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Jan 2018 · 368
Son Tra Trekking
butterfly Jan 2018
as the dews touch my skin
silence canopied the evergreen
butterflies are lifted up
like when he held me with his arms
i saw my sorrow float in the water
carried away by the river
then the rabbit walked in
calm as the stream
below our feet
i took a dip and felt my body rejuvenate

and those huge rocks
the love we roved is written
in the first season
how could i forget
the ******* explosion
and the bliss
when two cosmic bodies collide
Endless Numbered Days Series 2018
butterfly Jan 2018
between the mountains and rivers
the city grow before my eyes
a tornado of dust crippled the forest
a monster of garbage swallow the seas
ignorance blinds the eyes of mankind
greed eats their hearts
they care not the mother nature
but power and egoistic desire
what is there left
for the next generation
when fish dies
before their mother's eyes
when animals are hunted
and gone extinct
trees are cut down
and left the barren land
what is there left
for the next generation
what is there left
Raise Awareness for Wildlife conservation and environmental protection
Jan 2018 · 195
light spots
butterfly Jan 2018
light spots in the darken skies
rays of  spectrum
my eyes hold an awe
Freestyle Haiku Series 2018
Jan 2018 · 267
Dying Tree
butterfly Jan 2018
the leaves shed off the tree
the twigs rot to die
i kissed him for life
Freestyle Haiku Series 2018
Jan 2018 · 290
barren trees
butterfly Jan 2018
barren trees
abandoned by fertility
i thirst the fresh morning dews
Freestyle Haiku Series 2018
Jan 2018 · 166
a life versatile
butterfly Jan 2018
cottony silver clouds
changing shapes every hour
a life versatile
Freestyle Haiku Series 2018
Jan 2018 · 196
Still trees
butterfly Jan 2018
Still trees along the road
Rain or shine they stood
I stood and look up the sky
Freestyle Haiku Series 2018
Jan 2018 · 159
cavern heart
butterfly Jan 2018
bridge of lights
lit up the night
of my cavern heart
Freestyle Haiku Series 2018
Jan 2018 · 165
fragment of star
butterfly Jan 2018
a fragment of star
grow in me
forested the land
Freestyle Haiku Series 2018
Jan 2018 · 136
cold night
butterfly Jan 2018
Cold night
A river of tears run down
Distant inaudible music
Freestyle Haiku Series 2018
Jan 2018 · 177
the music
butterfly Jan 2018
midst of a dead night
the crickets play the music
the frogs won't hear under the sun
Freestyle Haiku Series 2018
Jan 2018 · 183
butterfly Jan 2018
touch of a winter air
from the northern hemisphere
the fire warmth my feet
Freestyle Haiku Series 2018
Jan 2018 · 185
which should i look?
butterfly Jan 2018
overlooking misty mountains
puddles left on the road
which one should i look?
Freestyle Haiku Series 2018
Jan 2018 · 421
one in the galaxy
butterfly Jan 2018
The touch of wine as smooth
and warmth as his caress
my body cannot resist

at the peak of the night
his hands on my hips
my neck on his lips

i clenched mine
as he ****** his in me
we are one in the galaxy
Endless Numbered Days 2018
Jan 2018 · 215
butterfly Jan 2018
Neon lights reflected
Han river flows the open bay
I poured in dewdrops
Haiku"Free style"  2018
Dec 2017 · 136
butterfly Dec 2017
I'm not a definition of obsession
but passion, care and love
you see nothing good
but dirt in my sleeves
how dare you sweep them off
when you have a speck in your eyes
you ignore for years
call me obsessed
call me blind
call me dull
but i think you're madness as it is
with a big ego and arrogance
shallow is your well
understanding is no place in your head
Nov 2017 · 311
forgotten frozen tears
butterfly Nov 2017
forgotten frozen tears
on his blue faded shirt
rolling under the sun
Nov 2017 · 187
reflecting sea
butterfly Nov 2017
bird fly
reflecting sea
in a sugar cane juice
Haiku (freeflow)
Nov 2017 · 119
butterfly Nov 2017
floating plastic bottles
ignorant faces
the ocean bleeds
haiku (freeflow)
Oct 2017 · 186
melt away
butterfly Oct 2017
i think of you while in bed,
when i’m at rest,
or all by myself
in my room or at the beach,
but when i come back to my breath,
these lingering thoughts melt away
like a bubble popped in the air
the wind snatched it away
Oct 2017 · 144
the rain
butterfly Oct 2017
rain comes feasting
on green chocolate hills
with their drums of droplets
windy trumpets
a music for a lovely morning

