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I wish the cloud of sorrow would rain
A little bit faster,
Not much colder
I wish the cloud of sorrow would move Away
A little bit hopeful,
Not much painful!
Icy & Cloudy
A surface of snow on my glasses
Would it be a memory that obsesses
Me with a song?
You with a letter?
Hearing the rhythm of passion
In between a coffee cup
& Some kind sound of slow street
& A heart race at speed!
I come up,
You end
Passion bursts in where it used to Suspend
It could be like a tragedy
You under the semi_light
Love has its own strategy!
How do you think to end this poem??
It seems like winter;
But my coffee cup is left out with a cold Pen & a paper
It seems like winter;
But you miss a hand on your shoulder!
All the tears would treat like a stranger
Cause they're castaway into your heart That is fragile!
Distance doesn't matter
Where you're all here,
Here in my heart
In compound of the night & a stare!
21:08 P.M. Love Poem!
Let me wrap you in my arms
With no harm,
An oak like kiss
A soft touch,
Closed eyes
Listening to sound of sticks sizzling
Til they turn to ashes!
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