Raven 7d

Tears brimming in my eyes
Like a volcano ready to explode.
Instead I keep it within myself,
Shredding my insides
And melting my skin.
A cry for you is swallowed,
Escaping for a moment
Only to be clapped over,
Sobbing into these hands.
The air in my lungs fill with smoke,
I shake as I am ready to erupt.
"Explode explode explode."
Instead I sit back and watch
Myself from third person perspective.
The screams of pain
Filling up this brain
Like a volcano ready to explode.

Martin Mikelberg Dec 2017


it just appeared in my brain and I wrote it - 2015
Neha Srivastava Dec 2017

You might not know the real me
The One you see and roams free
and the other whom you read locked in my poetry
I am a soothing breeze when heard
I could be a volcano in words
Gentle as a dewdrop on your window in a beautiful winter morning
I am the storm trapped in my pages rumbling and alarming.
Flip in the pages once ready for the thunder storm and fire flashes
You'll meet the whole of me once this dust settles.

Richard Grahn Oct 2017

Sleepy feelings erupted on the landscape in her mind. Volcanoes jutted up across wild fields of endless rhyme. Visions from the clouds rained down to fill the empty streams. The lava steamed with fury as her heart began to dream.

The streams turned into rivers and then they overflowed. Passing memories drifted through the valleys of her soul. Trees of truth grew in those valleys, just outside her door. A million leaves were scattered deep across her bedroom floor.

She was resting there on pillows of moss, lightly tossed to urge the scent. Windows open, the breeze came in and tickled her until she laughed. A fish walked through the open door and spoke to her of things to come. Running through sweet fields of clover, she met her dreams yet to be spun.

Down in the valley she danced to the rhythm of another moonlit night. Waltzing through the land of lyrics, she teased the streams with pure delight. Wandering through the lava fields with flowers growing in her hair, she tiptoed through the evening air, picking dreams once planted there.

Across the valley, the rains subside. The rivers wane and the starlight hides. A misty glow comes to steal the night. Sunlight rises as her dreams take flight.

BA Khan Sep 2017

Some worship out of fear,
And some desire for paradise dear,
And then those who do not care
They pray for the sake of prayer!

I do not move, in moving around,
I do sit still while erupting in the volcano mound,
And yet I am calm if gazed from above the ground
I am still and yet I boil inside my mound.

Heavens or Hell I do not care...
For me Oh Lord just spare.

(BA Khan)

rose Sep 2017

my demon is anger.
it rises and erupts in me;
i’m no longer a quiet, cool ocean,
but a fiery, angry volcano.
my demon escapes when i am weakest.
it wants me to be strong,
to dominate.
to destroy.
to be the best.
my demon is my curse.
it’s a part of me.
it makes me, me,
but i think it’s ugly.
it’s hideous.
i want to put an end to the anger,
but with two small hands
i can’t possibly stop a volcano.

i really wanted to see what people though of this. :/ it truly came from the bottom of my heart and i honestly don't know if it is quality poetry.
Harry Roberts Aug 2017

The world is close to shattering.
Tyrants, Heartless Pychopaths -
Lead the world to volcanic ends.

Where the pressure builds,
Heat rises, Volume increases.
The Chamber cannot take it,
It overflows.

And the fauna gets burnt, Dead,
The flora - Ashes.
& the people consume.

Consume until consumed,
Devoured completely.
And they themselves are
To Blame.

We burn to embers
With the cinders,
Ashes left,
All that's left?

We had sight,
But blind with flase promises.
Blinded by fright,
But remember,
Darkness is blinded in the light.

Paths taken -
Others lost.
When you turn
What's the cost?

En route
Tahirih Boodhoo Aug 2017

Awakened by her vibrations

His molten rocks sputter,

Preferring to remain undisturbed.

Boiling, brewing, he begun erruption.

Amused by volcano's reaction

she listens and watches,no retaliation.

Considering her own stormy nights

when her lightning bolts strike thrice;

When her clapping of thunder

revolts even the sages

(both above and under).

She places a palm outwards,

blows kisses of cool wind,

To greet his fury,

His sweet love remembered.

His embers, with a smile, are pardoned.

She showers his projecting magma-

With droplets of chilled agua.

Awaited patiently for his red to cool,

to be brown, with help from yellow sun;

So that his lava could reconnect with outer earth-green.

Using a drifting veer she carries a charming flower seed and lays it beside him,

Soft petals soon blossom, rosy and pink.

They both smile gently,
now glowing for each other.

The volcano and Storm are forever in love, in flare and submerged;

Growing compassion and understanding of each other's plates and waves.

Yet neither may burn nor drown

but somehow remain facing the other-

At the very tip of their forbidden lips' kiss- for this day, tomorrow and in endlessness.

1:55am . Thurs, 24th, August, 2017.

Crystal Freda Aug 2017

Stand by the sea.
Stand high on a mountain.
Put your feet in and feel free.
Get close to the sun.

Climb trees in the forest.
Feel a breeze from the wind.
Feel safe in your rest.
Flying with no end.

Dance in the rain.
Feel the volcano's heat.
Embrace no pain.
Rumbling under your feet.

It's good to be alive.
Its a blessed day.
Get up and strive.
And breakaway..

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