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Aug 10 · 105
Party( haiku)
Graduation party should be like,you got me to dance
&I pretend that I don no how to dance.
Angles got me to love you
It was kind of them
To call you & me the same
To her
Aug 10 · 240
For volleyball lovers
You're the master
Not the disaster
Jump up, jump down through the net
You have your pupils get
To play good yet
I look at your cleats
You cast glances on the *****
I jump to spike fast
Your pure glances are cast
We have no time to rest
The marathon moves from past
Let's say love to the gym
Pleases us on the team
Aug 9 · 127
The hot breath of the desert
Is too tired of loving
The seprable sand!
Aug 9 · 130
Colourless horizon
While a pair of eyes
Give up in front of sunshine
A lotus is fine
Cold blooded wine
Now poses mine
Endlessly I'd have loved
The shop
Selling plastic rings
I swear it
Yeah I know that is cheap
Not like gold in your dreams
But I hope that you still like it
The ink in my pen
Now is bleeding
Of the horizon scars!
Nearly inspired by a song from the cab.hope you enjoy it.
Aug 9 · 93
Effort is drug
I have to hug
That compassionate bug!
Aug 9 · 148
Through bridge
You're the only night I enjoy it
Neither sorrow nor *****
Every time I figure it out
I have nothing to shout
My voice shut up with pain
hey you fellow
Treat your lover
Better,better, better
But I feel like have a farewell
You have nothing to tell
Bring your luggage
And go through the bridge
To hunt a place
In her soul
To cheer up her face
Maybe this is my first song letter about love
Aug 9 · 162
Next to me
Always wish the best to me
Become happy next to me
The time you get to rest to be
I come along to get to you
Become for life with you
Always think that
There'e West to be
Become happy next to me
Aug 9 · 83
I talk to time:
Fly slowly
Needs much of courage
To think that I'm in your mind
The saddest part is
That you don't read this poem
& it's entirly for you
At 11:29 I gaze at moon
Realize that angles sent me their grace
The good part is that nothing can countract me from loving
& you can't keep your eyes opening
In front of the light of my love
The more love I send,
The greater I feel
That I'm loved
Aug 9 · 176
Universal tournament
So open your heart door
& see my gifts for sure
I'm afraid your heart's tore
But I bet I treat it though
I know your tears are stars
Shine in the darkness of night
I swear God that your amazing
Cuz you're inspired by gazing
Aug 9 · 96
September loading
Kind September welcomes the autumn
Hot red leaves start to be fallen
I'm packing my school bag
Summer gives up in sudden
With lots of passion
That has raised nature
Eventually took a picture
Hey fall!
Gracefully please me
With your leaves shaken
With your heart taken
With your sand bakin
With your voice rainin
September is ma favorite month
Aug 8 · 194
All of the stars
If you were here, I'd sing to you
You're on the other side, as the skyline splits in two
I'm miles away from seeing you
But I can see the stars from America
I wondered, do you see them too?
So open your eyes and see
The way our horizons meet
And all of the lights will lead
Into the night with me
And I know these scars will bleed
But both of our hearts believe
All of these stars will guide us home
All of the stars( ed sheeran)
Aug 8 · 144
I seek my fortune
In a safe plane
To heaven!
Aug 8 · 84
Follow the white rabit
Was a last documantry I've seen, I'm still running'bout it..
Aug 8 · 63
Let me...
Let me call you the king of my heart
Let me inspire you
As I thought
Let me bring you to an Oak forest
As the trees are the poorest
Let me burn you a fire
To warm your heart
Let me love you
A number of your footsteps
Let me say you a poem
You have the one
Dearest of the fun time
I'd have carried you wherever you needed to go
Let me be the pilot of your dreams
& fly above the streams!
Romantic poem
Aug 8 · 392
But unless you return
No matter
I used to wait
Aug 8 · 33
The flowers of cottons
Are now the texture of my sweaters
Peacful pink cottons
Can they bear cold waters?
