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Mike Virgl Mar 2018
I was alone.
With the pitter patter

My solemn mouth
From a bitter shatter.

I still hear.
The waters eating waves

My hearts flutters
Reflecting the knave.

I had fun.
With another rosary

My soul asks,
"Was it just tonight?"

I dont feel.
I dont feel now

My passions stills
With a heart bow.

I feel distracted.
Why do I look?

My senses joined
As my brains crook.

I lose belief.
In self fufillment

My feelings pass
The path to sacrament.

I want death.
Upon my stimulation

My feeling gone
I give a libation.

I am tranquil.
Not sad, or desperate

My face is rational
As emotion is separate.

I offer myself.
And give peacefully

My ending, my soul
And my entire body.

To unlock the peace I found and to keep it forever.
patty m Nov 2014
Outside my garden wall, traffic swishes, yet in this place of rock and sand, cool moss and good earth, I lose myself in reflection.

secret shadow land
my deeper self plants firmly
spreading family roots

bird feeder robbers
springing from the sweet gum tree
three playful squirrels

even in chill air
splashing sounds twitter loudly
when birds come to bathe

Precious relics are buried here. Baby teeth collected by the tooth fairy, a tiny lock of baby's hair symbolic of her first haircut.
Crystals, quartz,  a single silver button, and spider webs gossamer as silk

lines drawn in the sand
speak a language all their own
whispering softly.

Autumn days warm as butter quickly change to chilly nights.  
While I, a contented cat enjoy a cornucopia of earthy colors and pungent scents; Chrysanthemums, lilies and wheat, surrounded by harvest candles, their flickering teases shadow as it dances across the wall.
Mums and marigolds
help to brighten hearth and heart
mini-suns glowing

Happiness is abandoned nests, the fledglings gone having found their wings.  For now I'll claim them and set them among the stone elves and tiny pumpkins.

One perfect blue egg
alone in deserted nest
dreaming it can fly

Wind's echoing rasp meets soft night's descent sending eveyone closer to the fire.  It's too early for snow, but the scent is in the air.  A polar vortex is what they're calling this fast exchange from fall to winter chill.  

outside the windows
tree monsters flail their limbs
lashing and thrashing

Little eyes are getting sleepy.  Time for prayers and a bedtime story, then kisses as she's tucked warmly into bed.

as today concludes
I sit alone with my thoughts
sipping strong black tea

unconscious bounty
poem seedlings blossoming
grace a tired mind

sleep and renewal
met with a dusting of snow
on the evergreens.

Even as I clear away snow from the sidewalks, the birds gather hoping for my gift of peanuts and bread. .  
Feathered friends you know when I open the door, all gathering to sing your morning songs from the eves and bushes.  
Your joyousness is contagious and I too hum a song enjoying the crisp feel of the cold. .

Glorious new day
the rapture of whiteness sings
hymns of renewal
Tiny footprints trail
disappearing in bushes
softly fluttering
Haibun is a form that includes diary entries and haiku to further enhance the moment.  This is a repost but I've amended certain segments and added more haiku.  To all who read me, I say thank you for your comments and thoughts.  I hope you enjoy my small snapshots of time and vision.  
big hugs
Tommy Randell Jan 2018
Someone who says
Yes                     No
To an empty page

Someone who lends
Silence            Noise
To a busy day

Someone who teases
Thought         Vacuity
From a cloudy mind

Someone who offers
Meaning    Nonsense
To Humankind
Make of it what you will
Kestrel Blythe Mar 2018
The sky is a painting
Unreal and too beautiful
Yet above me, it hangs
Just the same

Shades of bright blue
Cerulean, turquoise
Peeking out between
Streaks of pure white

Grey forms hover
Overhead, shifting
Moving on waves
Of wind

The ocean below
Follows restlessly behind
Churning and crashing
Against the shore

While on the horizon
Farther away
Bursts of yellow and pink
Tinge the mountains of cloud

The wind teases
My unyielding skin
Dull and solid
I send forth a wish

For the sun to illuminate
The cool breeze to *******
The cells of my body
Absorbing me

Into the sky
ryn Oct 2018
What once was stoic
and only showed strength,
now slowly sinks and melts...
Like a castle of sand
on the shore,
fending off the teases
from the playful waves
of the rising tide - but failed.

