She is icy/hot,
Hot and cold like Gobi Desert.
When she is icy,
She is cold as Antarctica,
Breathtakingly  beautiful, alluring, allusive,
Frigid as a stone,
Aloof as the stars,
Frosty as an iceberg.
Her  steel blue eyes can pierce your very being,
Her wintry smile stops you in mid-sentence.
When she is aroused,
She becomes a smouldering volcano,
Tempestuous, cascading  hot lava
of desire,
As fiery as a glowing Sun,
As passionate as a young lover,
She emits an aura of sensuality,
She becomes an inferno of ecstasy ,
A bagful of icy/hot feminity.
When she is cold she is cold.Whenshe is hot she is hot.It takes a macho man to handle her.
sunprincess Mar 6
Being in the presence of a monster
Isn't a very pleasant feeling
As most all monsters are very loud,
and with every breath they curse,
as if these are the only words they know
Some say monsters come from a volcano
and slide down a mountainside,
others say they come from deep pits of mud
and stumble into the land of poetry
cursing like a sailor in the midst of a storm
leaving huge splotches of mud
splattered upon the page
So sad, if there was only something
we could do to help them
Mystic Ink Feb 18
Mind full of constant thoughts
To every shadows, dreams, and forms

Smell of a distance distinct fume
River pass through, swiping into empty rooms
Flooding all hopes of livingkind,
Left, no time to construct a paper boat

Searching a space to keep feet off the ground
Run a race, without a finish line
Complex world we all live in,
Cursing the Nature, making fool of self

Get touch with reality, time and space
Let me tell, Let me hear,
Mirror always expect one to smile
Wonder, what dreams one will have tonight
Theme: Dedicated to natural calamity victims of everytime.
This artistic and ancient civilisation settled on these fertile slopes a millennia ago,
in peace with the land they live in complete harmony for they are not a war-faring race.

They plant crops and grow grapes on the lower slopes of the huge towering volcano,
everyone ignores the billowing clouds of steam issuing forth, they know they’re safe just as their parents knew.

At midday the earth rocks and then the volcano explodes, sleeping mountain awakes with a massive roar. Fire and rocks fly forth in all directions and lava flows down the steep slopes.

Villagers run away scared but many are caught in the fall of hot ash and rock,
as the burning lava destroys their crops and town they know the end is near.
Falling ash covers everything and everyone so that they’ll be hidden for three thousand years, entombed to their end.
YoussefM Jan 23
the house of pain
the sadness got accumulated in there where the feelings got translated To few letters awash with tear drops .

tears of wounds bleeding lava from the heart whish is bombing like
the volcano getting out the fume yelling begging  for
the freedom away from the ironbars .
its one of the most horrible feeling to ended up in prison without doing nothing
Raven Jan 12
Tears brimming in my eyes
Like a volcano ready to explode.
Instead I keep it within myself,
Shredding my insides
And melting my skin.
A cry for you is swallowed,
Escaping for a moment
Only to be clapped over,
Sobbing into these hands.
The air in my lungs fill with smoke,
I shake as I am ready to erupt.
"Explode explode explode."
Instead I sit back and watch
Myself from third person perspective.
The screams of pain
Filling up this brain
Like a volcano ready to explode.
Martin Mikelberg Dec 2017
it just appeared in my brain and I wrote it - 2015
Neha Srivastava Dec 2017
You might not know the real me
The One you see and roams free
and the other whom you read locked in my poetry
I am a soothing breeze when heard
I could be a volcano in words
Gentle as a dewdrop on your window in a beautiful winter morning
I am the storm trapped in my pages rumbling and alarming.
Flip in the pages once ready for the thunder storm and fire flashes
You'll meet the whole of me once this dust settles.
Richard Grahn Oct 2017
Sleepy feelings erupted on the landscape in her mind. Volcanoes jutted up across wild fields of endless rhyme. Visions from the clouds rained down to fill the empty streams. The lava steamed with fury as her heart began to dream.

The streams turned into rivers and then they overflowed. Passing memories drifted through the valleys of her soul. Trees of truth grew in those valleys, just outside her door. A million leaves were scattered deep across her bedroom floor.

She was resting there on pillows of moss, lightly tossed to urge the scent. Windows open, the breeze came in and tickled her until she laughed. A fish walked through the open door and spoke to her of things to come. Running through sweet fields of clover, she met her dreams yet to be spun.

Down in the valley she danced to the rhythm of another moonlit night. Waltzing through the land of lyrics, she teased the streams with pure delight. Wandering through the lava fields with flowers growing in her hair, she tiptoed through the evening air, picking dreams once planted there.

Across the valley, the rains subside. The rivers wane and the starlight hides. A misty glow comes to steal the night. Sunlight rises as her dreams take flight.
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