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jonni inferno Feb 2018
be still and listen
hear ye not
that soulful song
of endless motion
that tireless voice
of storm wracked potion

her swollen bosoms'
rising, falling
her shameless
foam flecked

pouring out
her effervescence
on lips that drink
her adoration
yet never taste
her vital essence

her drumming chorus
a roaring thunder
on rocky clefts
torn asunder
as mourning rays
of misty raining
her teardrops falling
gently tracing
our loves
our sorrows
engraved each day
on these
mortal paintings

on granite shoulders
her message beats
that pounding drum
of thunderous need
as she flings
her ageless
storm tossed beauty
onto granite arms
etched and fluted
from hollowed cheeks
her kisses pouring
as sea birds cry
on stiff winds soaring

and ever on
throughout the ages
her ravenous
never wincing
from her brazen charms
her surging seduction's
voiceless call

within her warm caresses
in her wind tossed tresses
enfolding him
in her flowing graces
in dulcet tones
of annihilation
a stormy ocean
crashing upon
granite cliffs
RoKu May 2015 you at noon cafe
touch gently, heart beating
your body closes mine
a special little kiss, surreal, so right
swathe shy both hearts
enfold you in  my arms
my imagination is unfettered
from the laws of logic
magic rain changes to sun
mountains and oceans dance together
that feeling inside
like stars shine
and moon glows at noon
mind begins to swim
heart still beating
inside, I say:
you're all mine
I can call my own
with and without reasons
logic is unreign
promise tomorrow is at now

— The End —