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Sydney Nov 2020
Did you know
When it rains at night
Or in skies bright
It is an angel crying
Because one of their own has passed
It's terrifying
But they come back as a star
Winking at you
As bright lights
Guiding you
At night
No matter if angels really die, they're still there to guide you.
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
There was a land

Not bland

But very grand

Flowers bloomed from every corner

A beautiful sight

And everywhere you found no mourners

The sun shines fairly bright

The weather was perfect to fly a kite

Everywhere beautiful birds took flight

So beautiful were the plants

But at first you would give them a small glance

Then they’d put you in a trance

Animals chittering all around

Upon their face there wasn’t a frown

Happy, chatting, chittering sound

The land was always peaceful there

And the weather was always fair

With non-violent bears

And there are some perks or two

The sky was always a deep sky blue

With growing bamboo

But that, my friend, is not all

It is never a cold fall

But i do not want to drawl and drawl

So goodbye, farewell

I hear a bell

That says, “It’s time for the wishing well.”
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
Listless and still
Under the sun
The food I ate
Swims inside
A girl
Feeds me a book
Just wet.
When I am angry
I rise with such power
You'd feel from Zeus
Or God
But Zeus isn't real
I look like everyone
Who bask in my reflection
But then
Leave me alone
Sitting there.
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
Books are my passion

I love to read

It’s also my fashion

You could read a book

About a clever crook

Who got caught by a brook

You could read one that will say

It was a scary doomsday

And the sky was gray

Another about a fairy

To a fae she was married

And they both roamed the prairie

See, look how interesting these are!

Some have jaguars

And blue stars

So read a book, I say

And do the donkeys bray,

Do it today.
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
When you are angry
Fuming, stomping
Take a breath
To take your worries
Take my own
I will gladly share
Because I care
For you
Happy, calm
Oh, my dear
Take a breath
It's okay
Put your worries away
But when I run out
You are full
Of me
Even though I'm gone
And that's all you need
To be.
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
I am trapped in a cage of torture
In my mind.

I have
Many fake visions

My crush
Kisses the person I most hate

My family
Is ashamed of me

My best friends
Hate me

The people I love
Make fun of me

I am abandoned
And lost
In my mind

My biggest fear
Tortures me

Which is
Not being free
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Nov 2020
Cheers to the love we're holding
Cheers to everlasting love
Cheers to the new generation
Cheers to a new day
Cheers to new friends
Cheers to our children
Cheers to old friends
Cheers to the dead ones
Cheers to the angels
Cheers to the demons
Cheers to the sun and moon
And cheers for you and me.
Cheers, my friend
Sydney Oct 2020

Is just so mean

Like a tyrant, like a queen

I wish it would go

I would step on its toe

Maybe run it over with a plough

Covid affects everybody

It affects human bodies

And leaves sick bodies

What if we got rid of it?

Would Covid just give up and sit?

If it wouldn’t I’d throw a fit

But COVID-19 wants to stay

And we have to use cleaning spray

Now I want to run away.
Maybe it will go.
Sydney Oct 2020
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
I had a best friend
Only one that I ever needed
Her name was Elizabeth

Her hair was a deep brown
And similar eyes
With cute glasses perched on her nose

Lizzy was perfect, like a follower of God
And everyone I told
Would know she was bold

We'd laugh together
Sometimes under perfect weather
Chasing each other

But then one day she died
I cried and cried
I wasn't ready for this time
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Dec 2022
What do I feel?
The feeling consumed me.
Is it a feeling?
What do I feel?
I think you can read it backwards?
Sydney Nov 2020
I was made of fire
My situation was dire
I could not think, I could not see
But when you found your way to me
The fire extinguished
Like fire to water
The darkness ceased
Like darkness to light
You are my opposite
Yet you can calm me.
Sydney Nov 2020
Am I floating?
It feels like a dream
Where are you?
Oh, you're down there
I'm alone up here
High above the clouds
I've wondered what it was like up here
As a child
I would spend hours in my room
Thinking if I would just
Pull the curtains
Stand on the window
and just
f l y
Then be up there
Or down
If it even was real
I didn't think about how you'd cry
or her
or that random guy
But I'd fall back to Earth
To make you happy again
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
She opens her body to the morning sun
Pale pink
By her older siblings
The tall green grass
She was just born.
But then
My own sister came
And plucked the flower
I said, "Why did you do that?
It has life the same
Just as yours.
Would you do that to a tree?
A bee?"
Ever so carefully,
And regretfully,
She began to plant flowers
So we have flowers
A short story... in a poem.
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
I am a dove
Caught by hunters
Let me go
Let me show myself
Let me fly
In the dark sky
I'm not a raven
Black and covered with lies
But a dove
Pure and truthful
Let me fly
I can show you
With all my might
What's inside
Wings pure
That fly in a soft glide
Let me fly
In the dark sky
Let me fly
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
I was a shy girl
Already writing
What was going inside my head

