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Feb 15 · 207
Sorrow' Cloud!
I wish the cloud of sorrow would rain
A little bit faster,
Not much colder
I wish the cloud of sorrow would move Away
A little bit hopeful,
Not much painful!
Feb 9 · 232
Obsessed Memory!
Icy & Cloudy
A surface of snow on my glasses
Would it be a memory that obsesses
Me with a song?
You with a letter?
Hearing the rhythm of passion
In between a coffee cup
& Some kind sound of slow street
& A heart race at speed!
Jan 24 · 139
Love' Tragedy!
I come up,
You end
Passion bursts in where it used to Suspend
It could be like a tragedy
You under the semi_light
Love has its own strategy!
How do you think to end this poem??
Jan 15 · 226
It seems like winter!
It seems like winter;
But my coffee cup is left out with a cold Pen & a paper
It seems like winter;
But you miss a hand on your shoulder!
Dec 2020 · 162
Tear The Tears Out!
All the tears would treat like a stranger
Cause they're castaway into your heart That is fragile!
Dec 2020 · 140
Loved Off!
Distance doesn't matter
Where you're all here,
Here in my heart
In compound of the night & a stare!
21:08 P.M. Love Poem!
Dec 2020 · 288
Oak Like Kiss!
Let me wrap you in my arms
With no harm,
An oak like kiss
A soft touch,
Closed eyes
Listening to sound of sticks sizzling
Til they turn to ashes!
Dec 2020 · 292
It's almost
4:00 A.M.
Painting in pain
With rain
What's within?
The time stopped my smile
Where it has already used to compile
A tone of words
Into one word:
Love again!
Nov 2020 · 180
There you were;
In the shadow of the mountain
Thinking back on those days in sudden
& compiling your songs with the Memories & the moments into your rigid Heart
Then saying:
No...this is not the upshot!
I was walking
Through the edges of night
Whispering my wishes
To the full moon in slight
Watching carefully the clouds waving
I asked them:
Could you please stop my heart raving?
My shadow
Freezing by my breathing
Take a step away,
I found a rose fallen on the street beatless
I asked it:
Could he be mine?
Happy Halloween & Full Moon!
Oct 2020 · 144
Just feel it!
Wondering in lucids;flowing on Goosebumps!
This is just not about lucids.It's all on what matters for us.anything that makes us get up out of our bed & embark getting a change in daily routine & keep everything restrained.What makes you intense to feel something deeply that leads your brain to send energy to the universe?
Oct 2020 · 164
Prefrontal Cortex!
I woke up;
Thinking back on last night in abrupt
Wondering if time is so sharp
Sounds like you need to kick your mind to Say:
Stand up;
Find your clue,
Nothing could make you stop!
Hope note 4!
Sep 2020 · 103
Love For Love!
The way I loved you was
            Instant &
Whereas when I see you; I feel like
              ­                        Restless!
23:30 p.m. love poem!
Sep 2020 · 141
Deep relationships stand out of crowd
But never in realizations!
Sep 2020 · 461
Love Game!
Love is like a game;
trying to win someone's heart!
1:44 A.M. After Final exam(English) &Between the sizzling feelings!
Sep 2020 · 104
Nothing could stop me from achieving my Goals
As long as my passion is high & Aggression rolls!
Sep 2020 · 319
Edge Of Night
I walk along the edge of night
& sing my song
To the darkness
To my conscientious mind
Having them poured with love & Kindness
Sep 2020 · 227
Hurry To Waste!
As I surf on some people's ideaologies,
I notice that
They spend their time with others
Maybe to waste in haste!
Sep 2020 · 154
White Lies! 2
You can't paint someone's world with White lies!
Sep 2020 · 130
White Lies! 1
White lies
Will be getting darker
As a matter of time!
Aug 2020 · 133
Unfolded Pain!
Days fly in subtle
I fly to grief
Days fly in hustle
Talking in càfe gets brief!
Aug 2020 · 506
I hate talking about what to afraid
But this situation that is made;
Getting me
To be afraid to love
Afraid of rising above
In a nutshell,
When will the sense of being Misunderstood get solve?
Aug 2020 · 128
Pros & Cons!
Your eyes make me feel drunken
You'll feel taken
If you let me kiss those flowery lips

Love has its own pros & cons
But if you decide to be mine
All the cons would rather run!
Aug 2020 · 92
Hope Note! 3
Success is in my blood
As my efforts arise like a flood!
What's your motivational self_talk?
Aug 2020 · 111
Let your mind fly wherever it needs to go
Even further
Might be better
It's effortless to be hero
While you coin your own words
To delineate about your world
& Feel the warmth
Across the blowing wind
Even if it's sub_zero
I still miss that Aesthetic
When printed letters on the snow
Were making the winter poetic
Will it happen again?
To walk along the street
Listening to the rain
Pouring gently on my hair
With the memorable sound of sleet??
