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Vas Bismark Mar 2015
Love One Day

I met Love
A short time back
A time I can barely remember

I said hi
Love said hello
Have we met?
Love said,
I don't think so

It didn't matter
Love didn't mind
We spoke and spent some time together
Exchanged numbers, drank water high above city lights

I said I knew Love
But then later I wasn't sure
At that time I lost myself
And found myself more with her than before

I didn't feel the need
I felt I didn't have the time
It seemed fair
So I kept my mouth shut

Even worse,
I called Love something she was not
I called out friend
When I should have said Love

I always wanted to tell Love
When I am myself
I say I love you, friend
But would like it to mean more

I found you, Love...
But I can't be with you today
I found you, but hopefully us could wait
I'm your friend,
But I hope, I too can be your Love one day

                                                                     -Vas Bismark
Vas Bismark Jan 2015
Pauper Dream

Had I been born with the powers to change the sky
I would have laced them with more colors of light
Should you find it dark during the night,
The dim moon and stars
Should glow brighter, a penchant, when you pass by
Alas, I was born a pauper, driven only by dreams
All I have are words,
Words written from a dull pencil
Writing on fragile pieces of paper made from hopes
Even if I wrote the whole world, writing the words
Gold... Love... Hope... Beauty... Dirt... and Stone...
Nothing is changed... All I am is a pauper
Only a simple pauper with this silly dream
Vas Bismark Jan 2015
The Moon Of  My Nights

Some nights you shine
So brightly full and filled with life
Like a moon full night  
Never have I seen someone
So whole, complete, and fine

Other nights you fade
Into shadowed sorrow and darkness
Like a waning moon
Never have I seen someone
So halved apart, and blue

Every night I watch
You wax or wane
Like the moon in the sky
You stand out to
Brighten my every night
Vas Bismark Jan 2015

Whenever the heavens cry
I look up to give her a smile
When the sun is happy and bright
Out of habit I close my eyes,
Turn away, immediately, I am shy

Looking through glassy windows
It’s a playful little girl I see
When those eyes glisten
I can’t help but wave my hand
To let you know, that, I said Hello
I see you... You see me...
Vas Bismark Jan 2015
Across The Sea

Rupture me and sing a solemn soliloquy
Make me flounder,
Meandering into reverie
With a cordial glance partnered
With your bashful smile
Leave me astatic, relatively restive,
And flustered for a while

Pace the torrid beach sands
Stoically, and wait for me
Pray I make the journey,
Threading this vast seething sea.
Soothe my aches with the anodyne
Of your tepid amorous embrace  
Animate me with a touch of life,
So I may have another glimpse of your lovely face
Vas Bismark Dec 2014
Touch of Breath

You breathe life,
The simple sweet words you had me speak
In time it grew,
Into the solace and peace I needed.

So sweet the sound.
Heart to ear,
Heart to me,
Later I found your heart in me

Lovely is the notion
Thoughts of you,
Acts for you,
My heart beat with you

A moment enough,
Touch of breath.
That moment,
I felt my heart beat in you

                           -Vas Bismark
Vas Bismark Dec 2014
The Story of Love

A long time back, when
Vices and Virtues were,
Young, playful, and inexperienced.
They had made a game of which,
None wished to ever remember.

Long forgotten in the span of time.
There was once a story of,
How Love had gone blind.
In this tale, it spoke,
How those friends were caught in,
The boredom which Idle Time bestowed.

In nature’s garden, they lounged,
Until the music of,
Silent minds had,
Riled Impatience twitchy thoughts.
“We should play a game,
Of Hide and Seek.” he said.

“What’s that?” Madness asked.
Impatience smiled as he explained,
The rules of the game,
Of how they would play.

“Everyone hides where ever they like,
But there will be one that will seek.”
“Sounds fun!” Madness thought.

“I’d be ‘it’.” He suddenly said.
Vices and Virtues went to hide,
As Madness counted,
The grains of sand on the river side.

Envy hid between, the clouds to watch,
Wishing she had a better spot.
Anger hid under a rock to think.
His face as hard as that thing.

Laziness laid on his bed to sleep,
Caring little if he was caught.
Patience sat behind the leaves,
Together with Tolerance he hid,
Amongst the trees.

Secrets stayed below,
Hidden in the Lakes,
Clouded by a shadowed face.
Vanity cloaked herself in,
The reflection of shiny things.

Love hid behind,
The white rose bush,
Of which she liked.
There she lingered for some time.

In time, Madness had forgot,
Why he counted the grains of sand.
So he searched every where but,
Was unable to find anyone.

In hopelessness, he glanced,
Up and found,
Envy’s sinister face
Peering through the clouds.

“Found you!” he declared.
For he knew he was right.
Infuriated that she was the first,
She gave him her brother’s site.

Anger turned cold,
In sight of,
His sister’s mocking laugh.
In his head he knew,
Someone had to pay,
A pair of eyes for,
Giving him away.

“Love is in the rose bush.” he said.
“But she wont come out till,
You stab her to death.”
Devoid of thought Madness believed.
With a pitch fork he charged,
Yelling madly for Love.

Wildly he stabbed until,
White roses turned red.
In her piercing scream, he stopped.
As she crawled out of her hiding spot.

Blood dripped down her face.
Madness knew it was a mistake.
He begged for her forgiveness and
Apologized. “What can I do for you,
To make it up to you?” He asked.

“Be my guide,” she said.
“You can be my eyes.”
And ever since, it was said that,
Love was blind.
And Madness always had,
Guided Love.

                                           -Vas Bismark
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