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jules Apr 25
she has spent eternities despising herself
searching in the mirror for the existence
of an ethereal reflection
staring back into her ocean eyes
whispering soft lullabies
an abundance of external lies
for it could never match
the true beauty and radiance
that resides inside

the most impeccable love story
is the one she holds with herself
for when she comes to realize
the resiliency of her bones
the captivation of her words
the radiance of her dance
and the effervescence of her energy
she drips in empowerment
like sweet honey
drips from the wildflower
Maia May 2019
Was it boredom or curiosity
Clearly the click bait worked,
Look where I am
Staring at the so called “World’s prettiest girls”
Just to see if maybe...

I guess I was too ambitious
Hoping to find myself seen as anything close to
Beautiful. All I saw was
Light skin and blonde hair
Blue eyes that screamed “love me.”

I stare at my mirror
Wonder when I’ll ever see myself,
Enough to be called “pretty.”
Maybe I don’t want that though,
Maybe I just want “enough.”
sian May 2019
they ask me nothing of myself,
nothing of my mind,
nothing of my values,
nothing of my morals,
but speaking of themselves is easy,

my appearance may be part of who I am, but it does not define me
it’s disappointing getting approached by people who don’t have the ability to or choose not to explore your mind, and your outer appearance is all they are fixated on.
FlipThePoet Jan 2019
Crooked frame on a white wall
with its squared edge on all four sides
sagging to its left, lifting it right up
exposing its crookedness for all to see

Crooked frame on a white wall
why wasn't you adjusted?
wasn't your crooked stand exposed to every foreign eye?
or was your content so beautiful
that it captured the stare of all who glanced?

If so, it must have been content of pure gold
to have kept hungry eyes blindfold
Pretty much on this one, I try to convey a point which I hope y'all somewhat understand. The point being that even though crooked outside, the frame content inside attracts the 'hungry eye'. In essence, what's inside does matter and most times if not more, it matters more than the outside. So focus on making the inside 'pure gold', cuz that's what ppl(including me) look for.
Also, God looks at the inside too :)
Sumaira Asghar Dec 2018
If i
with my
my valour,
my quiet,
my flaws
and my imperfections
do not look
beautiful to you,
will i with
my well streaked eyeliner,
rose lips
and silk hair?
No, my dear!
That is anything
but Beauty.
Autumn Dec 2018
You look at a person
A stranger, a loved one, a partner
And you think;
How can one person be so beautiful?
Inside and out you see an aura of unimaginable beauty
A friendly face
An intoxicating laugh
A smile that makes you smile without even realizing it

And then you look at yourself
You hate the way you smile, all crooked and mouthy
The way your cheeks are too pudgy
Your glasses too big for your face
Your voice too soft to break through the chatter of others

But you
You are a lion whose voice is booming thunder
With claws that can tear through the veil
The one you’ve kept yourself shrouded in for too long
You should be proud
Proud of your wild and unruly mane
Proud of your scars earned from battles with many others
Not to mention the battles you wage on yourself
You could move mountains and uproot trees if you tried

But you don’t
You look at yourself
Your cheeks too pudgy
Glasses too big
Voice kept under lock and key
Vocal chords dusty with disuse
Your heart is so big and so beautiful
You see so much in everyone else
But can’t bear to see anything in yourself

You are a wild flower sprouting through the cracks in the sidewalk
You could move mountains and uproot trees if you tried
please be gentle on me i haven't written anything in so long
Jade Welch Nov 2018
Mysterious eyes
lead the way
met the man
knew not what to say.

You cannot call it love
for we have never met
your eyes fill with disdain
and mine with respect.

Just another girl in love
this is all you think of me
but close those mysterious eyes
only then shall you really see!
Joie Yin Sep 2018
Never say or think
you're not pretty.
If you're feeling lost
in darkness,
be your own light
and find your way.

Deep in your soul
there is beauty.
Embrace your scars
and imperfections,
Turn them into strength
come what may.

Take pride in your
attitude and dignity.
Love yourself sincerely
without conditions,
You're already beautiful
every single day.
Joie Yin
While they noticed the stretch of kohl in her eyes,
I could see a pacific of emotions trapped.
While they admired her blushing cheeks,
I could read the paleness she painted red.
While they were going gaga over her smirk,
I could fathom the depth of pain that debarred a hearty gale.
While they were lured by the cascade of her hair when she unscrewed the bun,
I could feel the onus of the tantrums she wanted to turf out.
While they were hypnotized by her mesmeric curves,
I was stunned by the withstanding efficacy of such a fragile body.
While they adored her attire and scarves,
I could trace the bruises she carried with poise.
While they were hung up by the glory of her face,
I could do no help but ride out at the scars she concealed with sprightliness which was the most beautiful thing my eyes could ever have a view of and it left me dazed...
And my mouth wide opened.
-Aparajita Tripathi
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