Aug 2020 · 184
Dark Voices!
It's just not a word to say lonely
It belies your sorrow with you,yourself And only
When a person feels lonely
She may talk to herself
To those beautiful couches,
T.V.,and the walls
Standing solidly with compromise!
Aug 2020 · 208
"Run" & "Reflect"
I like the relation between the words
"Run" & "Reflect"
When You're in cave
You race to be perfect!
Coined words of philosophy!
Aug 2020 · 139
Touch me!
Touch me with your eyes
As no one can ever realize
I'm still asking to know
How deeply a love can hide?
Neither seen each other eye to eye
Nor said hello after a good_bye
But you had outdone to win my heart!
Aug 2020 · 154
They call it unconditional love
When I have no reason
Either in carving your name on bench
Or listening to the artist singing in French!
imaginary love
Aug 2020 · 196
Haiku (Adrift!)
I'd love the way I'm eager & adrift
That's the only time to know confidently I Would lift!
How do you think about success?
Aug 2020 · 231
Your heart in flare
Gotten enough
It's not rare
This is the time you looked at road
As the mirage gets broad!
Aug 2020 · 122
Back to expressed emotion,she would be distant!
Aug 2020 · 130
Kind Mirror!
I crossed a mirror so adaptable
Niether convey nor convex
Not even on the wall
But kind of mirage_shaped ones
On the road to the forest
I crossed a mirror so kind
Maybe in the way you smile
The way you clothed
And the way you lose yourself to find!
Aug 2020 · 144
I could stand tall
Without having any fear to fall
I could stand tall in the spot
Where there's me,you and & the night
It's one o'clock
You're in thought of me desperately
& My words place on paper ambiguously!
Aug 2020 · 147
Cherish Notes
I've found some cherish notes
Half of them flowery
The other equivocal
While I read'em
still getting hope
To know
That they're all an anchor
For whom I wrote!
20:05 poetry
Aug 2020 · 174
How nice it is to admire one
With a tone of mystery!
Jul 2020 · 299
Could You,Love?
Just leave me alone
To the leaves of Autumn
On another coffee
Could you,love?
A bit...
Jul 2020 · 332
If you were the night,
Than I'd like to find me lost!
17:32 p.m. words!
Jul 2020 · 107
I Let This Love Live Again!
I let this love live again
Even in touching your lips burning all
In pain
I hold your hand a little bit colder
Breathing the roughness of the weather
I let this love grow older
I touch the ashes gotten wet by the river Through my eyelashes
Than I close my eye,
Having heard the sound of passion
When your heart splashes!
Jul 2020 · 211
My Heart Throws Spark
There's left no any feeling in the Neighbour park
As my heart is chafed enough to throw Spark
My heart is neither elastic nor fantastic
But for now I desire
If only I were in Atlantic!
Jul 2020 · 190
Small Things
It was a sweltering sunny day on Sunday
Sitting on the wooden chair behind the Window
Painting the canvas & realizing that She's In thought of one
As if that one could portray like a Rainbow,
So that,
She tries hard
In good faith
If only her attitudes cling
Even to the small things!
Somehow like a novel paragraph!
Jul 2020 · 113
Sorrowful Imagination!
Never let others manipulate with your Decisions
Even if you're going on with a sorrowful Tenacity of an imagination
I'm surrounded with a heap of emotions
Knowing that one day they'll leave my Life' ocean
You should've known well why I can't Dare to split
Cause the passion inside leave me behind A lit
Either hopeful or hopeless
To warm my heart
A little bit!
Jul 2020 · 174
To the queen of hearts
Queen of hearts,hopeless poetry enhancers!
Jul 2020 · 48
Someone calls you a ****** to modify
"An artist typify"
Eversince I found someone to rescue Myself
I decided to run
Thousands of miles
Which is your commitment to your
For a worthwhile!
Never give up!
Jul 2020 · 274
Sound Of Sleet!
I miss winter
Those marvelous late icy night street
Listening to the sound of sleet
Landing gently between your steps,
On your feet
& upon the heart beat!
Jul 2020 · 181
Pursuit Of Love
That calm charm exterior,
Doesn't feel the same as if it were in a Picture
If so,I wish I hadn't found better one!
Jul 2020 · 206
I see...
I see so many;
But can't find one for help
The help to find a clue for her Bone_shattered mystery
The secret behind each smile of history
The tension between us in a lucid memory

I see some misunderstandings in your Eyes
When you fly high to touch the sky
I let your heart rest in peace
Like a flower in the snow
If you feel it's gonna be fragile
No matter
I'm here to seize
In a twinkling of a star!
Coffee_made inspiration!
Jul 2020 · 65
You are
The poem I've never wanna end,
The butterfly that I wish hadn't escaped,
The reason why my poems are enhanced;
With you I'll enjoy being tranced
I tend to be more hopeless
When you're in my lucids
Making me restless!
Jul 2020 · 94
Hope Note! 2
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