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ghost queen Jul 10
whipped cream on your skin
blood and sweat from ecstasy
pulled *******
crop welts on your *****
overly sweet
like too much honey
why do you beg
what did you say
how come you cry
whisper in my ear
predator or prey
*** is power
play with me
strike a match
set me on fire
Fleur du Mal.
Inspired after 05-09’s reading of literotica while drinking wine by a fireplace
no safe word
or fail safe
just trust
love and lust
and chained
you love to obey
on your knees
crawl to me
i'll unleash you
Inspired after 05-09’s reading of literotica while drinking wine by a fireplace
say my name
say it again
you know who i am
you like it
it turns you on
when you play
to be a little girl
pulled down *******
spanked behind
when its stings
you feel the welts
rising on your skins
the lack of control
being told
your sighs and wetness
tell me so
Inspired after 05-09’s reading of literotica while drinking wine by a fireplace
i see the hunger
in your eyes
the flush
of ****** excitement
the hot arousal
boiling over into lust

is it time
that day
during the month
when you feel
the desire
for a man’s touch

lay with me
light my fire
i’ll pay attention
touch your hair
squeeze your *******  

climb on top
start the ride
rock it hard
till you scream
I wan to hear you
*** in ecstasy

collapse on me
hot and sweaty
and be held
in my arms
all night long
Story based on book I read called "This Is Your Brain on Birth Control: The Surprising Science of Women, Hormones, and the Law of Unintended Consequences," by Sarah Hill
ghost queen Jul 10
which do you prefer
my dear
the crop or whip
the purest love is lust
bite my lips
show me
how much you love me
make it hurt
as you promised
Inspired after 05-09’s reading of literotica while drinking wine by a fireplace
Wish I Could
Say no to you
And be as strong
As you think I am
I'm afraid
Living in this cycle is bearable
But for how long?
How long will it take me
To destroy everything even more
Then that I already did
How can I live with this
Because the feeling
After breaking you
Will be just as bad as before
I am confused
I am screaming
I am happy
I am silent
I am all at once
I am me
A terrible person
Who hurts
Who breaks
Who cries
But mostly
Makes other people be
And the worst part is
I don't even know why
So one last time
I just want
To be the one
To speak her name as mine
Even in my dreams
She's here
But does that count as cheating?
Because it feels
Just as good
And just as bad
Even my poems show that broken is not broken Enough for me but nobody seems to realise
Can I scream for help
I want to
Can I get out of this stupid roleplay I created
Out of this lie
Out of this love
Out of everyone
Without breaking something
There is Only one question left
Why do I give out signs for help,
If help.
Will make this word I created,
And destroyed
Even worse
The pieces are finally getting back together
Lies. Lies. Lies. Sick of lying.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
Either be like a human
Or choose to act dead

No more
Genre: Micropoetry
Theme: Dead never dream, never hope and never feels emotional.
Let's Live.
Blois Apr 2018
I would like to be home by midnight.

She paused, no longer so sure about the fit
of that crystal slipper on my hairy foot.