What once was rock...
Now submits to forces
that meant to erode and break.
Pounding, battering and
eating into the outer carapace
I’ve prided for years.

What once was armour
I thought impervious
and would deflect,
now threatens to collapse into itself.
Like a weak submersible
made for the shallows
yet dove too deep,
anticipating the impending crush
at the end.
Nat Lipstadt Mar 24
-for Zukiswa Mvunguse~
and for
~ Jul,
who once again,
loved each line best~

having already deduced that:

“the unplanned is his plan,
it’s his faceted flaws
that refract his coloratura”^

the titled alliteration teases him into thinking
there, is more to be said,
more to be prayed,
the unplanned lesser lesson is as-of-the-yet unlearned,
and the sunburst of a full fledged
lying-in-bed born from a static spark of kinetic energy,
awaking in an unfamiliar bed
or a too familiar state of mind,
begs for birth and vainglorious death-by-anon/amity
of another poem  

I have written poems commissioned,
“write about suicide,” asked a friend,
“take this word and artfully knead it,” once, was once an oft request,
twisty manipulate your scheming resources into
finely assaying a field rock raw,
laboratory mind-mine it into an essay that delve dives
where you fear to treacherous tread,
resultant, an awkward prayer, now, a valued mineral

no poem is truly planned and no prayer ever truly answered,
but as you compose, pushing the last, next word
ever farther to the right,
you self-confess, expecting no absolution, that the poem,
this one as well,
and the next, and the next, and the next

has always been planned since your inception,
always a prayer asked, and in creation conception,
answered even if not directly answered,
in the bare minimum asking,
is the answering,
is the planning,
is the poem and the prayer,
is his owned
spontaneously born at 7:57am on
Sunday, March 24, 2019

read her poems.
Jason Lingaya Mar 11
Here there little fella

Here there

C– l – o – s – e – r

Down the aisle

Follow the sign


Teases a clock

In the shadows

Be brave hither

Heroic never

Trust your host

To guide you

Through an abyss

Of unprecedented bliss

Jack was a wimp

The Ripper I am

At your service

Hesitating still ugh

Never mind fella

Pray hang on

One moment more

Jolly and bright

The darkest alleys

Are my quarters

The austere grounds

On which I Rip Rip Rip

Gluttony is the name

Of my game

Instead of teeth

Dear Lord

Mine are grim lethal

Razor sharp blades

And my throat

A gruesome One-Way ticket

No wonder my stomach

Knows no rest

At your service

The Ripper I am

The infamous

Snowflake Moray Eel.
Childhood fishing memories from Poste-Lafayette, Mauritius.
Jenny Gordon Dec 2018
"...minutes hasten to their close"


Ah me! rain's subtle voice upon the tale
Of fallen leaves where dusk, late perished thence,
'Most haunts our passage with a deeper sense
I push aside, to hearken in betrayl
To those delicious footfalls like t'avail,
Small conversation lost to keen suspense
As lo, more fragile notes half trip from hence
So near, and yet in ghostly fashion'd hail.
As if my soul yields to feigned sense as twere,
Which swears tis but the wind whose passing through
'Non teases longings, how the windshield fer
All that shows tiny droplets clustring to
Effect; what is't that I'm allowed in poor
'Scuse to hear what I've yearned for?  Is it...You?

*NOTE:  that final individual addressed is:  the LORD.
Though I failed to jot it down in one of these damning diary pages known as sonnets, reading the Bible finally when I'd a chance did restore my soul, even as the Scriptures declare He does.
She feels like a young woman,
once again...
It's not like its
her first kiss,
first date,
or first love-
but it feels like
Her First All Over Again...
Its almost; as if,
she's gone back in time.