As they stump their feet
on the leaves of the trees
on the grass
and on the roofs of the gods,
tingling sensation comes the surface

a soothing music  
but the gods can't hear it
blank faces
monkey business
all for money

out of my window
i find delight in my
lazy morning burrow
my  senses got awaken
as the wind touch my skin,
quiet my brain

with the song of the birdies
a sound of an airplane,
passing by
i’m in tune with the rain
Oct 2017 · 254
thinking of you
butterfly Oct 2017
lost you a day
miss you like crazy
soft touches
my flesh craves
bits of kisses
so passionate
two hearts collide
i long for it
caress of your hands
bring ecstatic effect
blazing hearts
we melt in bliss  
a thought of you   
in our forestbed
took me to
arousal blow
come to me tonight
feel my blazing heart
let's feast our love  
and fill our hungry hearts
Endless Numbered Days : (Joe Kelly)
Oct 2017 · 288
with you i only live today
butterfly Oct 2017
with you i only live today
of the woods, in the midst
where monkeys grunt,
empress cicadas chant

i dance you on the bed of leaves
with your arms around me
and your lips against  mine
i don't want to cease the day

with you i only live today
on your wings,
i’m carried above  
with the mists
i float like clouds

the trees stood still
like the guardians
around your arms
nothing can be harm

guardian of the forest
friend of the wild
they listen to your heart, soft and gentle

with you i live only today
share the purest honey
on our lips we lick it
Endless Numbered Days :
Oct 2017 · 1.8k
i melt with you
butterfly Oct 2017
the spark of your blue eyed gaze
beneath the forest bed
in your arms with my heart
i melt with you

the warmth of your breath
touch deep of the woods
i can’t resist but
melt with you

the verses you wrote on the leaves
around my head
where love birds make a nest
with the forest mists
i melt with you

the flow of your love
run over my body
fresh sweet pure honey
from the nectar where bees feast
Endless Numbered Days :
Aug 2017 · 323
the sun's kiss
butterfly Aug 2017
splashing waves
children's laughter
beneath the crystal emerald skies
mountains over
my heart tuned in silence
out from the winter days
cold and dark
the sun kissed my brim
warmth my soul
Echoes from the heart
Aug 2017 · 517
the heaven i chase
butterfly Aug 2017
the heaven i chase
like the summer bee
far of reach; far from me
may spring a bud morning dew
a flower blossoming from thy heart
like sampaguita pure and white
springs within breath
comes with it death
i taste then i chase no more
the earth, the trees, the grasshoppers breathe
i breathe
i decay
in the realm of time and space
spring of breath and death
i drink
i feast
i walked away
Journey into the unknown - From darkness to lightness
Aug 2017 · 192
once sweet love - birds
butterfly Aug 2017
once sweet love-birds
now i can hardly feel your heartbeat
under my skin
Aug 2017 · 302
butterfly Aug 2017
if you're heart is half in two  
i'd rubbed you with rose mary, so
the pain comes to end
and loves me again

i'd bathed you in lavender
into your deepest core
sun comes out
to warm your heart

if you are the moon
picked through my room
i'd keep my door wide open
as your rays warm up my cold veins

as the day wakes up
i put my lips on yours
let our hearts freefall
and savour ecstatic blow

if you're an unspoken poetry
i'd penned lines about you day to day  
as you lie down next to me
i read them to you with gay

If you're infinity
and death is a staircase to you
I'd take with all the risks
just to be one with you
Echoes from the Heart
Aug 2017 · 280
stay stranger
butterfly Aug 2017
hello stranger
i'm love-struck
who are you
in that strange mask
you wore
can I tear it up

are you a lost star
in my constellation pattern
who read my thoughts
touch my soul
with warm caress
n’ bits of kisses

hello stranger
that comes to me
like a lightning bolt
with a thunder blow
my heart got exposed

can i open your heart
as i'm love-struck
and want a look
from the inside

you can enter my heart
tell me what you see

hello stranger
with your glass of grape wine
freshly brewed in the grape farm
toss with mine, we drifters

forever we stay strangers
unwounded  and free
Echoes from the Heart
Aug 2017 · 335
you're the one
butterfly Aug 2017
you’re the one my heart long for
you’re the one my mind possess
you’re the dream i dream of
and the warmth of your skin against my skin

you're the one i want from other galaxy
you’re the one i sway
till my breath ceases away
but my love will stay


always will love you
always will long for you
always will think of you
always in my heart

