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Mike Virgl Oct 2019
From two worlds, one and undone the in between
The glue that holds what can and cannot be seen
I declare that by my hands and my grace
This magic shall no longer be a wall

As love as a haste, let my commandment be a hall
To bridge the gap from where I go, to where I wish
Let me see star, for a lover's last kiss
Inspired by Star vs the Forces of Evil
Mike Virgl Oct 2019
The people I have affected,
as a car
Rolls over a road,
like a bulldozer,
I only hope they managed not to crack

At least I hope some of the concrete stayed in place.

I see some of them stable, yet
Others worry me beyond belief
I worry they are no longer recognizable,
No longer traversable
No longer what I remember

One cross section, of always, gives me fright
And to think I'll never need to go straight down that brown haired road again
Mike Virgl Mar 2019
Mania, as the sun hails through the breeze,
and comes to kiss the cheek of the depressed.
the winter is gone and quaintly I remiss about years of longing.
Flux, the ray places the warm degrees to skin and a feeling comes about and begins to spread. Happiness is here, yet it was not missed. Nadir, the sun is robbed by the winds and time, but the warmth still lingers; just to a lesser deegre.

May I miss the first sun of spring again.
Mike Virgl Feb 2019
A nihilistic pandemic leads our way
If god is not there do we see no other place?
If one leaves may morals not stay?
Might immortal feelings fade like a face?

An animalistic epidemic bares its teeth
Is apathy a path of which we seek?
Is nothing there if there is a sheath?
Might immortal actions be mere freak?

I no longer believe the future is present
If we can choose what is true, then is anything?
Mike Virgl Dec 2018
"Heavy appendage lying above,
Your weight equals your allure

Simple leverage outside to in,
Your potential follows behind"

I said while chained to the center
Bearing my burden as I did

"Your extremities lean too far south,
Weakened your zenith splinters

Your midpoint, threatened from end to end,
Is all that neither shall bear"

The shoulders of man began to bleed,
At the axis, where a silent atlas stood

"Hold the earth and tether it to fit
Hold the end up to balance the plain

Hold each other and revel in peace
Hold fast to the fulcrum"

With these last words Atlas left
Leaving man to work
And Man alone
I wrote this poem about the political spectrum, as I feel it has not only become too violent, but people have begun to drift too far to either side and they are hurting the people in the middle.
Mike Virgl Oct 2018
Fruit is rarely perfect,
Under soil in a ditch.
Can a little paranoia,
**** the ***** thought,


Stinging and Hovering and Infecting and Tantalizing?
Ever see something that made you spiral?
Mike Virgl Aug 2018
For those who I've got to know.
The ones I've shown that I can grow,
and change.
Thank you for the fun, sadness, and everything in between.
You are all in memories and help make me...

This is for everyone in real life, and everyone on this site who has ever liked or loved my poems, thank you guys! I can't believe people like to read my stuff, and it just makes me happy knowing you people care.
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