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Raga Aug 15
Somewhere between
learning to love you and
watching myself lose you

My black heart realized it had traces of red too.
The definition of love from a loner will always be a question that questions the existence of love unless he finds a love.

The worst part is the aftermath he could never accept the thought of being a loner again.
Raga Aug 15
Oneday I will have it
I will have everything I have ever dreamt of,
I will be surrounded by the right people,
From that day on my path will no longer be devoid of love, people, happiness or success,
I will no longer feel the heavy breeze that reminds me that I am alone.

Hopes every loner.
Raga Aug 14
Everyone lie to their loved ones on a hope that lie protects them but they donot understand that the toll that a lie takes on their loved ones
outweighs the hurt truth
could have ever done.

We lie because we love them,
they weep because they love us more.
Everyone lies .even the ones who are reading this might have relatable situations but the mere truth is a lie that protects their loved ones is worth a thousand truths that hurt them as long as it remains untold.

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Raga Aug 11
Shared heaths of sunshine crisps and sweetened chips,
***** smiles and claspy hands,  
Silly slips along shady groves with silent kisses and secret hisses and
A million other little things led
A Severed heart to get lost on a silvered beach with the one it loved.

And thus here I stand.
Looking for my lost drowning dead heart along the voids she left.


Looks dead
but still beats

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Raga Jul 31
The Moment where you start searching the reasons for loving someone
is the
Moment where you
Lose your ability to Love them.
Raga Jul 27
For the millionth time a deep mean gruff voice echoed from within
"I give up on you "
not realizing that there
were no one
left to perceive it.
Raga Jul 21
Our hearts
long for the places where it once
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