Her hands are cool,
palms sweaty-
Her heart is beating rapidly,
her tummy full of lil' butterflies-
She's a woman now-
but, the excitement, is just the same.
Should she have these feelings,
as she is, even though,
she isn't a young one anymore?

Her and her beau
are sitting on her bed-
He leans towards her,
she closes her eyes-
as he brushes his lips upon hers.
His lips...
so warm, soft, and giving!

He puts a hand through her hair,
along her neck, pulling her towards him-
closer, to deepen their kiss!
She puts a hand on his chest,
the other on the back
of his head-
keeping him right where she wants him.

They kiss for several long moments...
She moans softly,
he pulls her upward
and gently sits her upon his lap.
They melt into one another!

Each kiss;
more intense and increasingly
demanding, as the previous one-
he wants to taste her fully-
he flicks his tongue along her upper lip-
coaxing her to open up to him,
hoping she'll allow him access-

She parts her lips
with a hunger like no other
she had felt before!
Oh, the passion they feel...
the enticement that builds-
His tongue teases hers
with a seductive tangle...

as their internal heat is high,
their clothing; too constricting-
they undress one another-
throwing articles of clothing
this way and that-
They have this bite of Heaven-
these stolen cherished moments
to just him and her... alone!

Passion, and pure desire
heightens them to anew.
The friendship
these two have built;
has been turning into this love
they now feel.
This love these two
feel, has been growing
for several months,
is right at their hands;
becoming deeper-
making them come alive!

Feeling so right, he takes her-
entering her in one full deep movement-
claiming her as only his!
Taking their passion
to a high- neither
could remember feeling before-

As they ****** together,
and lay in one another's arms'
totally satisfied- they cuddle
and close their eyes just for a few moments-
Then, he tells her he's never felt
so loved before!
And the twinkle in her eye
tells him she feels just the same!


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
patty m Mar 10
Reading a book in the morning breeze,
the trees call to me, their rapturous whoosh
in feathered  breeze
teases my cheek
as I breathe in the scattered scent
that folds over pages gently turned
allowing me touch the meaning of the words

Then it comes again, the whispering
of  ancient conversations
rustling as the book falls from my hands
dreams spring like seeds of destiny
creating riddles, the secrets of life.

Little known tales borrow time winging to
streak the sky;
fluttering flags, the delicate song of the windchime,
sums of numbers lay themes unseen,
fields of imagination flower.

I breathe cloud leaving my footsteps skyward
sweet spring verse, the tickle of alliteration,
spills giggling into endless rhyme
blue hyacinths and tiny white snowballs meld
with rose in rainbow sash
Small enticements, create special magic,
a fine lace filigree penned across
a ****** page
nawke Jul 2018
once in my sanctuary
it came in a loud gallop
followed by a wallop
my sorrowful lumbar
detaching the fear
of a clumsy blunder

shifted away from
the law of physics  
an emptied vessel unmoved
like a sealed vacuum
certain a final curtain
pin drop in code of silence

light time alliances
whooshing me into
ethereal plains
a sublime hemisphere
of infinitesimal space, time
an indescribable beyond

gentle breezes
feathery light teases
soon a star-gazing eyes
darted through a
zero gravity galaxy of an
endless empyrean expanse

a’turnin spherical sight
orange white stripes
rosely red spot
churning roiling clouds
speckled dusty rings
what beauteous it shrouds

why am I here
a knowing voice appeared
melodically close but I
can only behold afar
of an ethereally existential
interstellar manifold

questioning mind
told of convoluted ways
as seen and heard
the rhymes and seasons but
for one and the only reason
mankind's whisper'd words

