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5d · 77
P.S:Love someone
Breathe as i bleed,
Drink as i drown,
Dream as i die,
Sing as i sicken,
Leave as i love,

                 But dear love, please learn to
Love  someone who loves you as much as i did.

P.S: I Love You, forever and beyond.

                                          Yours lovingly,
        The one who misses you the most.
A gentle note/remainder to your loved ones to move on even if you are no more. Dedicated to a lost soul.
R.I.P. dear
Sep 9 · 109
Endless Nights
Lucid dreams echoing through endless nights relentlessly reminding the fact that the day that the tireless heart stops,
is not so far.
Sep 9 · 291
Every time I think of you ,
All i want is to just,
See, see you and
Fall into the depths of that dark brown eyes of yours and
Fade away as ashes into eternity, trapped exploring the depths of your eyes forever and beyond.
Love never fades away it just builds up  on hopes forever
even if it is hopeless
Aug 27 · 196
Dark Roses
Sometimes my heart really longs for the thorns despite the fact they bleed me red ,because
the  scent of that dark rose,
My dark rose!!,
makes it all worthy.
Aug 15 · 90
Black Heart
Somewhere between
learning to love you and
watching myself lose you

My black heart realized it had traces of red too.
The definition of love from a loner will always be a question that questions the existence of love unless he finds a love.

The worst part is the aftermath he could never accept the thought of being a loner again.
Aug 15 · 155
Oneday I will have it
I will have everything I have ever dreamt of,
I will be surrounded by the right people,
From that day on my path will no longer be devoid of love, people, happiness or success,
I will no longer feel the heavy breeze that reminds me that I am alone.

Hopes every loner.
Aug 14 · 150
Everyone Lies
Everyone lie to their loved ones on a hope that lie protects them but they donot understand that the toll that a lie takes on their loved ones
outweighs the hurt truth
could have ever done.

We lie because we love them,
they weep because they love us more.
Everyone lies .even the ones who are reading this might have relatable situations but the mere truth is a lie that protects their loved ones is worth a thousand truths that hurt them as long as it remains untold.

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Shared heaths of sunshine crisps and sweetened chips,
***** smiles and claspy hands,  
Silly slips along shady groves with silent kisses and secret hisses and
A million other little things led
A Severed heart to get lost on a silvered beach with the one it loved.

And thus here I stand.
Looking for my lost drowning dead heart along the voids she left.


Looks dead
but still beats

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Jul 31 · 206
Love Withers.
The Moment where you start searching the reasons for loving someone
is the
Moment where you
Lose your ability to Love them.
Jul 27 · 288
For the millionth time a deep mean gruff voice echoed from within
"I give up on you "
not realizing that there
were no one
left to perceive it.
Jul 21 · 152
Everyones Lost
Our hearts
long for the places where it once
Jul 20 · 82
The Gamble of Love
I knew love was a,

      Every word she said was so,

       I never thought my mind would, Tumble
     I never prospected the way,  
      in which  my heart would,

        Either way she dropped me on a,
        windy ocean like a,

        Now i am just another rough,

         Being rummaged to,

Love is not an easy gamble the more you fall for the wrong the more you lose
Jul 12 · 80
The highest level of sanity is achieved only when the mind percieves the inevitable regardless of how insane it sounds.
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Some feelings get stuck in your heart and perched in your mind
You will never express em ,you will never speak of em but those feelings
they are as real as the air you breath
as lively as the breeze that bezels your soul,those feelings they are the ones you will never be able to shake it off.
They are the ones that wont fade away.
Jul 6 · 68
l' amour
if it was that easy to forget your past and move on , would there be any respect for all the emotions like
Love, sympathy, empathy, longing loneliness, feelings, guilt, clamoursness or anything of such.

A regreteous haunting past is the only thing makes the ever new guilding present worthy of what it is.

your past is a measure of everything that shows how good of a survivor that you are.
Death gives life a meaning
Losses make victories worthwhile.
Jul 2 · 82
The Uncomprehensible.
The day you decided to cede me.
My mind became
deadset on hating you
My heart ,oh that da×n thing just sacrificed my mind because it thought
to hate you.
You can never find a logic of why you fall for someone you will never find a rational understanding of love. its just a mere collection of innate non understandable superficial stuff that cannot be reasoned with
Jun 18 · 107
Around a thousand faces
Among a million smiles
Across a billion miles
I still find my heart weary of Your lies.
Jun 18 · 86
The eternal sadness haunts.
Jun 12 · 213
Never hesitate to look back for your scars hold reason for the way you are and the way you will persist to be

