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jonni inferno Feb 2018
be still and listen
hear ye not
that soulful song
of endless motion
that tireless voice
of storm wracked potion

her swollen bosoms'
rising, falling
her shameless
foam flecked

pouring out
her effervescence
on lips that drink
her adoration
yet never taste
her vital essence

her drumming chorus
a roaring thunder
on rocky clefts
torn asunder
as mourning rays
of misty raining
her teardrops falling
gently tracing
our loves
our sorrows
engraved each day
on these
mortal paintings

on granite shoulders
her message beats
that pounding drum
of thunderous need
as she flings
her ageless
storm tossed beauty
onto granite arms
etched and fluted
from hollowed cheeks
her kisses pouring
as sea birds cry
on stiff winds soaring

and ever on
throughout the ages
her ravenous
never wincing
from her brazen charms
her surging seduction's
voiceless call

within her warm caresses
in her wind tossed tresses
enfolding him
in her flowing graces
in dulcet tones
of annihilation
a stormy ocean
crashing upon
granite cliffs
Madison Jul 2018
i feel like a child
desperately trying to brush knots out of my hair
messily tangled with memories of you
wincing at each stroke
my eyes keep swelling with tears
i just want you gone.
amber Mar 2018
You dug your claws,
Into my pale flesh.
No scream escaped my lips.
My eyes,
Grazed over your talons.
I never saw nails,
So sharp and long.

The blood gushing down my arm,
Was a beautiful scarlet red.
I looked up at you.

Over time,
The blood dried;
The initial wonder,

Day after day,
I stared at your nails,
Buried deep in my arm.
An infection brewed,
It dawned that they,
Must be removed.

I tried ripping one out,
While your back was turned.
You instinctively shoved it deeper.
Wincing in pain,
Rage boiled inside me.

Extracting them from my flesh,
Sent searing waves of pain,
Throughout my body.
The grip of the very last one,
Seemed insurmountable.

The gouges healed,
Scars remain.
Some days,
A wound reopens,
And I find a piece,
Of your nail,
Thriving beneath my skin.

But when I see one,
I rip it out,
And burn it.
******* flashback weak dependent abusive acceptance anger resentment strength willpower
anusha Sep 2018
tasting god from my fingertips//
to this matchstick (every time a part of me breaks,
my flesh bursting forth clear and pure and seraphic,
i kneel between the pews) /you lead me drunk//
off the rooftop, the night we first kissed.

i’m in a dull, grey cube, wincing at fluorescent terrors
look down and i’m naked, veins peeling open/
/Will you come back, if i show you
how much i feel it? it couldn't hurt—
i couldn't hurt any more than this/

my friends haven't known spirituality
past a bag/ pushed through through your truck’s open window/
passed a bar passing hands like a love note
limp joints burning our fingertips//
your hands, my throat

open your nose, open your eyes to the world
watch the clouds racing through the sky
and in this moment// everything is perfect
heaven's light falling upon our faces
Third Eye Candy Sep 2018
a narrow tusk of crosswind grazing my cheekbones
as i lean into the teeth of a comet... wincing and turbulent
but still a boy. tossing moonbeams to a catcher's mitt
and all the while bewildered at the sum delirium
of Life's yes.

embroiled in the kingdom of the smallest things...
i trundle from my Kismet like a drunken crow.
i skip the stones for breadcrumbs on a perpetual wave
of vanishing points.

And fall in love because, because... because.
Graff1980 Apr 21
As hard as it sounds
when I push down
on the purple flesh
that presses up
I cannot stop
from wincing
just a bit,
of pursing my lips
in pain.

Though I try
to resist
the urge
to push it
I keep playing
with the parts
that hurt the most.

Just like how
I used to
come running
to you
when you needed
a shoulder
to collapse on.

When the ones
you loved were gone,
I would skip
happily, along
just long enough
for you to move on
to the next abusive
**** who would
use ya.

