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Wondering in lucids;flowing on Goosebumps!
This is just not about lucids.It's all on what matters for us.anything that makes us get up out of our bed & embark getting a change in daily routine & keep everything restrained.What makes you intense to feel something deeply that leads your brain to send energy to the universe?
I woke up;
Thinking back on last night in abrupt
Wondering if time is so sharp
Sounds like you need to kick your mind to Say:
Stand up;
Find your clue,
Nothing could make you stop!
Hope note 4!
The way I loved you was
            Instant &
Whereas when I see you; I feel like
              ­                        Restless!
23:30 p.m. love poem!
Deep relationships stand out of crowd
But never in realizations!
Love is like a game;
trying to win someone's heart!
1:44 A.M. After Final exam(English) &Between the sizzling feelings!
Nothing could stop me from achieving my Goals
As long as my passion is high & Aggression rolls!
I walk along the edge of night
& sing my song
To the darkness
To my conscientious mind
Having them poured with love & Kindness
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