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Antionicia Dec 2019
Pinky to pinky
Side to side
Eyes on screen
Why so shy

Am I too far
Too close to bluff
Can I be this close
Its more than enough

Like magnets
We're pulled
Like forces
Like fools

Too close to bluff
Pinky to pinky
Is more than enough
Antionicia Apr 2019
my home is forever
        amongst the stars
lightyears ago I was born
        constellations breathed life into my lungs
and the cosmos taught me
how to truly be free
Antionicia Apr 2019
one day 
it will be 
the love of my life
and the sun
rising above the trees
to capture
the scarlet night

we will rock 
back and forth 
                and forth and back 
and back and forth 
and catch 
butterflies on our 
as we bathe 
in the warmth 
of each other’s arms

my home
will forever belong
Antionicia Sep 2018
I crave a love so passionate
so whole
I crave it like I crave the stars.
Antionicia Sep 2018
we all have Darkness within us
we try to suppress it
as best as we can
but sometimes it just

Antionicia Sep 2018
A Guide: Falling in love with me

My first thought was, “don’t this to yourself.” 

But I take it back.


Fall in love with me 


And σνєr 

And σνєr again

I’d be honored to have your love.

I’d be honored to have the chance to see a glimpse of your soul.

That’s the greatest honor anyone could give me and I hope that you don’t regret it when you do.

I say this to myself often and at this point, I’m not even sure if it’s true, but I know I must believe it...

I’m a mess.

When I say “I’m a mess” what I really mean is my emotions control me WAY more than I control them.

Give me some credit... I’m working on that. 

But I will promise you something... Just like I wear my emotions like clothing for everyone to see, I also don’t shy away from showing my heart. My heart is yours to see. My heart is everyone’s to see. I wear THAT with dignity.

My body... not so much, but that’s another thing I’m working on. 

So here’s the nitty gritty stuff!

My fears often get in the way. What are these fears that I speak of? Why, let me explain:
And more

I get insecure. That’s the fact of the matter. 

It’s not that I’ve been in a lot of relationships, nothing official, but I have felt my fair share of heartbreak- And I say that’s something I’m not afraid of but come on, everyone can see through my sloppy lies. 

It’s a valid fear. 

People don’t realize just how fragile a heart can be.

It’s not their faults. They haven’t witnessed real love before. It’s a foreign concept. 

In conclusion- I am a mess, but I am a mess that will show you what the word ραѕѕισn truly means. I will show you what it means to give yourself to someone and not expect anything in return.
Antionicia Sep 2018
I am old and wrinkled
But you love me still

looking back on my years
I have come to recognize
That you are my promise Land
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