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She was a raging inferno,
Touch her and perish,
A roaring inferno,
Burns your soul to ashes.
As she raged against the dying light,
Crazy, I craved only for her,
Praying she would go gentle in the night,
My eyes blazed for her like a meteor.
Within me, her anger raised sensual  emotions,
With my gentle love, I desired to tame her,
That was my firm resolution,
And one day,on her lava soil would bloom our little flower.
Simmering down
to an unnoticed lull.
A null state of being,
a dormant volcano.

Though the magma boils
deep, deep, deep inside—
on the surface it is cold.

The fire, it burns solo.
Once sharing the electric eruption
with the charming atmosphere—
letting go,
feeling, for once.

lays low.
Boiling hot— burning the inside.
internally combusting.
Andrew Jan 9
You're a volcano in winter
Made when the Earth splintered
Tectonic plates shifted
And you were gifted

The frigid air outside is subzero
So you become my volcanic hero
When you scorch the cold
With your warmth so bold

I await an eruption
But there's a disruption
Dormant you remain
With suspicion engrained
But entering your main vent
Was not my main intent
Yet now that I'm in your magma chamber
I can see your anger
You're made of lava and ash
So you demand drama and cash
And violently explode in a flash

You've become my Krakatoa
When I wish I didn't know ya
Because of your grand magnitude
I question my aptitude
And insecurity ensues
As confidence I lose

I realize I've gone too far
When I feel your lava discharge
That pushes me into your crater
The pain I feel couldn't be greater
When all I see is an ashen cloud
And all I hear is your lashing growl

Inside of your volcano
There is a tornado
As sure as day glow
I feel I must lay low
And dodge the debris
While playing referee
As you're dissecting me
In your burning sea
That swirls in a cyclone maelstrom
**** is where it was mailed from
I receive it
I begin to drown in fire
And wish to retire

You think you're neat
Yet despite your heat
You're a cold blooded lizard
But outside there's a blizzard
So I get used to your volcano
I can't contain my disdain though
Scarlett Aug 13
And just like a volcano
I am both a destroyer and a creator
I can burn and heal
I am beautiful yet dangerous
strong when I need to be
Torturous when i don't want to be
MicMag Aug 5
              (  (  growing gray cloud of smoke and ash  ) )
              (  (  expanding mass of poisonous gas  ) )
                         (  ( billowing upwards into the air ) )           a
                            (  (    dark    omen    of    )  ) ­                   s
                                 (  (      despair      )   )                         h
      (    \           //    )  
                                       (   \        //   )                                 g
                                           (  \     //  )                                     e
                                              \\\  /////                                        n
                       ­                         \\\/////                                           t
                                         the                                                     l
                                    peak's        top           ­                         y
exploding     right off
                       glacial snows melting down                       f
                     lava flows heading for the town                     a
                   terror! destruction! fright erupting out                   l
               extinct beast awakens, roaring primal shout                  l
           mountain trembling, earth shaking, people quaking           s
       in fear and wonder, transfixed by summit torn asunder       
fire and fury blend with the sky as we flee and ponder why
we await this rage from the earth but the beauty makes it worth
all the deadly risks we know we face in living at this volcano's base
I recently visited some stunning towns
sitting at the base of active volcanoes.

I was left contemplating this tension
between the beauty and potential carnage.

(This one doesn't seem to look quite right on a phone.
Try it with a rotated screen.)
MicMag Aug 4
Midst high rolling hills
Blanketed with farms
Sits an oasis nestled
In the mountain's arms

A secret garden there
Quietly awaits us all
Listen closely now
Hear its whispered call

This serene paradise
Offers nature's finest shows
Volcano looming cross the plains
Perfect cone and shining snows

Sitting in the shadow
Of the sometimes rumbling beast
The tranquil refuge whispers softly
Come and rest in peace
Inspired by a beautiful refuge looking out
to one of the most picture-perfect mountains I've ever laid eyes on.

I loved reflecting on the irony of this idyllic setting
forged by crashing tectonic plates and destructive eruptions.
Maxim Keyfman Jul 11
I looked in the mirror today
and again I saw the volcano
against the background of the ocean and farms

I looked in the mirror today
and again my eyes were yellow
on a strange bluish face

I looked in the mirror today
and again I saw myself
I saw a girl of future times

SoZaka Jun 2
fire in my stars
water in my words
a book written from wisdom
reads the sky belongs to birds
flung from a volcano
and cast into a tornado
a lonely little tomato
fallen from a tomato tree
growth letting go possibilities and implausibilities I know its a tomato plant...
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