Not to worry, my dear. Just make sure to close
the closet door when you leave.
aphotic blue Aug 2017
Maikli lng ito, hindi mahaba kagaya ng pasenya ko. Tamang tama lang kagaya ng pagmamahal ko sayo. Parang kape lang yung tipong kahit malamig na, wala na yung init, gusto mo paring tikman dahil gusto mo siya, masarap, matamis kahit malamig. Kaylan kaya babalik yung init na nararamdaman ko habang hinawakan ko ang iyong mga kamay? Hindi marahil sa estado ng puso ko, malalim ang determinasyon kong maghintay. Saludo ako sa katatagan kong kahit sa saya at pighati hindi ko man lang nasubukang ibigay ang puso ko sa iba. Sapagkat alam kong kahit hirap na hirap kana, alam ko na darating ang araw na tayo ay malulumbay at hahanapin ang bawat isa. Subalit habang ang oras ay dumadaan, ako'y nag-iipon ng tapang sa katawan. Iniisip na niyayakap mo ako at binulungan, hindi paaasahin gaya ng ginawa mo saakin noong nakaraan. Ngunit ano pa nga ba ang aking magaggawa, kung sa una pa lamang ng ating pagkikita ako ay nagmamahal ng isang tala. Kung pwede lang sanang bigyan moko ng isang pagkakataong baguhin ang lahat ng pagkakamaling nagawa ko sa nakaraan. Ang mga pagkakamaling nananatiling nakaukit sa puso't isipan, ako'y nagdadasal na sana sa isang sandali tuluyan ko itong makalimutan. Hindi ko lubusang maisip ang sakit na dinaranas mo sa mga oras na iyon, sa mga tangang desisyon na iniwan kita para magbago ang intensyon. Intensyong akala ko ika'y nagkagusto saakin dahil ako'y naghahabol sayo, sadyang takot lang akong baka sa isang saglit ika'y biglang maglaho. Ilang beses na akong nagbuntong hininga upang mailabas ang lungkot na aking nadarama sapagkat dati ako yung pinakawalan, ikaw ang nahirapan. Tapos sa kasalukuyan, kabaliktaran ang aking nararamdaman, ako yung nasasaktan, kahit ikaw yung aking iniwan. Gusto kong lumapit sayo ngunit sa tuwing gagawin ko ramdam ko ang 'yong paglayo. Ano pa nga ba ang aking magagawa? Kung ayaw mo na saakin di na kita pipilitin. Isa lang naman akong taong mahina, ginawa para ika'y mahalin.
She stood up from the bed straight faced, turned towards the door and made her way hastily through it. She neared the door ever quickly tears swelling in her eyes before ripping it open and leaving him sitting in the bedroom motionless and still.
He meanwhile stared at the ground in awe. Trying to piece together the past hour or so and especially what just happened. He remained frozen for a period before snapping too searching round the house for her, calling her name but received no reply. Upon making a round down the hallway, he could hear the door banging against the wall, open and empty...
He rushed outside in a mad panic and bolted to the end of the driveway frantically looking in either direction for her, but by now she was already approaching the entrance to a park she was familiar with, they’d been here before. She was already making her way across the frozen grass, it numbing her feet instantly. They stung as she made each step dressed solely in a jacket and boxers. The cold night air sent her into a shivering frenzy but her eyes were fixed on the pond.
Unaware of the girl whereabouts the boy overwhelmed with guilt and worry sprinted off down the street fueled by determination and adrenaline. Sprinting several hundred metres until he tripped and tumbled grazing his sides and knees, unfathomed and eyes swollen he stood and set off running harder determined not to give up. Through blurred eyes he failed to see a couple taking an evening stroll in front of him. With a loud grunt on the part of both parties he ploughed through shaking his head and continuing as he had.

The girl stood at the foot of the pond walking to the edge of the pond. “This is it...I'm finally leaving this hell I made...” she mumbled to herself as she closed her eyes and taking deep breathes she finished with “there's no going back now...” Taking a single step forward her frame plunged into pond, sinking, body freezing and trembling as it sank deeper into the dark abyss.

The park loomed ahead, with all that was left he pushed forward, hip and side bleeding from the fall. Wincing in pain he burst into the clearing. His eyes darted to and fro’ using the minimal light from the street lights to hopefully make out something, or someone.
His gaze turned to the dark forest suspecting she may have taken off inside, it was his only lead and so the boy made his way towards it only ceasing the adrenaline fueled sprint as the disruption of ripples in water caught his eye. He turned on his heel and headed for the pond, feet numb from the dew ridden grass. Meanwhile just below the surface and falling, the girl’s throat and lungs burned. With that she let out her final breath and begun to sink faster, eyes slowly closing She thought to herself "this is my final goodbye huh....sorry I couldn't make it spark...." The bubbles began to form on the surface of the pond which the boy quickly picked up on.
"Oh my ******* god no no no and no" he began yelling as he sprinted for the pond with a new sense of urgency, ripping his shirt off taking a deep breath before diving head first into the water not caring for the fact he couldn’t swim. The icy water almost knocked the wind out of him as he made contact, eyes burning, swimming faster and deeper. He could make out her pale hand above her head as she sunk. In horror the boy almost screamed underwater but knew better than to. With all he had left he grabbed hold of her hand heaving your body up and grabbing her limp body tightly. He couldn't really cry under water but his eyes started to close and he begun to run out of breath, pushing to the surface he took a breath just before the surface taking in water. He burst through the shimmering wall of black and crawled onto the bank coughing and spluttering, coughing up copious amounts of water dragging a lifeless body, and his own limp one up the steep muddy incline. Spark staggered to his knees resting on his palms, breathing hard and heavy. Gasping hungrily for air he turned to his companion. Her body was cold and pale blue. Frozen. Lifeless.
A story I wrote months ago, thought I'd finish it up and tweak the errors... this is a story that was derived from a roleplay I engaged in... Hope you enjoy
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