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From floating adrift in a salt lake
To riding alone into the sunset  

Every corner of this gruesome world reminds me of you, I know you are not mine and you'll never be.

And maybe its time, I end this lonesome charade and bury my broken heart.
I am done with my graceless heart,
I am ready to suffer, I ready to die,.
Cheers to drinks in the dark
I am looking heaven for the devil in me,
I am looking heaven for the devil in me,
Why the hell, and I am gonna let it burn through me......
Most People that say that they understand Your pain.
Do you really understand?

Do You know what its like to be waiting for a call that will never come?

Do you know how to know the end and yet hope for something better?

Do you know what its like to be left alone writhing on all the words that was never said and never heard?

Do you know how smooth her skin was when she held my hand?

Do you know how she made my chaotic world so calm and unburdened?

Do you know how far her absence wreaked havoc in my world  and let me delve right beyond the edge of the abyss that I wish I never knew?
There's a lot of things that I wish I did, but now the time has passed and the only way out is to move forward, will all these scars disappear? will all these feelings get lost in time? Maybe it will and maybe its time that we need to stop living life as in Should've Could've Would've.

Its time to let go of the misery and embrace the pain so that someday we get to lay our scarred heart to peace.
Love is the most hideous of all
that you'll ever feel,

You wont even realize its there when you have time with that one person and

all of a sudden

you feel all this weight pulling your heart down at once knowing that your time with them has come to an end.
The most gruesome and lonely people understand things better not because they know what its like to lose but because they know what its like to have time and not say all the things that are to be said.
One of the hardest things you will ever have to do in life is to love someone so much unconditionally and still walk away from them since thats whats best for both of you.
I know all the clauses that start with if we had.. And i wish we actually had, we loved eachother too much atleast i know i did and i wish i had the strength to do what i write, but hundred and forty three poems spread out over three years say otherwise. I guess its always and forever for me to be in love with you.
People quarrel about being
Single and committed like they know what love is.

Love is something that you can only understand through grief,

It is a discovery of voids in yourself, voids that vortexes into your soul shattering all you've ever felt,

You ll never know what love is until you lose someone you love.
You made me realize the voids that i never knew that my soul had and now that i know your gone, I am being ****** into my own void.

Wish you never left.
In the process of Failing to notice
That I was Falling in love with You,

My mind made you a part of me and
Now that I realize, I came so far and Loved so long,

I don't even remember what you were like,
All I have left is a figment of my stupid imagination and That!,
That doesn't even amount to a fraction of what you are.
I wish I had a heart that loved the presence of you rather than a mind that fails trying to make it up to something so that my heartless soul doesn't wither and roam in the memories of our past.

I Love you too much that I am not even gonna ask you to love me back.
You preached love to a heartless being and you clipped its wings right when it wanted to fly with you.
Are you the angel that I deserve, dream and desolately mourn along till the end of my days?
You drew a thin line accross the dominion of my soul body and mind, wish i presumed more than I did, Somehow I missed all the subtle clues of what the future held for us and now its all aloof with your voice in my head and all the places we went.
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