedamos dormidas abrazadas, y viste el momento
Amaneciste aún abrazada a mi brazo, pegada a mi pecho
Con una carita feliz, llena de paz... pero ya en el arcoiris
Ya no tengo quien haga todas esas cosas aquí
Pero en todas partes te veo, y escucho tus ladriditos tan bellos
Te guardo en mi corazón mientras me esperas en el arcoiris
Jugando, corriendo, observándome y cuidándome
Espérame ahí, hasta que sea hora de que vaya a recogerte
I love you forever, my tiny
Daisy, 2013 (?) - 19/Ene/2019
Escrito el 20 de enero de 2019
Oct 2017 · 383
Jack and Sally
Helsy Flores Oct 2017
Oh, Sally
Jack just wants to pass the time
He'll take you to a dark alley
Tell you you're sublime

But he doesn't care
Wants you on his list
70 so far, he'll swear
But you just won't resist

"My heart I will never open again,
I want Sally, and Mandy, and you"
He confessed to me then
"Nothing serious, but they'll have no clue"

And so, Sally, you're not forever
And you're not the only one
But you don't seem so clever
Enjoy the (false) feeling you've won
October 17, 2017
Helsy Flores Oct 2017
When I was young
I used to think
Love was as simple
As that instant "click"

When I was older I met someone
We'd talk for hours
We'd talk about everything
It felt comfortable

But soon enough
Paradise began to slip away
We had plenty of love, but we lacked time
With a heavy heart we parted

And then I met an old man
He told me this, too late
"Regarding love, two things matter:
the man, and the time you both invest"
April 2016
Helsy Flores Oct 2016
Love is a terrible thing to waste
You’ll realize one day with a bitter taste
When you’re alone
Or when you’re lonely with someone

And you’ll remember that time
When you committed a crime
When you found her and let go
Back then you didn't know

But love takes no excuses
Wrong decision and one loses
You listened to your rational brain
And now from love you won’t hear again
October 29, 2016
Helsy Flores Oct 2016
I wasn't ready to say goodbye
With you, I felt so high
The way you'd bite my lips
The way you'd hold my hips

I miss your pretty face
Miss when my body you'd trace
Going on adventures
And you giving me lectures

I was your muse
Then I was old news
Did everything I could've done
And still we came undone

But I still remember
Our happy days before September
I wish we could go back to then
I hope we meet again
October 9, 2016
Aug 2016 · 773
Helsy Flores Aug 2016
Ella quería construir
Él sólo sabía destruir
Ella buscaba lo positivo
Él siempre tan negativo

Ella caía en sus redes
Él ponía paredes
Ella le daba flores
Él le daba desamores

Ella por las noches lloraba
Él con sus palabras la lastimaba
Ella por él cambiaba
Él igual se quedaba

Un mundo tenían por descubrir
Tantas aventuras por vivir
Pero él prefirió rendirse
Y a ella no le quedó más que irse
Agosto 11, 2016
Jul 2016 · 603
The Butterfly Killer
Helsy Flores Jul 2016
I missed him when he was away
I felt everything when he was around
All it took was a "hey"
To make my heart start to pound

Hadn't felt them in years
A thousand butterflies with each kiss
But it would all end in tears
I wish his first "hi" I'd miss

His feelings were locked in a cage
He cared only for himself
He would spit words in a rage
Made me feel bad about myself

But this magic was so rare
I tried to keep it alive, to fight
I tried my best, I swear
But it takes two to make a thing go right

And so in the end
We couldn't agree on anything
What we had, I couldn't mend
So I said "Goodbye, darling"

I missed him when he was away
But felt nothing when he was around
He killed the magic
July 21, 2016
Jun 2016 · 233
Helsy Flores Jun 2016
They always thought it'd be blue
But bright red, it made its way through
For she wasn't a princess
She was a damsel in distress
June 20, 2016
Helsy Flores Apr 2016
He had his demons in jars
He said he had his flaws
From life he had some scars
For love he had his laws

He was made of stars
He was a galaxy and more
He might have been from Mars
But I could see right into his core

He looks in the mirror and sees imperfection
I hope one day you'll see what I see
And on the back of the reflection
I hope you see me
April 23rd, 2016
Apr 2016 · 608
Untender Was The Night
Helsy Flores Apr 2016
"All is said and done,"
She managed to say "okay"
"I need to be gone"
She had to look away

Had to flee the scene
As her eyes started to fill
There it was, so keen
Pain too excruciating to feel

Convinced he'd cause her woe
He said goodbye and left
Wanted to avoid a blow
Save her heart from being cleft