Or they used to play with the coffee spots?
Handle your hat made by cottons
Soft as those rings of saturn
Love its imperfection pattern
Aug 8 · 85
Life's like doing the dishes
Singing is the single habit
In my lonely hours!
Aug 7 · 84
A turkish expression
(Sümüh sindirir)in English ( breaking bone)
Means: a person who bear and have hard situations to be successful.
Another lesson with parastoo
Aug 7 · 51
If hell is hell
If hell is hell
It'd moan at you
If hell is hell
You never waste your words
On the streams
If hell is hell
It wouldn't sign your cigar
If hell is hell
Betrayal swears God to confess to hell
If hell is hell
Short_ term relationships combine together
To join the carousel of fire
The hell is too hot!
Trip trap hey bootstrap!
What would you like on the page of my novel?
Wanna have some coffee?

Trip trap hey bootstrap!
Are you cutting with your girlfriend?

Trip trap hey bootstrap!
Listen to my new track
Mixed with hip_hop and rap

Trip trap hey bootstrap!
No need to use that awful crack!
Aug 7 · 74
Can you feel the countract
About how to react
After every contact?
Aug 7 · 71
My motivational sentence was(it's better than nothing)
Everybody can ease!
Aug 7 · 71
Game of thrones
The spring doesn't start in April
Even though with the first bloomed buds n leaves
Or the season of seas
Spring is navigated within
A game of thrones
Gifted by the duke of lords
Spring will arise while you handle the button
Start to change the face
Make the world a better place
& grace the face
You have to guess!
This was a part of my essay in grade 8th.It's stylish.
Aug 6 · 134
A persuasive owl
A lady was ambitious
To write a creepy poem
In the palace near beach
An inhibited owl
Pointed out its persuasion
To dream'bout scheduling
To be on the tree
N inspire others that
There's a caring tendency
Though in the eyes of an owl
Dreamy but sweet
Aug 6 · 86
I entered to the fear room
With a bunch of sadness
Full of hate buds
You put the bunch
Into the passion treasure
Wishing to bloom each bud
As a compassion flower
Aug 6 · 339
Universal teddy bear!
Reminds me of those sweet moments
I wouldn't switch it with anything
Either I'd have cried or I'd have gotten conflict
I used to hug it every single night
Say my dreams to it
N take myself to universe vlog
It pleased me often
The matter was just it couldn't get me to talk
Brought it to the parties
I spoiled it
I've always realised
That if there weren't any attention
Now we would be harder than a rock
Aug 5 · 58
She has a aneurysm ; cuz she has a huge heart!
Aug 5 · 124
Tendency of love
A beautiful creation
A powerful persuation
Underestimates nation
Build the foundation
In my heart navigation
Hey! You curly haired
The one let the coffee said
I'm warmer than her
Be careful!
Don't get burned sir!
Aug 5 · 41
Not awake
Moon rounds the Earth
Earth rounds the sun
Still we're asleep!
Aug 5 · 56
A turkish expression
(Callasinnan yeka ish gorur)
In English( doing sth bigger than his head)
Means: a person is doing sth that doesn't relate to his age!
Another lesson with Parastoi
Aug 5 · 22
A Turkish expression
(Pool sovurur) in English (shoveling money)
Means that a person is so rich so that he could shovel a money threshing.
Another lesson with Parastoo
Aug 5 · 89
A Turkish expression
(Allah gutarde)in English( God ended)
Means:God saved you from a bad situation.
This expression is used in Azerbaijan at Iran.
