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and if you see me

cruising in the depths of unknown. it's cause i was seeking for the thing that you were looking for. you tried to look unto others the uniqueness that i cannot even fathom. you've given up your smile to those people who were unworthy to see you happy. they'd replace with pain that you'd still long to keep. but, how dare i to conquer this? it's cause i was selflessly caring for you while you keep dragging yourself to the fools.
a prose
There's something in life I can't debate
It's an **** argument no one can win
I know that love won't fit in my life
When the world we must revive
          is just nothing but an utter sin
© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
August 26th, 2019
Canvass these souls
Threaten them
Throttle them
Just do anything
To get the hidden truth

Sinisterly, they all will fool you
But try not to get fooled by this junk
You are way more capable to unravel
this mystery
You are the truth seeker

But, destiny hands you the unfathomable truth
Rest is on your shoulders
Anggita Dec 2015
At 1 am
I thought about wonderful metaphors
Of us and moments we've spent
And combined them into poem

At 2 am
I read the poem solemnly
Spelling each words patiently
I collected the memories one by one

At 3 am
I got to remember each joy and sorrow
As tears were suddenly streaming down on my face
Realizing how empty I was

At 4 am
I treasured every pain and happiness
As something precious
I've got and poured in my whole life

At 5 am
I found myself not able to fathom the pain
I cried myself to sleep, trying to cope the tears
within the agony that kept gnawing

At 6 am
I felt terribly pathetic
Yelling, shouting, screaming
Till I got tired and slept.

regina May 2015
you told me you want to write thousand sonnet about me,
but even a word you cannot fathom.
Camille Alipio Mar 2015
My feelings are the horizons in the sky,
I cannot fathom into words.
If so, I sing them in lyrics wherein
I could pour them out into chords.
So if you could find it in your heart,
to give a second start...
This time things won't end the same,
'coz we're never growing apart.
I can't fathom the thought of love.

the selflessness

the two hearts beating as one

the butterflies that flip around in sight of your partner

the little hellos that makes the blood rush to your cheeks

or the nights that you miss them terribly that you can have them there to hold just by a call

but that's the only the good part...

But what about the Cons to the Pros?

the tears that fight it's way out to see the world

the lonely nights in your bed

the fights and arguments about being unfaithful

or the 75% of breaking up because of the incompatibility between the two hearts that were to beat as one.

That's why I can't fathom the thought of love

One day it's something so beautiful

Like something as beautiful as Disneyland to a 4 year old

But then the next day, It's something so unbearable

Like losing your favorite blanket  that was given to you by a passed on relative.

How could something so beautiful to the eyes be so dark and treacherous on the inside?
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