entrance to the portal
as did my dawned immortal  
met a peaceful assembly
I lay in days, this rapturous gifts
what divine effulgence of
a truly cosmic lift
July 2016 - the trip to somewhere
I long soon, to come and see you, again and again
Peter J Jun 5
Raging raging torrents of water
It lashes against me exposed
Yet my boulders remain in place
As they have since Adam and Eve
Man has built bridges and dams
Before quietness and sandy mouth
Where a tide teases me with abandoned wood.
Winter colours me white
Summer colours me with life
And my debris washes far away
It croaks and groans such immovable
rolling Hippopotamus relics.
My exposed thighs rise as miniature cliffs
And salted sea air mixes with my far away mountain stream.
I’ve never counted the number of raindrops that have peppered me
North’s times a full moon has filled me
to bursting.
I never tire from a sunsets colour brush
Or trout that tickles my belly bed.
Look at me from far away to near
I turn and fall with ease and grace
From Ffestiniog hills to Bae Ceredigion
#David Nash exhibition Cardiff
#Don’t cry because it’s over – smile because it happened”
Dr Seuss
Carolann Apr 23
I search through days that have been
hard and try to understand
the many trials that I have known,
the life that I have had.
You see me in my daily grind
so confident and strong,
yet when I am alone
question just where do I belong.
I often try to hard to find
to analyze and guess
to scrutinize, investigate
my life i will confess.
For somewhere deeper
there must be a meaning to this life,
Some way to make a difference,
give a reason for this strife.
Is there a hidden meaning
some agenda to be found.
A greater purpose waiting,
if  i care to hand around.
It teases and it taunts me
always slightly out of sight.
A hazy vision  out of reach
where darkness hides the light.
I struggle to bring  clarity
to what awaits me there
and yet this Weak illusion
always fades before my stare.
It seems the harder that i try
to focus through this haze.
It just seems to serve more questions
upon my tired endless gaze.
Perhaps i make it harder
then it has to be sometimes .
But will my searching bring to me
my meaning over time.
or will it leave me perplexed
as i feel now
While questions bring no solitude 
 to this my wrinkled brow
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018
EᔕᔕᕼI  ᑕOᑎT.
~ ⚪♫⚪ ~
"You do that and your mother will make sure
you have nothing but kale meals for a
month or three!" Ainhara snickers. "She only
wants you to eat more healthy meals."
"She's the one who likes the green devil,"
Lyn snaps. "I don't have to!"
"You seem to forget, My Lady," Esshi
points out, "Mothers know best!"
She can tell the young queen wants
to retort but she begrudgingly nods with
a small smile.

~ ⚪♫⚪ ~
"Alright," Lyn groans, "I'll eat it."
She dips her spoon into the soup, lifts
some kale, lamb, potatoes and broth,
blows away the steam, eats,
chews slowly.
"Hmm!" Lyn smiles and eats happily.
"It's actually not half-bad!"
She looks around. "Don't tell her I said
that. She wouldn't let me live it down."
"Your secret is safe with us, My Lady."
Esshi giggles as they watch her eat.

~ ⚪♫⚪ ~
"If there's more, you two should have some."
Ainhara cut a slice of freshly baked honey
-bread and places it by her mistress' side
while Esshi makes some fresh Jasmine
Pearl tea.
"I thought you were not hungry!" Ainhara
teases. Their Queen had the grace to flush.
"It certainly helped... Compliments to Bael
and his team! Thank you, but now, I need
to get back to work. Letters to respond to,
gathering my things for the morrow-"
Mothers, right? Looool
Enjoy part 9!
Lyn ***

Always in an entrapment
Humans are not fully evolved

Whatever humans do
Always caged in a cocoon
Unfulfilled and distressed

No matter how many births...
Drudgery remains

It isn't easy
To let go grudges
No 'conditioning' budges

How much / many times we struggle
How much we pretend to be happy
No door opens up to break-free

Like a butterfly
Lying dormant within cocoon
Awaiting illumination to seep in

Like dead corpses
Scratching the inner skin
Peering though translucent shells
Breathless and restless
Decaying within -
With a hope of a "crack"