Another lesson from Parastoo
Aug 5 · 90
Powerful than power
Power would never fill love
Money , yeah it's funny
Still wouldn't fill the love
Tarot readings wouldn't bring love
Mere pure love inspires us
To call a friend after a concerned good_bye
To hug a friend so tight
To gaze at stars at night
Only love prevents us from fight
Why hesitant
Biorhythm of love
Moves around
Just be determined
& pretend
That you're loved
Aug 5 · 47
A U_ turn to my past
Is better than a collision
In across path
Aug 5 · 57
Summer journey
My summer of love
Never ends
It depends
To her reactions
To her sensitivity
To her loyality
I see her in my dreams
Going out of her way
To seek her fortune
Running in afternoon
To a heaven' palace
& sun's gazing
When will we finish
The summwr journey
Or maybe it will
Give up by a conclusion
Aug 5 · 55
End for life
She settles by her
Hand in a coffee cup
Singing her a top pop
The cycle of her life
Rounds with her integrity
Cuz in her heart,
There's no impurity
It's all about a refuge facility
Writing their poems creativly
All the flowers bloom by her voice
Dirts ruin in the circumatance
If you really get her
Seconds fall into her eyes
Moments crash by her cries
Their passion ends in for life
And the bye
Arise in never
This poems is for whom they have best friends that don't change them with anything.
Aug 4 · 50
Garden of rose
I'm eager last mere on photos
the body trembles from head to toes
in the garden of rose
counting your steps to pose
the butterfly that goes
for life vows
Aug 4 · 46
Voices of oblivioun
voices of oblivioun
let you lit your cigar
on the sunflower field
follow your chaos n pleasure
look at the mirror of the voices
you have your dude chooses
pupils of the life
that refers to the flowers
they're loyal enough not to leave the sun out
Aug 4 · 47
(see you later)is a normal statement for me
there's a star dust on my eyes
of seeing you
you did it professionaly
ignoring my gust of desires
about being on clouds
still you countin doubts
don't get weird
I have attended to play with the wolf inhaling within your eyes!
Aug 4 · 22
Teenage hood
violence of thoughts
in the teenage hood
covering with rock &  hip_ hop
loving to shop
in addition to be top
wanna say a familiar nup
and exciting yup
I found you through hell!
I'm in wait, the mystrey you should tell!
Aug 4 · 39
her youth was just like a sunflower
painful & evevn sadder
she was a daughter of sun
having her messy bun
walking in park for fun
to see the view of sun
whilr the dawn
til her sadness gone!
Aug 4 · 32
life's never given up
my hair hasn't turned white enough
happiness hadn't been tough
I dreamed soft
that my journey couldn't nod off
life and death are rough
need some coffee
and a ticket to neverland
I hate to be trend
wanna pour some sand
on the dessert land
that's my brand
to live in this world
that's called grand
Aug 4 · 31
I don no
I don no know why we need ourselves?maybe we're tired of sound of a banger on the **** tube or we're tired of silence.
I don no why we're dissatisified?
maybe we stucked behind the screen &dreaming&claiming.
I don no why we're too busy?
maybe we feel superior to others or perhaps we're in lack of confidence!
I don no why we hate things? maybe we don want'em to find us
or perhaps we're frightend!
Aug 4 · 33
motiviated getting on with life isn't a (must).
Aug 4 · 40
you vowed winning impossibles in spite of  thinking  you stuck in unimportants!
Aug 4 · 39
you vowed winning impossibles in spite of  thinking  you stuck in unimportants!
Aug 4 · 27
We need a horizon indeed
To fading,
Even farther, better
Or briefer, easier
Non of my buisness
Christain or black
We came to attract
Exist what on our track
Cuz, there's nothing holdin me back
Aug 4 · 117
To rescue myself
I rescue myself not to dig a big hole for myself
I wanna go out of my way to be really something
Cause all the regretful thoughts I have about others
Don't let me sit on my chair
And my solid motto is to go forward
With no doubt, fear n shame
I'm prince charming yet isn't bloomed
Aug 4 · 147
I'm really a friend with fances
They do as punctuation in my restless mind
You know I estimate I can resist seprating the fances
So high white neat fances attach me to what I wished to come true
Not hesitant but unforgettable
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