I wasn't what my parents
Expected me to be
I wanted to live up to their expectations

I was a liar
Trying to be truthful
But I couldn't

Wait, what am I doing?
We're not living in the past
But the present

So it's time
To focus
On the present.
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Nov 2020
Goodnight, Sun
It's your bedtime
Even though we want to have more fun
It's time for the Moon
He will be waking up soon
But when he goes
We can have more
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Nov 2020
                     my dear
                                   is steps
                                                     by step
                                                            ­     you
                                                             ­          grow
                                                            ­                at the end
                                                             ­                         of the steps
                                                           ­                                            is death
The hard moments are the parts where you trip.
Sydney Nov 2020
Happy birthday, my dear friend
Happy Birthday to you
We'll do whatever you please
(As long as it doesn't involve cheese)
Take your time
It's your day
For a day we will listen to
Whatever you say
We will go with your flow
So will my friend named Joe
Happy birthday, happy birthday!
Today will not be gray
Say, want to go play?
Happy birthday to my friend! This is my gift to you :)
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
He cut my wings
To have some of his own

He stole my heart
So I'd love nobody else

He gave me pristine beauty
That others envied

He gave me truth

As I am thankful for that...
But he stole

The things
Important to my life.
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
You were a heartbreaker
That broke my heart
And many others

You kissed my hand with no emotion
Said, "See you, I'm busy today."
But I saw you kiss a girl by the ocean

The next time you came, you found all your "lovers"
You asked, "What are you doing altogether?"
And without you, we marched down the corner
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
If I were a ghost
I'd sneak around
Shouting, "boo!"

If I were an angel
I'd watch over
Many of you

If I were a good friend
I'd follow my best friend everywhere
Just to make sure they're okay

If I were the wind
I'd wrap you tightly
In my soft whispers

But alas, I'm not any of those things
But if I were...
I'd be happy
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
I'm your opposite
Did you know?

If you were a synonym
I'd be the antonym

If you were the night
I'd be the day

If I were the moon
You'd be the sun

If I were the darkness
You'd be the light

But if you wanted to switch roles
I'd do it gladly

And that's why
We are friends.
Sydney Oct 2020
Life is a rollercoaster
With many more
Twists and turns
Than a normal one.
It's like
Closing your eyes
When on a rollercoaster
You could
Find yourself
Upside down
A twist where
A loved one dies
But when
You fall out
That is
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Nov 2020


Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
Love never lasts for me
Can't you see?

I fall in love
But then they dump me

Like trash, I am treated
It makes me burn when I'm cheated

They say I'm too unattractive
And dumb

With no personality at all
They drawl and drawl

But truth is
I'm beautiful
And unique
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
You have never felt my pain
It stings me like a bee
But the bee doesn't die

You have never felt my pain
You have never felt my sadness
And I have never felt any joy

You have never felt my pain
I want to jump off a cliff
So that it will end

Please, leave me alone
You are adding to that ball
Of sorrow

You have never felt my pain
That I
Will never be painless.
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
Oh, how the bells ring

And the birds sing

I love how nature rings!

The sun shines with life

But don’t put it in your sight

The sun is too bright

The little foxes play

In the bright day

Laying in the sun’s ray

Two doves

Fly above

So deeply in love

In the nest the bird cares

But she may dare

To look at the sun’s bright glare

The tigers run

Under the sun

With prey they had none

In the day I sing

With a joyful ring

Saying, “What will life bring?”
Nature is beautiful.
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
Creaking boards
Under the covers
Shut the windows
Door opens
Creaking, crawling
Lift the covers
It's a...
Eyes wide open
Light in my eye
As I try to recall the nightmare
I had that night.
Sydney Oct 2020
Oh moon
You're so beautiful
I'll tell the stars about you
Announce your name to the world
Oh, moon
You give me a crooked smile
Sideways, sometimes
But that is your face
Waiting to be lit
Oh moon
You are my life
During the night
That I stare
i love you
m o o n
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
Everyone always had a perspective
The very same one
That said,
"We are safe, the danger none"
"But the real danger is fantasy."
But I was brave, the only one different
I believed that this was wrong
So I sang a song
Did you think I was going to say "So long?"
No. This needed to change
But it was a bit strange...
Your voice is strong.
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
O lord, I am lost
In the depths of Hell
I have done nothing wrong
I was just on a mission
From you.

I bent down on my knees
To get out of here

I called your name through prayer
The Guardian Angel
The Lord's prayer

But it seems like you want me to stay...

