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When they come to get us, I want to climb over the wall with you.
I want to be on your side.
The safe side.
Where they can't really hurt us,
Because you are there for your mind, and your words, and wit,
And I am there because you chose to take me with you.
11th October 2013
They paint the sky in patchwork
almost every morning.
Not a single glance amongt them as fine white dust, an almost fog, seeps through the grates. Whispers from long lost tunnels deep below the city.

Laughter and frustrated cat calls fill the scattered streets, mingling together raw. There's people huddled in corners and alleys yet the city of love feels lonelier than ever.

Scent of a woman meets scent of the gutter, and somehow remains unscathed. They flood the streets straight from the Seine, cobblestone waterfalls run wild and tall.

As for the men,
All the rumours were true,
But I'll try another one
Just to make sure.
Paris, October 2013, 8am.
A summer spent in constant pain
I suffer, I was strangled;
thinking all must bare this bane
I faded within daylight.

I'm not aware, not for a second,
I'm dying from within.
My childish mind, my naive soul
convinced me it's a sin.

Secrets lost behind closed doors,
books slammed shut on tables.
My last decision left's to doze
and keep still as I'm able.

'The best years of your life' they say.
'You'll never have this youthful energy again' they say.

All the while like gossamer, the lust for life slides out through my finger tips limply hanging over the couches edge.

Unspoken words that whittled me down to half a shadow grey.
My skin, my flesh, my hair, my bones, they slowly fade away.

Soon I had forgotten,
just how it used to feel
to run through life, a teenage dream,
an ever spinning wheel.

Stagnant, stuck, just one last gasp,
the blood seeped through the sheets,
I could not hide it any longer
History repeats.
March 2013

No one ever tells you it's the essence of your veins.
No one ever warns there should be limits to such pain.
His stream of consciousness was shallow. If a leaf were to settle upon the brook, to grace his life by falling gently to the waters, it would be swiftly babbled away.  
A leaf, a friend, a lover - none were given a chance to reach the calm below the surface. His thoughts, the stones, and pebbles were constantly turned by the ever flowing tide that carried him along his path alone. Go deeper **** it.
December 2012
Rambling over cobble stones,
hollering each step.
The sun has set, won't rise again
over your pretty head.

I dreamed you left me all alone,
abandoned, left to stew
among my thoughts - of things I've done
to be treated so by you.

You won't look further, deeper down,
it's up from here on in.
We had our last embrace last year
at 3am with gin.

The only way you'll see me now
is looking down your nose.
I'm left here standing, knowing well
our friendship's been disposed.
March 2013
Like a simcard snapped in two,
my heart, for thee, it splinters.
While summer solstice holds you close,
I wait through endless winters.

Golden skin in Roman baths,
I swoon but from a distance.
Close my eyes - heart beats heavy.
I want you here this instant.

With no more ways to fill my time
in transit I must write you.
This poem proves quite clumsily
it's you that I am into.
June 2013, on a bus.
Late on a Sunday night,
Minute by minute
My suspicions are confirmed.
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