Thought it'd be best to go
Thought he'd save her from grieving
Little did he know
He hurt her more by leaving
April 23rd, 2016
Apr 2016 · 611
Bang, bang
Helsy Flores Apr 2016
I found him shattered
From life battered
I lent a helping hand
I tried to understand
He picked up a crystal
Used it as a pistol
Left me bleeding as well
Farewell love, farewell
April 20th, 2016
Helsy Flores Jan 2016
He was a nomad
He never stayed put in one place
Before he went mad
He would leave without a trace

But all this freedom came at a price
He had no place to call home
Nothing would ever suffice
All he did was roam and roam

He belonged to no one
He would spend his days at the gym
Yet he would most nights sleep alone
Because, you see, nobody belonged to him

And no love would last
Or even begin
And dear friends were left in the past
Along with what could've been

I guess the worst part was
Getting home with success
And hear not a single applause
Nor find a beautiful girl in a dress
January 30, 2016
Jan 2016 · 607
Helsy Flores Jan 2016
Don't look at me, darling
You broke your own heart
Thought you were winning
Thought you'd play smart

One day you'll realize
What you turned your back on
Don't search for my doe eyes
I will be long gone
January 26, 2016
Nov 2015 · 836
L'esprit de l'escalier
Helsy Flores Nov 2015
They liked to get lost in books
They both enjoyed a good movie
They looked for beauty and looks
They captured them in photography

They both knew deep inside
They were just the same
They both preferred to hide
They are both to blame

She was crazy about his eyes
She, herself, was a catch
They should’ve rolled the dice
They were the perfect match

And now it’s such a shame
Neither was brave enough to try
Blackjack will no longer be the game
And the flame will surely die
November 2015
Jul 2014 · 1.1k
Love Advice
Helsy Flores Jul 2014
Though you think you're unworthy of the girl
She might think otherwise
So give it a whirl
Take a turn and roll the dice
July 2014
Jun 2014 · 567
Don't Just Stare
Helsy Flores Jun 2014
If you seek, you will find
You will find her
And she will smile
She will smile with her eyes
She will smile with her lips
She will hold you in her arms
And she will kiss you at last

But if you do not seek
Then you shall never find
June 2014
Helsy Flores Jun 2014
She wanted him
She needed him
He liked her

He wants her
He needs her
She likes him

He wants her
He needs her
She wears a ring
June 2014
May 2014 · 993
Helsy Flores May 2014
La primera vez que lo notó,
su camisa era naranja.
Con el tiempo,
su camisa pasó de naranja,
a verde, a celeste, y a morado;
junto con su historia.
Su última camisa fue negra,
y se perdieron entre tanta oscuridad.
May 2014
May 2014 · 3.0k
Choose Wisely
Helsy Flores May 2014
One belongs in the past,
The other is meant to last.
Choose wisely between one another,
Because you will lose the other.
May 2014 · 2.4k
Some Are Quick To Forget
Helsy Flores May 2014
He took a plane
To go back to some plain Jane
But when he opened the door
Oh, the horror
"Don't!", screamed the waitress
As he noticed someone in her mattress
May 2014 · 861
You and I
Helsy Flores May 2014
You and I are the same
And so
we will
come back
for more
May 2014 · 847
Guide To My Heart
Helsy Flores May 2014
If you wanna be a part,
There really is no art.
Be funny, handsome, and smart,
And you have my heart.
May 2014 · 847
La Verdad Siempre Sale
Helsy Flores May 2014
Se escondía entre "amores imposibles"
Aunque más bien invisibles
Entre mujeres feas
Del ángulo que las veas
Con verrugas y narices de bruja
O cualquier piruja
Pero la verdad siempre sale... del clóset
May 2014 · 547
Hansel and Gretel
Helsy Flores May 2014
Two fools
Running away from something
They run into each other
And so they figure it's destiny
But after the honeymoon
After the masks are off
And flaws and lies are on the table
And eyes are open
And brains are working
They both start running again
In opposite directions
May 2014 · 7.9k
Helsy Flores May 2014
A fool to dread
You never knew
Paradise was just ahead
Of the line you drew
Helsy Flores May 2014
He caught an uncatchable fish.
But while he decided what to do with it,
It slipped away from his hands and into the ocean;
Forever lost.
May 2014 · 271
Three Days
Helsy Flores May 2014
It's Monday and he holds her hand.
He feels something,
She feels everything.

It's Thursday and he holds her hand,
She feels nothing.

They wasted three days.

— The End —