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Brandon Nov 2018
I can't go to sleep
with good thoughts
still lingering in mind.

I must ride the wave
until it's Crest
breaks under
the passing of time.

Till my self and whole
are torn asunder
I plunge into the depths.

Passing now,
the shallow veil.

I have grown quite adept,
in this game I call "my life"
and godly humored quest.

The easiest move is riding it out
it's acceptance which is hard.

Now the wave is gone, but I sink on
into deeper, and deeper depths
till dawn.
Speculations on why I usually can't sleep
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
These are not just words
that rhyme or fit together
in some fancy, schmancy
catchy rhythmic flow

These are my thoughts
my feelings
my inner beauty
my outer demons

typed on my kebyoard
stored on a web server
searched by web crawlers
presented to you

Here is my soul. Can we compare notes after class?
Alister Benn Mar 2018
Never more so than today
I see me in you and listen

I understand now why it’s so hard
When not even you can withstand

In the crackling dryness of your stems
I see nothing but rigidity and death

But at my feet a ****** reaches for heaven
***** and pure even as the rain spits on her delicate face

The mightiest ground to dust, the solid made weak
The weakest cracking rocks and the ice crushing all

The sun, the moon, the waves, they dance
Their joyous frivolity that teases the air

Even as darkness engulfs me
I know the dawn will bring hope

I nurture your weakness as you give me strength
I cherish you for your gifts, challenge and sight

You are and I am, I am you also, we are
And that makes me smile, itself a gift to all…
I am a landscape photographer by profession and spend all my time outside. It gives me great insight into myself and my relationships with the environment.
Cobalt Nov 2017
Why should you limit yourself to being just pretty?
Don't be just pretty.

Be a storm, beautiful, dark, intelligence flashing across your eyes like lightning and a voice as loud as thunder. Be a storm and never be silent.

Be a forest, rooted, wise, strong and unmovable in the force of opposition and yet a dancer in the wind. Be a forest, and loyal to your land.

Be the ocean, glittering, mysterious, captivating thousands of hearts and countless lives in your allure. Be the ocean, and be ruthless.

Be nature. I guarantee nothing will get you farther.
Sally A Bayan Sep 2017
( ) ) (( )(())

No cold wind blew
to abate this afternoon's heat...
no rain showers brought out
that sweet smell of very dry soil
...........touched by rainfall

tonight, my mind is occupied by
the transience of things
all thoughts are fleeting
inspirations are hard to capture...they're
soap bubbles, flying...bursting in the air

"bubbles"......made me turn to my left
where a wineglass stood, and sparkled...
my eyes stopped, stunned...a bottle of Prosecco,
was within beckoned...

ahhhhhh......sips came one after the other,
much delight in its its taste...
i want to be numb from nagging pain,
from the cries...the anguished sighs
that can never go, without a tear falling...
bubbles of pain...slowing down
the passing of days....but all these
will wane one day,....and be part
of the banalities of my diurnal life...

just like in the past, this, too, will pass...
this late hour, again, i raise my glass,
and drink away my days of woe...high
to the bright lights
for, a different kind of radiant yellow
drives away my trail of shadows
i will just smile
even for a while
and enjoy its bubbles


Copyright September 15, 2017
.hard to resist sparkling wine :))
butterfly Aug 2017
if you're heart is half in two  
i'd rubbed you with rose mary, so
the pain comes to end
and loves me again

i'd bathed you in lavender
into your deepest core
sun comes out
to warm your heart

if you are the moon
picked through my room
i'd keep my door wide open
as your rays warm up my cold veins

as the day wakes up
i put my lips on yours
let our hearts freefall
and savour ecstatic blow

if you're an unspoken poetry
i'd penned lines about you day to day  
as you lie down next to me
i read them to you with ***

If you're infinity
and death is a staircase to you
I'd take with all the risks
just to be one with you
Echoes from the Heart
TD Mar 2017
a somber gaze
traces the adjacent shoreline
with wistful strokes.

A wilted notebook
woefully tight-lipped,
cast aside in a fit of disgust
sulks amid a patch of green.

Lady, speak!
Where thoughts dormant
in waiting sigh,
abreast of the approaching storms.

Have a one-sided affair--
With passion spin your tales!
--before the dawn speaks curtly
and appropriates your quill.

The mourning inkwell
cries with no relief.
No tepid tears fall to
stop a throbbing silence.

The crystal of a lapping lake
unrequited, embraces sullen toes,
who have forgotten
the thrill of the dance.

Neglected inspirations
sing the most melancholic of refrains.
*After all--what is a tribute
without words?!
Nightmare Nov 2016
The loud music, the smiles of people
Getting lost in the night
The lights holding everyone in place
The neon lights where I call home

I am not able to hear my self
But my voice is heard by others
What a unusual home, you can say
Feeling like I belong

With all the happy people

Feeling the beat in my heart
The song, the mix, and the neon lights
Hold me close to my home
The home where I'm looked after

No one's alone here
Everyone's in this together
No one's voice isn't heard
The neon lights keeping us together

So called 'home'; neon lights

Don't be afraid to show your self
Come out of the darkness
We're here for you
No matter where you are
Sally A Bayan Nov 2016
are always a journey,
hours can move so slow, or pass by quickly
somehow, we think of good times and bad times
back to our innocent days........and stubborn ways...
late hours could bring out perfect landscapes,
or, chilling moonscapes, from a fecund mind        
every corner, every moment, every gust of wind
every act...becomes an incipient inspiration,
then come verses on existence and experiences,
our awakenings.....impressions on love's essence,
newfound feelings...we write about God's presence,
we question concepts on life here on earth, and
life thereafter.....wondering, if Heaven, or ****
occurs right here on earth, in our midst, or deep within
ourselves...or, maybe, in another sphere...different...
my folks often told us  then, maybe as a deterrent,
"Heaven and ****, are places....for consequences
of our earthly actions...they're afterlife occurences..."


Copyright November 18, 2016
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
Aaron Bee Jun 2016
My mind is on fire
with the itch of
Like the flakes from
my scalp
Ideas fall from my head
where they lay, I simply
blow them off.
I left empty handed
And sore from
scratching for answers .
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