Embrace your past for it has the power to shape in everything about your future
Jun 10 · 187
Loneliness will  be scary if you are uncomfortable being lonely with the person you are-_-some are really content and comfortable that way

improvised prospects=>improvising perspective=>you get where you are going:)
If you get comfortable alone you are definitely heading where you want to be:)
Jun 10 · 67
For the millionth time a deep mean gruff voice echoed from within
"I give up on you "
not realizing that there is no one left to percieve it other than the forever constant one who loves him the most.
She is the who gives him the most of her time for she sings in a sanguine silence and talks with a telluring tollence which was never heard
Walks and strides all around him admist crowded streets and lonely roads where she was never seen.
Jun 7 · 175
Love has an antonym
Hate is not the opposite of love because you still give a **** about that person and thats why you hate em .
The actual opposite of love is apathy ,where you stop caring about them, when nothing concerning that person like their happiness,sadness,grief,well being,heartbreaks,victories,failures not any crap or anything even remotely attached to them affects you is when you really moved on from them.
Tq to the wisest man who shared the wisdom
Jun 5 · 89
The One.
My love might not be a two way street but sure as hell i knew she was the one the moment i realized what all of my heart ever craves was just to see her wiggling somewhere happily on the surface of this rock. ^_^
She is the one that i would never forget.
She is the one who i would  always be longing for.
She is the one who slipped right through my hands.
She is my one and only.
Heart felt words¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)
Jun 5 · 101
Love that dreads
She: Boooo ,I'll infect you too.

He :you already did and I already died but I am happy enough to do it all again, over and over ,again and again,forever and ever,until your heart soaring just about mine.
My love might not be a two way street but sure as hell i knew she was the one the moment i realized what all of my heart ever craves was just to see her wiggling somewhere happily on the surface of this rock ^_^
She is the one that i would never forget
She is the one who i would  always be longing for
She is the one who slipped right through my hands
She is my one and only
Jun 1 · 163
Six sigiled stars
Six sigiled stars and serene silence  saved his soul for sixteen years in a saline bath,

A seline girl with six chaming words severed his soul solicitously

A six minute call without a second thought kept scribbling scars on them  for eternity

The six sigiled star seeked serendipity
It takes a minute to fall in love but you will never really recover from the damage
May 30 · 69
Slender slits
She thought ignorance was her virtue of command over everyone right until he showed her what real ignorance feels like.
May 26 · 217
The Lies of Love
I told you I was brittle
  I told you I would break
I told you I won't  be able to move on if you won't stay  
You promised you were different
You promised you'll let me stay as one You promised to make me strong

You did keep your word  
You did make me strong but  
You never told you were gonna vanish with all the bits and pieces,
shattering even the last
that's left of me.
Love takes many forms maybe if leaving the ones they love is also one of it's forms then don't worry people we(the broke) are the most loved ones ^_^
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May 25 · 184
Loving you from far away
When your kisses started to fade and your sighs started a charade
I understood ,eventually
I would have to love you from
far away.
Love you
May 21 · 89
When the person you love
feels ,you've become the person they loved then
The person you love will become the person who loved you and
no matter how hard you try,
their loss , their memories and your love for them becomes your cornerstone and
There is nothing in this world that will help you snap out of it.

No books , no prep school , no charity , no clubs , no friends ,no amount of alcohol , not a hundred dates ,  not even writing a thousand poems about them is gonna help you snap out of it.

Your love,your true unrequited love will forever persist as your cornerstone from the day you fell till the day you fall.
Fall=>death.     Fell=>fell in love.
If Love is a suicidal then unrequited ones are the ones where you chose to commit suicide From the day you fell in love to tge day you actually die.
May 17 · 165
Bleeding From Voids.
Bestie:I loved you more than she ever could.I cared for you more than she ever did.I priortised you more than anyone in my life.Yet You chose her over me everytime.Why? why?Do you Ignore me the same way she ignored you?
Me:Dear bestie,its not like i am ignoring you the same way she did, I can never let her place be filled by someone else.I loved her and i always will Love her the way she deserves to be whether or not she loves me back.
A heartful converations of a withered soul
May 17 · 77
Remimder for Everyday
To a greater grandeur thats left to achieve every next day this is not the day or the way how my story ends.
May 16 · 154
I know not every knitty, chubby white skinned,
curly bird nested messy haired girl with
a cute piglet like face is you
I still catch up with everyone of them just to make sure
I don't miss you once again.
I lost my loved one. Never make the one you love feel alone especially when you are there.
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May 13 · 155
Dominium of Closure
My dear For eon's  
I searched for closure ,
Closure on  what blended us together ,
Closure on what melded us forever,
Closure on what made us care for each other up until this very moment,
But dear after so much time I had to realize the very truth,
Our closure , it was never out in the world keeping us far from each other.
It was here right here
infront of us the whole time.

It lied in us being closer in this moment than the last,
drawing each other's breath
Till the air will no longer be a concern,
Till our hearts consume each other's soul,
Till I become yours and you ,while you become mine and me that's exactly where our Closure lies.
Closure is necessary but for us closure never existed. For What's sinned shall always be redeemed and for what's lost could always be found,I will never have closure on acceptance of the thought that I lost you even if it consumes what's left of me. I suffer by my choice of choosing you against the whole world for my choice will remain the same no matter what.
From sweet savouries to saline seas nothing can be preserved.
May 6 · 134
From promising to fight for each other,
To sarificing each other inorder to safeguard each other from ourselves
we both understood what's love ,
the hard way.
I loved her and she loved me maybe that's why she kept me away and loved me from afar to save me from destroying myself. I stayed away because I wanted her to be happy no matter even if I am not the one for her.
I will never know ,if you had found your perfect love ,from the bottom of my heart I really hope you do
I do know
the one perfect thing you will never have.
May 3 · 206
Life is serendipitous
He was sterile .
She was virile .
Their love was fragile.

