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TheWitheredSoul Dec 2021
Grief of a love lost, has no timeline sometimes its just you with yourself fighting to find solace between the raging momentary whisks of anger and pointless sedition of your soul that irks to find the once long lost peace, You wish it has an end and rebel against the never ending !
Oct 2021 · 248
Swayed by a Smile
TheWitheredSoul Oct 2021
For my soul that burns in thy Decree
For thy gates of Hell that awaits my arrival
For the song of hades that drags me to hell'
For the wrath of Amun that Plunders my Veins
For the spree of Ra that burns my soul,
For all of me that wanted to reach the field of Reeds,
Faded Away ..!
Away with her smile
Oct 2021 · 242
TheWitheredSoul Oct 2021
Somehow I knew you were gonna break me, bad!!
yet my heart never had the heart to choose otherwise.
Sep 2021 · 257
Prisoner of Love
TheWitheredSoul Sep 2021
I am caught in the Cadence of your breath.
Your Decadence melts my soul as if It was yours.

I wondered as prisoner of this soulless grave roaming around on the wake of light and falling down on the drapes of night.

Will I ever feel the warmth of your breath or the gaze of your eyes which is more than enough to dream of for a thousand lifetimes, more than enough to be your prisoner for eons and ages to come..?
Life is so fragile. All those perfect moments that we wait for never arrives as we expect it to.
I buried my love even before I had the courage to let it be born.
If at all we collide again in all this randomness I promise I will hold on to you and love you and care for you more than anyone on this entire planet.
Jul 2021 · 402
TheWitheredSoul Jul 2021
My mind is weary my heart is lost and somewhere along the way even that hard forged shell of mine has begun to wither.
Grimm and Bold for so long on the outside,
one girl, three words
600 days of sinful diligence,
Shattered me from within for all I do became merely an act,
For I am truly lost still searching for the warmth of her heart
where I last saw my feeble breathless heart.
Jun 2021 · 274
TheWitheredSoul Jun 2021
You ripped me off the very thing
I lacked and left me here to ponder over
all the things that we could have been.
With heavy heart and quirky pen smirking all that i feel for you in every poem i write, I wonder if theres ever a chance for me to love again.

My Decree of love was loss.
Loss of heart loss of peace
Loss of a happy void.
Loss of all the things i grew fond of.
Jun 2021 · 499
Art you dream of
TheWitheredSoul Jun 2021
The world paints over whatever it wants over you like you are an empty canvas, Its upto you to stay vigilant and selectively absorb what you need rather than what you're forced with.

Find your direction, find your sense of perfection redefine yourself to be the art you dream of.
Striving to become the art that i dream of.
Jun 2021 · 46
TheWitheredSoul Jun 2021
In the process of finding ourselves
We lost each other.

No matter how much We want to go back,
We lost the one thing that mattered the most.

and Now there's nothing left to go back to.
Jun 2021 · 337
She is my eternal Hell
TheWitheredSoul Jun 2021
From being a sturdy soul that never felt anything
To becoming a frail filament of glass that breaks on every feeling aroused on hearing the rhythm of her voice or the sound of her name.
She became the very thing I fear.
She keeps haunting me on all the days and
She kills me over by stealing my heart on all my nights.
Oh what I wouldn't give to get rid of her memories from my incessant mind and futile heart.
My Love for you was all that I Had and when I realized I lost you I understood I would never love again, No matter where I go or what I do, I will never go back to the person I was. You ripped me off the very thing that I lacked and left me here to ponder over all the things that we could have been.
TheWitheredSoul May 2021
Had I had heart to love me, the way I loved you, I would have never been so stupid, vulnerable and misled, enough to let my heart be broken and  my soul be condemned to shatter everytime I hear your name.
Its funny how far people can change, in this cruel world all everyone sees are thier options and choices that they could make so much so that they could forget that they are free of the choice but not of the consequence. One day you are somebody they love and some day you are just another stranger that passes by.
May 2021 · 363
The Broken Bard.
TheWitheredSoul May 2021
Would you look into my soul and sell me a savouring lie?

Could you break my heart that's shattered beyond a thousand pieces?

Should you stoop into the depths of my soul,you ll never find your way back.

What did I do to bring forth such an unbound agony and unending pain?