That's the time when
The cocoon tightens

Colors teases the rues
Heart beats the air of freedom

The fairies of courages
Spreads its wings
To soar higher as "dreamZ"
To battle and baffle
To ciphers and blunder
By taking a clue from within

Breaking the shackles
To embrace the sparkled dust
Digesting and leaving behind...
A transitional state to ONENESS

One need not cry for quiescence
Now one awaits the cosmos -
Sky, rainbow, stars.... infinite

Bidding farewell...
The LOVE's butterfly
Desires to flutter and fly

LOVE is the only #chrysalis
MichaelC Mar 16
There’s a girl I know,
To her my thoughts always go.
She’s so beautiful in every way,
I can’t wait to talk to her everyday.
When she smiles I go weak,
Completely lost for words it’s impossible to speak.
She teases me with a text or two,
My mind gets stuck as if she’s glue.
I think about her day and night,
I don’t even need pictures I can’t get her out of my sight.
If only I had the words to speak directly to her heart,
Maybe together we could mend two lives that had separately fallen apart.
I can never think of the right thing to say,
I just hope the wait isn’t to long and she doesn’t get away...
AditiBoo Aug 2018
Come on! Let’s float!
Travel the highway by boat!
Inhale once, long and deep
Feel that air as the lightness starts to seep

Enjoy as your furthest nerves start to tingle
Your heartbeat teases your mind like a jingle
A sense of inner peace whooshes through
Lifting your spirit, getting rid of the blue

It’s an out of body experience
Conversing with your subconscience
Seeing yourself with open eyes
Baffled at your own unconscious lies

Feeling powerless but secure
Knowing nothing but being very sure
Wanting to do something
Yet not needing to do anything

So float! Just let yourself float
When nothing seems to work that is the antidote
Fly over your worries and woes
There is a horizon beyond your sorrows

You might just burst in laughter
And have a sad memory right after
But some unexpected joy is bound to arrive
Because floating allows exuberance to thrive

Come on! Let’s float!
Travel the highway by boat!
Inhale once, long and deep
Feel that air as the lightness starts to seep
Alexanda Aug 2018
I miss you
I miss everything about you
I miss your kisses
I miss our unsolved fights
I miss the way you look at me at basketball practice
I miss your smile
I miss all your teases

Now that I'm not with you
I miss you more
I miss the times we spent together
I miss everything we had
I'm sorry that I messed up
Just wanted to let you know how much I miss you

I miss you
I know I messed up but understand that I was afraid to lose you.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
"I try! And I know my tea."
"So when will I hear of your own marriage?"
Donna teases and I flush.
All that leaves my lips is, "Uhhhhhh..."
Donna only laughs at my response and pats
my shoulder gently. "I am sorry if I made you
uncomfortable. Take your time with it. But try
not to put it off for too long. Marriage is a
wonderful thing. Spend your life with someone
you love and loves you so much in turn."

"Now you sound like my mother."
"And Mothers always know best!" She winks
as Sue and Kim and Yidna and Sarita and
Jugnu and Fawn and Stars and Dawn
all approach her as Donna gives her
thanks to each of them individually,
Kings and Queens.
I stand there and simply watch them
with a smile.
"Hey!" a voice whispers behind me.
"Good Lord!" I exclaim while jumping
out of my skin. Immediately, I
look behind to see a snickering Paul.
"I'm not amused! It's not funny!" I snap
but he only snickers louder at me.

"I really hate when you do that..." I
say, my hand on my heart as I try to
slow my beating. "No apology?"
"Nope!" Paul grins. "You're so uptight, I swear.
Relax!" He slugs his arm around my shoulders as
I just shake my head. "By the way, everything's
ready for her final surprise. So let's head out
to the inner courtyard."
I nod. "Where's Esshi and Ainhana?"
"Right here," another voice cuts in
and I see King Brandon with both
my handmaids. "Such charming
young ladies."
"You've been flirting with them too,
Part 3! ^-^
Paul, I swear you're so **** cheeky loool!
One more to go! ^-^
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