So let it be
My lord.
Sydney Jan 2021
She with wings,
Bullied by the others.
She with wings,
A rare one to discover
She with wings,
Without a friend
She with wings,
Will be able to mend
She with wings,
She'll fly and she'll tend
To all her wounds
And become strong again
Sydney Oct 2020
When you sin
It makes a black hole in your body of light

That one sin
Starts gnawing at the light

If you sin more
It takes over your body

Like a disease
Until the light is gone

And when you die
It takes you to hell.
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
Grow your flowers
Grow your plants
I'm waiting, for you, spring
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
Many little stars
High in the sky
In the black night
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
Crimson lips
You eye with desire
Black hair
With a blue streak
Running through
Like a stream
Ocean eyes
Stroked with trouble
A wicked smile
Upon skin
Like dew
Striking speed
That you just can't help but admire
She's evil
But beautiful
And you
In love.
Sydney Oct 2020
The sun is setting
A beautiful color
That I watch, gazing
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
The sun gets up
The children cry
The sky starts to glow
With the sun's aura
Beating her arms
Down on the children
They start to sweat
She tries
To reach to the children
Because she's lonely
They go inside
And cry,
"It's hot outside!"
The sun frowns
And reaches to the plants instead
They bend towards her
But don't come
With her
She sighs,
And slowly starts to paint
The sky
With many colors
And welcomes the moon
Who paints it
All black.
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
Upon a roof

I met a beautiful thing

A beautiful sunset

Its beautiful colors bold

Are like gold

It was like it could get rid of mold

The light fading fast

I didn’t want the colors to pass

“Why won’t you stay?” I asked

The light faded, at last

The day had passed

I climbed down onto the ground vast

I went inside

And quietly sighed

The beautiful light had died
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
We went to the beach

Not a figure of speech

There is lots of beech

Pale peach sand

Oh so very grand

Not too bland

It was very hot

The tiny rocks a dot

And people cooked things in a ***

Swim in the sea

Swimming freely

And we talked about… bees?

Today we had fun

Under the sun

But now the day is done.
Oh, how I could have a day at the beach.

Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
The clouds came in to hide the sun
And they started to cry
Because they had no fun

The clouds stomped their mighty feet
Boom, boom
But I thought the day was going to be sweet

Then the sun pushed them out of the way
And gave the clouds a warning
“Okay,” they’d say
And they went on their way
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
They paint the wall with
Against your head
Sneaking through darkness
They're so heartless
If you love one
And ask them to have
It will end
With a
Your body red
Mouth full of
But they won't stop
Their target
Is dead.
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
It was a gruesome place
No one could see happiness
But the dreamer of Hell
Was worst
She laughed
At the bloodshed
When it stopped
She is
Not afraid
Of anything
She always
Sees her death
And ugly
And so
To thwart
Her only fear
She kills
To stay alive.
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
I see millions of stars

Lots every night

And with a telescope I can see Mars

But during the day

I only see one star

It’s quite bizarre

But please, don’t panic

In the galaxy there are billions of planets

Too much to put on a canvas

I wonder what what is on those planets

Venus, Neptune, and Mars

Would there be cars?

And there are many more

But it would be such a bore

I need to go to the store

So farewell my friend

You will learn more in the end

About the galaxy
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
She can walk

Between those fantasy worlds

They call the two Salks

Walking back and forth

Nobody noticed

She noted

But she’s unaware

She’s queen of her soul

The lord of her role

A child without love

Grew up

Without a person watching above

She’s beautiful, but sad

She never had a dad

Not too glad

But then she found

A place safe and sound

With true love crowned.
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
Eyes like a green field
Flickering between
Good and Evil
Bad and Good
You wonder why you fall for her
Because she's evil
But good
At the same time
Almond skin
As fresh as dew
Blonde hair
A halo
Of darkness
Perfect curves
A succubus?
She's a demon
Black wings
But an angel?
You'd ask
But she's
The only one
The hybrid
Succubus angel
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
There was a land

Filled with sand

It was grand

Whoever went to see

Got lost at sea

And came back in a heap

But a girl did see

The land at sea

And collapsed on the land with a heap

The girl laid on the sand

Sand in her hand

And said “This land is grand.”
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
I was just a normal person
Lively, bubbly, just a girl
Until you came into my life

Your hair is the perfect brown
Blue eyes deep like the sea
That would make me blush every time they bore into me

Girls would squeal all around
But I was the only one who didn't make a sound
Thinking about you

And I thought, you were the one
With tanned skin working in the sun
A worker, he was

But then you came up to me
And dropped down on your knees
You said, "Will you marry me?"
Sydney ©2020
Sydney Oct 2020
In those times of old

I was told

There was a tale of gold

People say

Once a day

You could see Heaven’s ray

In the rain

Dirt and grain

They fought from Heaven’s rein

People bold

Looking for gold

Went to the time of old

All who died

Wept and cried

And in the end, sighed

There was gold

I was told

In those times of old.
Sydney ©2020
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