I cared.
For the very first time in my life i cared about another one than myself for her heart was bruised and shattered like mine and she draped mine and hers together in a red drape and spruced it up as if its nothing more than a chunk of meat.
TheWitheredSoul May 2021
I don't know what i am feeling
But there sure is lots of it that reeks of your cologne and hairspray.
I can try all i want and still end up being the  guy you never deserved. You will lead a life full of happiness and the world will grant you every bit of happiness it could offer and knowing that i loved you is far more than enough for me to last a lifetime. I left you because you deserved more than what i was and I left myself alongside you because i never learnt to love me as much as i loved you.
May 2021 · 537
Foundation of Love
TheWitheredSoul May 2021
Its not love on which the strongest Foundations are built,
Its the decency of Merciful Lies,
That are buried deep in our hearts,
Bound! never to peek or pry through our meek
Withered Hearts.
I wish my heart buried all of the lies and contempt that bespoke our love for each other was it more then mere lust and liveliness was it more than what we thought it was, were we kindered souls that found and lost each other  in the precipice of the END, I guess we will never know.
TheWitheredSoul Apr 2021
From floating adrift in a salt lake
To riding alone into the sunset  

Every corner of this gruesome world reminds me of you, I know you are not mine and you'll never be.

And maybe its time, I end this lonesome charade and bury my broken heart.
I am done with my graceless heart,
I am ready to suffer, I ready to die,.
Cheers to drinks in the dark
I am looking heaven for the devil in me,
I am looking heaven for the devil in me,
Why the hell, and I am gonna let it burn through me......
TheWitheredSoul Apr 2021
Most People that say that they understand Your pain.
Do you really understand?

Do You know what its like to be waiting for a call that will never come?

Do you know how to know the end and yet hope for something better?

Do you know what its like to be left alone writhing on all the words that was never said and never heard?

Do you know how smooth her skin was when she held my hand?

Do you know how she made my chaotic world so calm and unburdened?

Do you know how far her absence wreaked havoc in my world  and let me delve right beyond the edge of the abyss that I wish I never knew?
There's a lot of things that I wish I did, but now the time has passed and the only way out is to move forward, will all these scars disappear? will all these feelings get lost in time? Maybe it will and maybe its time that we need to stop living life as in Should've Could've Would've.

Its time to let go of the misery and embrace the pain so that someday we get to lay our scarred heart to peace.
Apr 2021 · 561
Love is Hideous
TheWitheredSoul Apr 2021
Love is the most hideous of all
that you'll ever feel,

You wont even realize its there when you have time with that one person and

all of a sudden

you feel all this weight pulling your heart down at once knowing that your time with them has come to an end.
The most gruesome and lonely people understand things better not because they know what its like to lose but because they know what its like to have time and not say all the things that are to be said.
TheWitheredSoul Mar 2021
One of the hardest things you will ever have to do in life is to love someone so much unconditionally and still walk away from them since thats whats best for both of you.
I know all the clauses that start with if we had.. And i wish we actually had, we loved eachother too much atleast i know i did and i wish i had the strength to do what i write, but hundred and forty three poems spread out over three years say otherwise. I guess its always and forever for me to be in love with you.
Feb 2021 · 568
Love is Void
TheWitheredSoul Feb 2021
People quarrel about being
Single and committed like they know what love is.

Love is something that you can only understand through grief,

It is a discovery of voids in yourself, voids that vortexes into your soul shattering all you've ever felt,

You ll never know what love is until you lose someone you love.
You made me realize the voids that i never knew that my soul had and now that i know your gone, I am being ****** into my own void.

Wish you never left.
Feb 2021 · 512
Fractions of Love
TheWitheredSoul Feb 2021
In the process of Failing to notice
That I was Falling in love with You,

My mind made you a part of me and
Now that I realize, I came so far and Loved so long,

I don't even remember what you were like,
All I have left is a figment of my stupid imagination and That!,
That doesn't even amount to a fraction of what you are.
I wish I had a heart that loved the presence of you rather than a mind that fails trying to make it up to something so that my heartless soul doesn't wither and roam in the memories of our past.

I Love you too much that I am not even gonna ask you to love me back.
Feb 2021 · 386
Loving Loveless Angel
TheWitheredSoul Feb 2021
You preached love to a heartless being and you clipped its wings right when it wanted to fly with you.
Are you the angel that I deserve, dream and desolately mourn along till the end of my days?
You drew a thin line accross the dominion of my soul body and mind, wish i presumed more than I did, Somehow I missed all the subtle clues of what the future held for us and now its all aloof with your voice in my head and all the places we went.
Feb 2021 · 266
TheWitheredSoul Feb 2021
What I lost is something that can never be replaced.
Jan 2021 · 375
Lost love.
TheWitheredSoul Jan 2021
Was any of it even real?
Does it really matter?
I dont know, it was
atleast for me it did.
Jan 2021 · 127
Freeze Time?
TheWitheredSoul Jan 2021
Time Froze
The Wind Stopped
The Rustling leaves
The Whispering Trees
Their Falling Dews all stood still.

In the Second Floor Corridor.
I froze, I still am frozen right back on 28th of October 2017
The day I set my eyes on you,
You, You who looked at me as if i was more,
You, you thought i mattered and
All of a sudden across the 18 years of my life in this world,
My Life, It didn't feel so Meaningless.