You hurt me,
but I kept
coming back gratefully
ready to be wounded again
and again
in the zone of the friend
cause I must of enjoyed
the hurting.
Eden Frenkel Nov 2018
I was finally home. The smell of warm sheets right out of the dryer cuddled my body. I ran out of tears. I looked in the mirror at the black stream flowing from my eyes. I could feel the dampness of my warm skin as I placed my hand upon my heated cheek. I shouldn’t have to worry about a thing right now. I was ready to sleep under the glow in the dark stars where my life centered beneath at this time of sorrow. Ready to dream away from my misery. My chest clutched and hurt from the pain. “I don’t know why I cut myself. G-d give me a sign or help. I won’t cry, it’ll be fine. I’ll take my last breathe, push it out my chest until there’s nothing left." So much hatred and emotion. I grab the side of the bed, pulling up fast, and the movement strains my pain to a point where, briefly, I’m breath taken—gasping, wincing, grimacing, crying out, reacts however-the-heck I decide. Exactly, my eyes go down briefly and I may or may not break a sweat from the pain—then gripping on it, sets my jaw, pulls myself together as it subsides, and sits there glaring ferociously at my unexpected company. My cat sits beside my thoughts. I don’t want to deal with it anymore. My eyes were slightly open and I drained my very last drops of tears. I can just relax now. I turned towards the rising moon and it was then I could see my eyes glisten in the reflections as I fought to be strong. 10:00 at night the darkness filled my room. I snuggled under my covers until the blanket reached my cold nose. I stared blankly at the glow in the dark stars on my ceiling as my eyes were sore and red. They eventually shut and my body numbed out.

It was around two in the morning when I woke up to a terrifying dark room of despair. A cool shudder trickles down my spine. Glancing around nervously, I see somber portraits staring at my pale face from behind layers of dust, seemingly penetrating right through me. Cold, hesitant light streams in through a cracked window, casting eerie shadows on the walls. I was wide awake but my body couldn’t move. I couldn’t even speak. I tried to push out a breath and remain in being. I tried so hard to move, just a muscle. But they would tense up harder each time I tried to move. I couldn't protect myself or scream. I was paralyzed.
The chasm between me and the clock echoed wave-like ticking bombs. I tried to force myself to get up. Several times of aggravating, it suddenly happened. In the split of a second, the air ****** the breath right out of me and I fell on the floor. I didn’t feel a thing. I felt weightless. Kind of like, a ghost. I stood up with my mind. Effortless. I didn’t know what was happening. I was awake and aware of my dark surroundings and everything that was going on around me. I felt my eyes widen over my head while I watched myself sleep. Especially when I was sleeping with open eyes. I got close to my body and slightly put my hand over my face. I got closer and closer to my body. Almost touching it, I zone out into a scary phase. Suddenly, I get ****** back into my body. I saw my room contract back and forth. I was back into my body and I still couldn’t move or speak. I tried again and broke a sweat. This time I flew out of my room and fell in the hallway. I got up slowly and peeked into my mother’s room. I saw her breathing into her pillow. I was amazed and scared in what I was doing. How far can I go? It felt so real and so unreal at the same time. I started walking into my living room then headed down the stairs. It was suddenly bright outside, like I started dreaming again. My mother, father, and brother was having a scrumptious dinner with me. My dog and cat snuggled on my leg. My dog’s tail waved quickly side to side and my cats face rubbed in my ankle. The sun made everyone’s smile shine. There was a lot of happiness and laughter. The scene went over very quickly. My heart started to cry of happiness and joy. Then suddenly I felt a tremble. I flew backwards to the trail I was in. Retracing every footstep I had in 3 seconds. I got ****** back into my body one last time. That’s when I awakened and gasped for air in extreme exhaustion. The lines in my face showed the hurt on my mind, suffering the night as though it were happening again. Looking in the mirror, my face looked slim, with an almost ghostly pallor. The life in my eyes had faded every second since, the dark circles beneath them showing my obvious lack of sleep. My body as a whole had lost itself, hunched over, retracted, and lost its life. The stringiness of my hair made my exhaustion stand out. My clothes were wrinkled, eyes lackluster, and the lines around my mouth had vanished from the absence of a smile for so long a time.
I started to move and I looked around. I started saying random things to speak again. I was in my body again. I sat up in my bed and rubbed my arms. My muscles were weak, tingling, and tired. I plotted back onto my bed. I was afraid to go back to sleep. It was 2:30 in the middle of the night. I sat in my bed thinking to myself. To think about what I could do. I had a power. A dangerous power. I could convey my soul. I could be awake and aware of everything around me. But how far could I travel? How long could I stay out of my body? Could it **** me if I went out too long? Will it shut me off completely? The questions lingered through my head. I eventually shut my eyes. Hopefully I’ll wake up in the morning. Perhaps I could try again.
Amber E Apr 30
I wept for a life that was stolen
I cried myself unconscious missing a golden reflection
Sneaking breaths of memories trapped in the dark
Like an utter fool

I gave up such a precious portion
Handing over what used to be sacred
While whispering words too secret to be audible
Unaware of my folly

Limping through my days on crippled wings
And now wincing at the knowledge of what I helped create
What was once so revered, what was once so precious
Has slowly slipped through these fingers

I spun in circles under the sleepy stars
I let the burn envelope me
Suffocating in order to believe
That I wasn't just another foolish girl


— The End —