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I dream of a day!, everyday,
I don't know who far the day is,
but i dream of that day everyday.

The day where the lone shadow that lays behind me no longer lies aloof.

The day where my voice no longer echoes through the hollow walls.

The day where the song of my heart is heard.

The day where my words finally make sense.

The day where i salvage my soul from the ruins of my past.

The day where i finally find myself.

I dream for that day!, Everyday.
and i know that you too, dream of that Day.
No amount words can ever truly console a heart that lays weary of itself.
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Heart of fortune filled with frecklish love for solitude,
One minute i love all, the next i love nothing.
I dont know what my feeble heart desires.
I kind of believe nature. Nature had decided to hit the reset button 5 times. Now the sixth i don't think nature had anything to do with corona

Its just us,Humanity as a whole paying for all the sins that we committed or its just another game by the underworld to  profit the hidden communors and crème de la crème.

Either way humanity doesn't deserve to be alive, for all the resources that we have and all that we salvaged in the few thousand years, we just rotted to become worse than what we were.
Long live the planet.
Afloat in the loveless void of space loving a soul that bleeds  of slithering in solitude.

Accross the allevation of what the soul seeks among the hearts that no longer beat,

I managed to stumble upon a heart that beats,

Never knew what to give for that graceful heart, for all i knew was dull and dark.

Wish i had a rhythm to realign but then i realized i had no voice.

Wondered if could shine to catch her eyes then i have light.

Wish i had a fragrance to frantically Flirt yet then i knew no flowers bloom in space.

So i stand right here in the astral space in a distant place where she ll never know that i ever existed.
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Afloat in the loveless void of space loving a soul that bleeds  of slithering solitude.
Its sad
Its mad

It loves
It hates

It floats and gloats.

It snuggles and shears.

It lies and yet cries.

If i think of a way to give it away it bickers and brawls to put me away.

My big broken bickery heart needs a savage sick mystery ***.
i wanted to write that To keep it from bickering lubs and dubs unfortunately it seems like i cant.
I almost forgot what i had but you know? they say plants do have memories i once really thought they were all lame until the roses we planted reminded the rich lucile
Love and lush we festered onto them.
I wish peace to my broken heart.
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