He gave up on love.
She gave up on him.
Love gave up on them.

He flew half way around the globe to find riches resources and
meaning of life.

She strode through sickening seas insearch of honor and pride.

Love didn't care neither did Life
Life made sure both paced halfway around the globe just to find each other again.
Love might work in mysterious ways but Life does what needs to be done.
May 2 · 389
Some can't be Loved and
Some can never love
but there are
withered souls
who will never love as they already know
Their heart lies with their one and only.
Apr 28 · 287
She said "home is where the heart is" maybe sometimes it becomes the place where the heart just used to be.
Home is not the place where the heart belongs, it belongs to the people who live there once their lost then it becomes the place where the heart used to be.
Apr 24 · 139
Spurned souls
When  ghouls and ghosts of a haunted past hunts down
Mason's of a future,the brigadeless shadows dwindle through the riverly course of time,
For all that remains  within are the dreads of dead alongside rubbles and rummages of your memories that'll never sink in the spoils of my mind.
Apr 11 · 1.2k
Love Is A Souvenir
Losing you was easy until my silly heart realized that It lost itself.
Apr 6 · 200
Oh dear , I don't wanna get entangled with the miseries of my present for I always reside as the prisoner of my past.
I don't know where my path ends but I certainly do know I lost the only light I have ever known.
I don't feel the warmth of the sun.
I don't feel the gentle breeze skimming through my skin.
I don't feel the liveliness of my life.
I don't know how incompetent my feelings have evolved.
I no longer care about anything . I am no longer capable of grieving someones loss.
I think I have grown extant.
Maybe i LL have plants to eulogize me on my funeral for evolving into of them
Apr 4 · 61
Sometimes it's better for me to act as if I am a complete stranger to myself.
Sometimes it feels as if it's better for me to make myself scarce.
Sometimes it feels better for me to not feel myself at all.
Sometimes I do understand that I won't really have any one who loves me .
Yes Sometimes the reality that I live with scares me alot but it's not gonna make it any better,
So I really do hope that sometime someones gonna look at me like
I am
something different ,
I am
something beautiful ,
I am
Something that's worth living for,
Something that makes them feel as if I am enough,
Sometimes somethings can just be hoped for .
Loneliness begets a lot of things.
You discover all the secrets about your self in that loneliness and those secrets scares the crap out of you
Apr 3 · 68
Candours of Love
Somewhere between
talking for hours and hours
avoiding each others line of sight ,
Every one of us here
understood how
a beautiful,lovely, heartfelt lie
can be portrayed as
You can only Know how much you love someone you will never know if at all the person you love recites your love in the same way.
Mar 31 · 145
Veracity of Love.
A heart that gives never gets.
A heart that loves never gets the love it deserves .Even though the heart that loves doesn't expect it in return.
The love it deserves never really comes back.
Mar 19 · 85
He is someone who is capable of loving alot.
He is someone who is capable of caring alot.
He is someone who is capable of protecting the things he
love to an impossible extent.
He is the one marked with a
No She He finds
will ever be capable of feeling the light thats inside of him.
Mar 13 · 136
So many scars for so many reasons
Every scar is unique
Every scar has its own depth
Some just ******  Some  so unfathomable.
One can only imagine what it feels like to be scarred like another.
No one can ever fully percieve the way a soul is scarred when its scarred by a surreal emotion that forces everything within to surrender,
An emotion that thrives out of possession,
An emotion that requires devotion,
An emotion that demands sacrifice,
An emotion that perfectly projects the way one might hold another,
The only emotion that is capable of leaving scars and wounds that wont heal.
Life has a different way reminding things no matter how far you have come after a break up the moment you see your girl thats it you relive every happy moment of your relationship.
Seeing her would bring back uncomprehendable emotions.Yeah you have moved on she too has but still The memories it doesnt fade away.
Mar 1 · 166
Whole of my soul seeks surrender.
All of my heart lays weak.
Still !..all of my mind  dreams about  nothing else other
Than you.
Suddenly i thought i can live without you. Most probably life would have taken a back seat and giggled upon the stupid me at that time.It didnt take long to  realize that leaving you was the most stupidest decision that i could have ever made whatever pi**y i still believe we can never hate each other  however hard we try to
Feb 21 · 241
To my silverlining
When i loved you i loved u in a way that no one ever
Same as it is.
When u judged me i died in a way that no one ever
Jan 8 · 134
No it didn't
No it didn't **** me but something inside me died,
maybe it was the part of me that you exposed to the world,
maybe that's the part that i didn't realize that even a person like me  could be capable of,
oh dear ,
you showed the devil what love could actually be and just when it thought you were real
you vanquished in the vandalized sanity of this insane stage with the mere actors in it.
So yes something that was a part of me died and
i am always grateful to you for you being the one person to show me what i was capable of .
You will be the one and only person who will ever know that even a devil
had heart that was
capable of love.
The easiest way to destroy a person is to show them love and leave them without a reason.
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