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Epic Monkey Dec 2018
In your embrace
Demons throw their weapons and run
Storms of thoughts converge in one
in one place
Where I always want to stumble upon
the hopeful glory of another rising sun
in your gorgeous face!

In your embrace
A serene truce begins yet so brief
Like a chemical antidepressant relief
To replace
the empty "fading-out" feeling that grieves
the subtle intermittent happiness that leaves
without a single trace!

In your embrace
I feed on the streams of your affection
Filling my massive holes of self-rejection
An outer space
of stardust diluted by expanding void
A paragon diamond forever destroyed
What a disgrace!

Whenever you seek and find me
Stuck in my everlasting winter
Brace your arms around me
So I can survive a bit longer
For whatever once died in me
Never made me any stronger

But you can never trust in me
For I will always abuse your shelter

~Epic Monkey
Epic Monkey Apr 2018
She smiled asymmetrically
Challenged a stroke that paralysed her
Then lifted up dramatically
The broken hopes i had for her

I had strived to help her recover
But it was a single raindrop on a barren land
A decent yet so frail endeavour
A spark of life lost in dessicated sand

But life is not in the sparks we achieve
It's an imploding light
In the minds of those who truly believe
It's the persistent fight
The will to throw yourself on the battlefield
Against the illusion of fright
And the fear that you will eventually yield!
and even someday, you might
Rise up then and hold again your shield
'cause if you don't survive this everlasting night
It is also me that you will deceive

It was rather my mind that paralysed me
And rather her smile revascularised me
This dope I received
was the hope that I need
An inspiring pill
For an expiring will
A lifelong set of treatments
for my postponed disappointments

~Epic Monkey
Epic Monkey Oct 2017
Perfect stranger with a blinding light
Wicked danger blinding my insight
A hollow enigma in a shell of fright
and a passion magma I cannot hold inside

Architect of a mystery of irresistible blur
A refractory gravity, a vertiginous whirl
Some sort of gifted sorcery, a multidimensional puzzle
Tangled streams of poetry, a rhyme-shattering rebel

My uncharted horizon to dream about
What could be a reason to keep you out?
Will I need wings to carry you on my shoulders?
or will I require them to adapt to your soaring place?
Should i avoid to step out of my comfortable borders?
Or should I give in to a silhouette without a face?

~Epic Monkey
Epic Monkey Jul 2017
You used to rest
your head on my chest
Listening to my heartbeat
Playing a drum solo anxiously
It's when our souls longed to meet
Fusing together passionately
Time went fast but precious
As we feared an end to all this

Now, as you rest
Your head on my chest
Listening to my heartbeat
Playing a lullaby peacefully
Our souls committed  to meet
Fused together already
Time goes slow but precious
As we cherish every second of all this

Soon, you will rest
Your head on my chest
Listening to my heartbeat
Playing skipped beats from malady
Our souls with destiny meet
Fused even more from agony
Time drains fast but most precious
As we fight our way away from all this

Until the day you'll rest
Your head on my chest
Listening to no heartbeat
Playing the pause of asystole
Our souls too far away to meet
Fused apart distantly
Time is out, not anymore precious
As you suicide away from all this

~epic monkey
Epic Monkey May 2017
Flutter high
You'd better fly
and paint the air

Colorless worm
Powerless you were
Alone in the blur
of the world out there

Brought up by a careless mother
Brought down by a faithless lover
Back-stabbed by the closest friend
But never strong enough to mend

The abuse in their love
Fed the unconditionality in yours
The harshness in their souls
Fueled the kindness in yours

When all this world's horrors
Swept away all your colors
New ones were your creation
A spectrum beyond imagination

Now all you see around you
is this world's boredom and pallor
Many will underestimate you
Won't appreciate you precious color
'Till you find that rare other you
who knows the price of your glamour
Has enough kindness to deserve you
from all the pain he had suffered
To invest himself all in you
to paint the air together

"If only this world had many of you
we could have loved one another"

Flutter far
Better fly high
like the star you are

Colorless worm
Alone in the blur
Not anymore
But so much more.

~Epic Monkey
tribute to a friend
Epic Monkey Oct 2016
Her laughter resonated
for only a moment
Then it lingered
releasing all tension
As if life in me detonated
in a glimpse of a moment
As it hindered
every little expression

Afraid to be too cheesy
All the poetry stayed inside
The touch of her cheeks so squeezy
The euphoria in me I couldn't hide
Couldn't make a single blink
Every ability of mine she defied
My weakness is this I think
When charm and bliss collide

As the laughter started to fade
The spark didn't last
The sun turned slowly to shade
and the void in me grew fast
Slave to a laughter to end my agony
Soaked in anxiety, deprived of rest
I'll defy myself despite my atony
Bring back that laughter, my ultimate quest

It was a hideous day when i saw her frown
Maiming my strength, twisting me around
Someone had just broken her heart
Remodeled her face, that piece of art
I got her flowers
of all sorts of colors
Tried a few pokes
Threw a few jokes
My neck bent down
But her frown never bent

But the next day she rose like a cedar tree
She became the hero I couldn't be
Flew her way up to happiness' peaks
I stood up as she lifted my soul
Reborn from those round cheeks
with soft lips and bright eyes at each pole

And I waited...
I waited not for too long

Till her laughter resonated
for only a moment
Then it lingered
releasing all tension
Then life in me detonated
in a glimpse of a moment
As it hindered
Every possible expression

~Epic Monkey
Epic Monkey May 2016
Watching time
Pass me by
4 blank walls and a ticking clock
2 blank eyes and a feeling block
Colorful floaters flying
Colorless thoughts undying
Withered nerves, blooming vessels
Brittle bones, stiffened muscles
Spiritual paralysis in mental mazes
Emotional desert, unreachable oasis
When Silence heals faster than words
When Peace kneels faster than war
When Freedom feels like caged birds
and Dark conceals the sheltering shore

Watching time
Pass me by
Mute routine, no remorse
Swinging from bad to worse
Like a golden fish in a glassy box
where fake waters keep life flowing
A toy-castle and artificial rocks
where fake food comes daily snowing
False care to the insomniac in the toy castle
turns out to be the ultimate love-showing
The memory too short to be grateful
Better be oblivious than knowing
When you belong to a sea harsh and sinful
where sharks eat you to keep growing
Narrow box, shallow rocks void "only" a little
as the deceptive love keeps overflowing

Watching time
Run me by
Staring at the hourglass draining
Grain by grain
the golden sand
Staring at the emptiness draining
thoughts without a train
randomly banned
Staring at the misery draining
heart and brain
and its out of hand

'Cause silence heals faster than words
Peace would kneel faster than war
And Freedom feels like caged birds
As dark still conceals the sheltering shore

~Epic Monkey
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