in the deepest secret part
i alone know and the moon
Echoes from the heart
Aug 2017 · 1.5k
ikaw pa rin
butterfly Aug 2017
ikaw parin tinitibok ng puso ko
ikaw parin tanging nasa isip ko
ikaw parin pinapangarap makatabi sa gabi
ikaw parin hinahanap pagkagising sa umaga

ikaw parin kahit malayo na
ikaw parin kahit iba na
ikaw parin hanggat humihinga pa
hindi magbabago pag - ibig ko sayo

tag - init,
tag -ulan,
tag - lamig
tag- lagas

mahalin ka parati
araw at gabi
inaasam palagi
iisipin sa bawat sandali

tag - araw,  tag - ulan
tag - lagas, tag - lamig
pag - ibig ko ay mananatili
sa ilalim ng lihim
ako lamang nakakaalam at ang buwan
Echoes from the Heart
Aug 2017 · 320
scars and wounds
butterfly Aug 2017
dark blue silence perching in the nests
like an empty boat floating in the lazy seas
we found nest for our love-birds
but you left mine scarred and wounded

boat paddled to an island  
a home for our love-birds, untouched
but the birds were dying, you took yours
and left mine with scars and wounds

i lay my back on the grass, eyes closed  
with the nature that lasts
this fear of losing the birds squeezed my heart,
with doubts you left mine scarred and wounded

i'm scarred and wounded, yet
yet my love-bird sings
the poetry
we roved
Echoes from the Heart
Jul 2017 · 1.8k
butterfly Jul 2017
ang mala dyosa **** kagandahan
ngiting mahinhin di kukupas kailan man

balat **** makinis haplusin
ligaya sa aking puso't damdamin


your beauty like a goddess
smile that never age

whose skin so soft and smooth
when caress by god's hands
such joy my heart and spirit
Echoes from the Heart
Tagalog Poetry with English version
Jul 2017 · 625
butterfly Jul 2017
quiet evening beach, "Nguyen Tat Thanh"
long stretch sugary brownie field
two strangers  by the shore
the waves crawl with lure

succulent are the thoughts
two caught in bait of mind games
exchanged soft kisses and caress
as her eyes met the sea

yet they're in control in their heads
no dramas but
a feeling of detach
no promises to profess

the voyage of time runs a race
tailored moments kept hidden
morning comes another day
yesterday a tale story to say
Echoes from the Heart
Jul 2017 · 633
beach reggae festival
butterfly Jul 2017
beach reggae festival
glow neon lights
brown sugary rocks
reggae in the air
vibrant and cool
powdery brown rocks
where my back  lay over
left all alone with you
and the buzzing sea
with the waves that
chase back and forth
like lovers
you and me
at the beach reggae festival
sweet summer night
with the thoughts of
soft lips
silky skin
and blue - eyes
echoes from the heart
butterfly Jul 2017
charming words 
hypnotic blue - eyed look
stream of thoughts
a river's cause
endless days and night, i wish!

eyes closed  
arms around me
deep in the woods
over the valleys
oh, i wish endless days and nights!

touch my skin
soft and silky
kiss my lips
soft and ample

all i wish upon the moon god lover,
endless days and nights!
endless days and nights!
echoes from the heart
Jul 2017 · 216
my life i lay
butterfly Jul 2017
breath of the ocean bay
calm inducing whimsical melody
my life i lay an ecstasy

soft cottony display
hiding the sunlight ray
my eyes can't put it away

mussy greeny beau
bedded up the ancient soil
my life i lay an ecstasy
Echoes from the heart
Jul 2017 · 384
but i can't
butterfly Jul 2017
we are now apart
at each other's arms
i'm here
you're there

i have to stay
you have to fly
i can't bear this feeling
but i have to hold my heart

once we're lovebirds roving fibers
underneath the moon rivers
the sweet melodies of the nights
those that caress the mights

beach, the universe we adore
sand castles we built with love
the waves tossed in the air
by our laughters

sun is going down
summer's over
the night fell the ground
i'm frozen and numbed

but my heart beats
for you, i know

your heart knows, too
that we still are
in love, but your mind denies

wanna let go of you
cuz i don't want the numb
but i can't
Echoes from the heart
Jul 2017 · 1.9k
inner beauty
butterfly Jul 2017
her sophistication
inner beauty a strength
his mountains and lakes
Jul 2017 · 879
rice fields
butterfly Jul 2017
wealth of life and beauty

could fathom nobody
but stand in awe

greeny rice fields
nature in wonderment


... i am
the breath
the mind
the body
the spirit

at peace ... within
Jul 2017 · 348
butterfly Jul 2017
beauty arisen
mystic divine