And I froze right there in that moment,
I am not out of it, I Never think I will ever be.
That one Ferroro Roacher,
In That one glimpse,
In That one Moment,
With our eyes set upon eachother,
as if we were the only people in the world,
I froze,
I froze and I am still there.
To best feel the poem Play the song in background while reading it.
The Night We Met

Maybe I am not in love with you, but i sure was with the concept of something, something so beautiful and i wish I could go back in time and changed what i did but I don't want to unfreeze from that moment because that moment was true and i know it in my heart that you cherish it too.
Jan 2021 · 66
She's my Void
TheWitheredSoul Jan 2021
I am lost in the vortex of space and
You are the Void,
That chokes and wraps and reeks me around until I break.

You love me in my dreams and haunt me in my days and
yet All my hope remains awake.

I am dead to one and known to none
for my love and hate to you will remain adrift
bleeding in the void of space.
Jan 2021 · 69
TheWitheredSoul Jan 2021
Sometimes We see things,
Things that are so beautiful ,
For which our soul craves and
every fibre of our being pushes us towards it and
yet deep down you know ,
you know
Its not yours and it was never meant to be.
Dec 2020 · 84
Its Okay
Dec 2020 · 46
TheWitheredSoul Dec 2020
You can be a person with good intentions
You can be a person with generosity
You can be a person with Kindness
You can be a person with always others best interests at heart
but none of it really matters people see what they choose to see, and theres nothing you can do about it
Oct 2020 · 151
Gift of love
TheWitheredSoul Oct 2020
When you lose someone, people say they don't probably deserve you or they are not worth it and stuff,

But deep down you know they were worth selling your soul.

No matter how lame or self-destructive the aspects of love are, we still would choose to feel the pain, the rage, the anger, the love, the kisses, the slightest touch on our waist and cheeks, the endless stare into the eyes filled with love that reflects the depth of an abyssal gorge, the never-ending feeling of wants and being wanted, because what more is there that sets us apart from the non-living elements of this world.
Love is a gift.
Oct 2020 · 95
Purpose of life
TheWitheredSoul Oct 2020
What is the point of living?
What is the purpose of life?

If death was the ultimatum then what's the point of being born?

Maybe we are too small to speculate it.

Maybe we will get extinct before we know it.
Aug 2020 · 232
TheWitheredSoul Aug 2020
Sometimes it all boils down to
knowing when
to give up.

Sober up pal you ain't living forever.
Ahh! Love, how should i put it maybe like **** happens where you stomped your most valuble Leather shoe and if you wash it shoe's gone, if you dont its one smelly ****** shoe.
I didnt exactly quote the shoe to be, what they'd call us? haan!,yap Soup Boys, but its supposed to be quoted up anyway.

Well put the shoe up for dry cleaning you aint a zombie from walking  dead(you know what i mean!).
Aug 2020 · 302
TheWitheredSoul Aug 2020
I am Awake all night wondering what if  we never did what we did so we never got where we are.
Its foolish to stick to the past but i couldn't stop thinking about it anyway.
Aug 2020 · 255
My Love Is a souvenir
TheWitheredSoul Aug 2020
What i had wasn't perfect,
It never had to be.
I just loved the way it was,
For it laid perfect on its own way.
For what its worth, everything i went through was worth it because i got to meet you, given a chance i would it all over again no matter what the other choice is
Aug 2020 · 230
Fictious HoneyPots
TheWitheredSoul Aug 2020
Our love was like a fictious honey ***,
Never in a thousand years would  i
Have peeked in to find out
If our honey *** really had any honey because
I loved the thought of existence of that honeypot
More than the possibility of having honey in it.

My Fictious honeypot gave me  
A taste of what it feels like to have hope,

I wasn't disappointed because
We didnt have a honey in our fictious ***.

I was disappointed because we broke the ***
and We will never be able to go back to the way it was.
No matter what we say to ourselves, When we lose hope in a relationship there is nothing really that can be done regarding that, Seems like I never really had any relationship to begin with rather than a Fictious Honeypot without Honey.
TheWitheredSoul Jul 2020
moments wrapped in romance that end with bitter sunrises and goodbyes
moments so fragile and rare that i wonder
if they would have the same taste if not such a delicacy
but i'd still devour you as i lay here and recall years of wavering emotions
suppressed desires and volcanic explosions that retreat into dormancy
i wonder could we ever flow together
or are we two twin souls finding each other in the wrong lifetime
Credits: if i really love you i ll let you go_LEXI JAYDE
Jul 2020 · 511
Lost what i never had.
TheWitheredSoul Jul 2020
Losing what you never had
Might still be the worst thing that could ever happen,

Cause once you lose what you never had,
you never stop contemplating " what if you had it ",

and though you know what your heart wants,
You ll never do it because it wasnt yours to begin with.
I know i never told her maybe if i told her, maybe things might have turned out in a different way but  now there is nothing more to contemplate or dream about for she is happy and comfortable being in someone else's arm.

