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The still-beating heart that stopped once,
Thumped ardently.

The rigid cold wrap of Death's embrace
withered fictiously.

A soul forever trapped in its own darkness, found light in a space that never knew dawn's caress, a vibrant love that defied oblivion's address.

I am quite unsure if the universe conspired or was inspired by our depth for each other, But I know with unwavering certainty our souls were destined to meet,

A cosmic dance orchestrated by hands unseen, forever our hearts will beat.
TheWitheredSoul Sep 2023
For Its a curse that i bare witness to and cross that I owe for letting the sheep's that are gutted for its shallow thoughts and fleeting distractions. I wish, I could unsee all that I see. I wish, I saw no pattern. I wish, the bigger picture was forever hidden and be gutted as one among the many.
TheWitheredSoul Feb 2023
Festered with Love.
Feigned by an Illusion of Trust and Deceit,

Never had a chance to clarify the Endless Desolation.
On the Twilight before a dark night,
I lost my light to a starking sight.

The love that Festered with the light is long lost in the oceans of the night, The sight of the shimmering light, dwindled in the mighty ruth of the dark.
TheWitheredSoul Jan 2023
I waited so long to see you happy.

I am truly happy, to see you smile.
I hope you finally found someone who is worthy of you.

For whatever we had was worth, I know I truly lost something that was real.

And i logged out of the account i was stalking you with for so long.
I am sorry that I wasn't the man you deserved.
I know I lost a gem.
I wish you everything the world has got to offer, good bye.
TheWitheredSoul Jan 2023
Walks and strides all around an'd amidst the crowded streets and lonely roads where she will never be seen.

She came unasked she disappeared in a stead.
TheWitheredSoul Jan 2023
The dread fell in love with the damsel,
        The devil frowned, The angels envied.
Hate and jealousy insued.
         Fear and Fate dispute.
Time and tide did rescue.
         Love died, tears dried and the Sun Shined.
Dread triumphed.
         Angels fell, the Devil died.
The dead heart dubbed at last.
TheWitheredSoul Jul 2022
Now I have to remember longer than I have known you for.
You never knew what you were to me,
Somehow I knew that you will never wish to find out,
If you did you wouldn't have walked away,
Now that you have  I am bound to remember you longer than I have known you for.
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