I looked in the mirror today
and again I saw the volcano
against the background of the ocean and farms

I looked in the mirror today
and again my eyes were yellow
on a strange bluish face

I looked in the mirror today
and again I saw myself
I saw a girl of future times

SoZaka Jun 2
fire in my stars
water in my words
a book written from wisdom
reads the sky belongs to birds
flung from a volcano
and cast into a tornado
a lonely little tomato
fallen from a tomato tree
growth letting go possibilities and implausibilities I know its a tomato plant...
Johnny Noiπ Jun 1
dedicated to the people effected by Volcano Kilauea

a                            innnnnnn  t th                              e very beginning of
every                                           advanced                               society
           one finds something      the Sunday                                     Funnies used to
be the                         cutting edge;
The Colossus of Rhodes        /roʊdz/ (Ancient Greek:      ὁ Κολοσσὸς Ῥόδιος,
                  transliteration.                  ho Kolossòs            Rhódios) was a          statue of the Greek sun-god                      Helios,      designed in part    by the world      renown                     genius
     engineer                Archemides    , gigantic L e B ron man straddling  to be      erected             as a m sentinel     to guard      over   in the to look o city of  
   Rhodes,              on the Greek i            sland           of the same name, by Chares
         of Lindos        in 280 BC.       One of the            Inana              bronze        Seven Wonders of   the
nnnnnnnnnnn                         /    Ancient World,     /     originally of the seven veils     designed                       to a mechanical man;    
               it was constructed      to celebrate            Rhodes' victory over Cyprus
  & Antigonus I                               Monophthalmus,               whose son then           unsuccessfully
n               attacke        d                        Rhodes in 305 BC.
                        that looks like a comic;
     they end
book; pictographs give                  graphic novels are read more closely
                       than actual news  
                     ;newspapers;                       all lie in social decline
              way to hieroglyphs         (mythic                    monuments told tales;                                      &                "Mother of the Sun,     Theia
                   of many names,            for your sake men             honor gold as more powerful       than anything else; and                 through the         value you best             ow on them,                             o queen,                        ships contending on the sea
               and yoked               teams of horses                       in swift-whirling contests                               become marvels."
                      soon we'll all know                        Chinese.                  the Colossus stood 100 feet high—                    approximate
height                                  of the modern                              Statue of Liberty
        from feet to crown;                which was  originally           designed    as  a massive naked                woman representing Liberty;
Kilauea volcano
Logan May 9
I'm rushed out of my house,
Torn out of a clean smell,
My white floors,

It's soon replaced with the smell of burnt hair,
And my eyes are a bit clouded.

I know I should evacuate,
But I can't find my friends,
Or family,
In this ashen air,

The air is silent,
Torrid and burly,

I don't know where to go,
Or what to do,

The space around me is sweltering,
And I can barely make out blurs of red and orange, Solvent,

I realize the sky isn't silent,
But soundproof,
I can hear subdued screams,

Crying of babies,
Vociferating mothers,
Agonized friends,
And shrill screeches,

It all overwhelms me at first,
The crumbling destitution, calamity,
Because I realize,
It had to be my fault,
For not running,
For not saving anyone,

I proved everyone right, didn't I?

My friends,
My family,
They're gone,
They've left, haven't they?

Seized by this vehement heat,
and bloody lava,
Frenzied gas,
Eliminated immediately,

I can tell it's truly nobody's fault,
But for some reason,
It feels exactly like it's mine,
As if I made this volcano explode,

I'm paralyzed,
Next to you,
My kingdom of dirt exploding around us,
Gas filling our noses,

Next to you,
My dearest, suffering friend,
And we'll be stuck together,

Suffering together,
And we meet eyes,
Scintillating flames, a pause

And as I stand there, watching in horror,
I can feel something rather decalescent sink my foot into earth,
An acidic silt jogging around it,
And I can hear myself struggle to scream into the ozone sky,

And the only sight I can see,
Is you,
Gasping for air,
And I can feel the lava overtake my legs,
And the vehement of the earth stings,
And we're stuck,

As our last words blur together,
Words of friendship,
And words of forgiveness,

We forgive eachother,
Although it's nobody's fault,
But this vehement earth,
This nefarious kingdom of dirt,

And as we meet gazes one last time,
I try to tell you to run, I shove you away,
But I only cause you to sink deeper into the lava,
I try to tell you again and again,
to run, to do anything,
But I can't,
And my eyes blur over,

And for some reason,
I can see my breath in the air,
One last time,
And I'm gone,

And so are you,
Forever stuck in this rut,
Two stone figures stuck in heated earth,
Like the figures in Pompei
Smolten statues,
Shortened apologies,
Unable to move,

Forever stuck,
On this smolten earth.
She is icy/hot,
Hot and cold like Gobi Desert.
When she is icy,
She is cold as Antarctica,
Breathtakingly  beautiful, alluring, allusive,
Frigid as a stone,
Aloof as the stars,
Frosty as an iceberg.
Her  steel blue eyes can pierce your very being,
Her wintry smile stops you in mid-sentence.
When she is aroused,
She becomes a smouldering volcano,
Tempestuous, cascading  hot lava
of desire,
As fiery as a glowing Sun,
As passionate as a young lover,
She emits an aura of sensuality,
She becomes an inferno of ecstasy ,
A bagful of icy/hot feminity.
When she is cold she is cold.Whenshe is hot she is hot.It takes a macho man to handle her.
sunprincess Mar 6
Being in the presence of a monster
Isn't a very pleasant feeling
As most all monsters are very loud,
and with every breath they curse,
as if these are the only words they know
Some say monsters come from a volcano
and slide down a mountainside,
others say they come from deep pits of mud
and stumble into the land of poetry
cursing like a sailor in the midst of a storm
leaving huge splotches of mud
splattered upon the page
So sad, if there was only something
we could do to help them
Mind full of constant thoughts
To every shadows, dreams, and forms

Smell of a distance distinct fume
River pass through, swiping into empty rooms
Flooding all hopes of livingkind,
Left, no time to construct a paper boat

Searching a space to keep feet off the ground
Run a race, without a finish line
Complex world we all live in,
Cursing the Nature, making fool of self

Get touch with reality, time and space
Let me tell, Let me hear,
Mirror always expect one to smile
Wonder, what dreams one will have tonight
Theme: Dedicated to natural calamity victims of everytime.
This artistic and ancient civilisation settled on these fertile slopes a millennia ago,
in peace with the land they live in complete harmony for they are not a war-faring race.

They plant crops and grow grapes on the lower slopes of the huge towering volcano,
everyone ignores the billowing clouds of steam issuing forth, they know they’re safe just as their parents knew.

At midday the earth rocks and then the volcano explodes, sleeping mountain awakes with a massive roar. Fire and rocks fly forth in all directions and lava flows down the steep slopes.

Villagers run away scared but many are caught in the fall of hot ash and rock,
as the burning lava destroys their crops and town they know the end is near.
Falling ash covers everything and everyone so that they’ll be hidden for three thousand years, entombed to their end.
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