I guess it is what it is.
Jul 2020 · 69
TheWitheredSoul Jul 2020
From being Barney to becoming Ted i fell for the Robin i could never have.
Jul 2020 · 130
Afar lays my hope of Love
TheWitheredSoul Jul 2020
She said she wanted
to see the stars
while holding the
hand of someone
who loves her.

Yet i lay here
the abysal plane
of the universe,
if she would ever realize
that my arms are
hanging forever open
just for her to clasp.
Jul 2020 · 291
TheWitheredSoul Jul 2020
From being the one to becoming none
I felt the likes love ,rage ,anger
I would never be able to comprehend even
if i pen a million more poems.
Maybe i would have to find a way to convince myself that i dont have the need to comprehend that but once again what is the point of having the capacity to remember if you never wanna live through it again.
Jul 2020 · 238
Bleeding Wounds
TheWitheredSoul Jul 2020
What's stuck deep would always stay stuck deep!
You pluck it you bleed,
You pluck dont you still bleed.
Jul 2020 · 83
TheWitheredSoul Jul 2020
For all that i wonder i wished we meant all the songs we send for each other.
I wish people knew what goes on each other hearts because the words they utter dont really express everything they would want to convey.
Jun 2020 · 65
Mind and Heart
TheWitheredSoul Jun 2020
You can settle your mind with compromises but the heart,
The heart always wants what it wants.
Jun 2020 · 230
Another day
TheWitheredSoul Jun 2020
I dont love to live.
I just live to love you another day.
love life death all binds me to you inevitably.
I am imprisoned in my own thoughts.
Will i ever recite my love to you, I don't know, i don't think i am worthy of you but i will love you.
Jun 2020 · 103
Rosy reds.
TheWitheredSoul Jun 2020
Love isnt the same for everyone.
Jun 2020 · 187
Cynical End
TheWitheredSoul Jun 2020
When i said
I dont fear death.
But i feel that if june 21 is the end of the world i dont wanna die without saying certain things to you.
She replied
(thinking thats another one of my poems)
Now I really do hope this is the end of the world.
:| me  right now wondering how do i explain it to her wish i could get some advice from my wise romantic bards in HePo XD.
Jun 2020 · 253
My Casket Bleeds Red.
TheWitheredSoul Jun 2020
Oh slower!!
My dear blood
Dont rush i dont wanna do this fast.
I wanna feel it,
Every ounce,
Every droplet of red rushing out of my body screaming her name,

Within a closed Casket lies my head weary and dread where i rest all my thoughts and finally free myself from the torments of my haunted long lost love,
For i know my love wasnt fickle,
But for her It was just my love not hers.
I am not sucidal but thats what my mind feels everytime i start to write.
I do not encourage suicidal thoughts in anyway but the tinge of that darkness inevitably lies in everyone of us.
Jun 2020 · 655
Ifs and what ifs
TheWitheredSoul Jun 2020
We keep dreaming of Ifs and what ifs, Maybe if all ifs and what ifs happen we might still end in the same way and nothing might change and Yet everything lies in the wake of not understanding that no ifs or what ifs can be festerd into your present for its decided in your past.
TheWitheredSoul Jun 2020
My mind weeps and warps through the days and nights seeking an end.

Wish i had my heart that once desired to live forever.
I hope not all hearts get the desire to live forever and get lost.
Jun 2020 · 641
Lively Dreams
TheWitheredSoul Jun 2020
My eyes sought a woman of my dreams, perhaps she was just meant to be in my dreams.
life never goes the way we expect it to go but anyway its just gonna keep going so you too cling on to it hoping your stop doesn't come soon
Jun 2020 · 359
Song of Stars
TheWitheredSoul Jun 2020
I am a star for i shine bright and all planets and moons encircle me,

but i will never have  anything close as like the Earth beholds the Moon.

For my love and wrath burns the same.

The dread star dreams solitcitously to see if serene calm ever witholds him.
Greetings If you too are a star that longs for a moon.
Jun 2020 · 258
Drifting in Sea of dread
TheWitheredSoul Jun 2020
I wish i could unplug my mind.
I wish i could erase and format all my memories.
I wish none of my drives were corrupted.
I wish all of them were fresh and fond as they wouldve been on the day i was born.
But here i am corrupted with all the memories we had.
But dont you dare to delete them they are the only remainder of what we had,
Missed you all guys been a while since i wrote.
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