from stagnated pond
where mosquitoes egg

yet you're pink and still
sitting on the water

stars gaze at you
longing for your mystic touch

as your immense beauty shown
a magnet, hard to resist
Jul 2017 · 502
house on fire
butterfly Jul 2017
fiery eyes
gaze of a child
on the old witch’s house on fire

standing like a tree
the old got on her knees
prayed to the sun god

a stone carved
worshipped by men
she calls him god

deaf as they are
blind as they are
her ignorance
slaughtered her house

the gods don't have ears
they will never come
her house will turn to ash

rain thy fire! rain thy fire!
they said
the fire gnawed the house
crushed my heart

left nothing but a sad tale
for the coming age
a star dusts that reminds
partiality in the house

my heart bleeds
a river
of tears
and aches
Journey to the Unknown : From Darkness to Lightness
Jun 2017 · 233
your silence
butterfly Jun 2017
i can’t bare you being like this
but when the night comes your silence pierces my heart,
shatters my dreams,
my agitation comes to the surface
how much I crave to be with you
i can’t bare you being like this
not this broken connection
you left me hanging,
crushed me like one would crush a leaf
Echoes of the Heart
Jun 2017 · 422
young stubborness
butterfly Jun 2017
as young as sampaguita in the farm
but stubborn as a mule
a pain in her mama's chest

her day cries if she doesn’t get
what she wants and days get longer  
if she refused to do the chores

stubborn child, stubborn child, her mama said
it echoes back her ears
words she doesn’t want to hear

it isn’t her mama’s equation to solve
but she repudiates and spews dormant philippics
like an erupting volcanoes

stubborn child, stubborn child, her mama said
it echoes back her ears
words she doesn’t want to hear

but her papa was different different as he was
he held her stubbornness like a baby
in his arms so fragile

he put her in a hammock and heard her cry
like a deep broken voice no one hears
and saw her dark shadows no one sees

he, whose heart flows in her veins
lifted her up and soften her heart
as she lay them down his chest

she whispers upon the moon for a change
many nights before she retires to bed
but like ravens their feathers always black

she can’t understand why her mama only sees
the ugly face of stubbornness
but then for her she finds beauty from it
an ornament her breast wears

her will power!
that’s what she is
Journey to the Unknown : From Darkness To Lightness
butterfly Jun 2017
there was a child whose father
brews rice at dawn
before the eyes of her mother
she frowns and stands like a pawn

her neighbors grumble saying
her lips a peg for pots
but they've seen nothing
what's inside her hearts

at the age of ten she thinks
like a hundred times her age
she burns her brows at nights
while her siblings sleep in their caves

she stands in the dark trails
her childhood can't see or hear
but her heart alone sees
how much she wanted to be free                                                                                                            

there's a spring of tears
and a lake of fire
she locks her door
and hides her face inside

cyclothymia runs her blood, they said
but their blind to see
blind to see her in a bottomless pit
almost defied

and her mother only sees
a face with a frown
a frown not the fullness
of her heart with a crown

but her father looks into her eyes
his smiles washed away the frown on her brows
leaving no flecks but a face that radiates
she flows with the rivers and seas

he sees her depths and lifts his pride
his a shelter she trusts her back and her spine
and her face glows in the dark a luminous green
then she finds her way and strength to walk on her path

the child with a frown no longer exists
her mother stands still in wonders
the neighbors and their mouths are shot
as a well grown garden arise
full of flowers bees and butterflies
Journey to the unknown: From Darkness To lightness
Jun 2017 · 166
016. delight
butterfly Jun 2017
cars passing by
avocado smoothie delight
soft jazz music lounge
Jun 2017 · 211
butterfly Jun 2017
dhamma inundating mind volition strengthen
maras unshackled  from the root existence free’n
sakharas activated in the surface soften
sleeping volcanoes waken into the space weaken

dhamma inhabiting constant atmospheric flow moving
cyclical habit mind pattern from past centuries eradicating
defilements within uprising  in the mind deactivating
miseries dissolving metta within cultivating

dhamma uprising heart saturated lightness consummates
boundless chemical reactions uprising sensations dissipates
free flow vibration charges limitless metta  propagates
static body  still mind equanimity effectuates
From Darkness to Lightness
Jun 2017 · 207
butterfly Jun 2017
ticking clock
clattering plates and spoons
chatters from a distance
Jun 2017 · 178
stillness within
butterfly Jun 2017
chirping birds
footsteps passing by
sound of a fan
Jun 2017 · 224
butterfly Jun 2017
sleeping heads
ring of a bell
they’re awaken
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