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teju Aug 12
was looking
through the smog
wandering at
isolated places
in the forest,
listening to all
the horrifying
trying to
identify the
masked faces,
with the feeling
of some
A sudden jolt
woke me up,
to make me
it was just a
Midnight Dream!
Amanda Feb 12
It's the waking up I hate
Not the going to sleep
People often confuse the two
Not understanding what I mean
I love to dream the night away
The bed is one of my favorite places
But every time I open my eyes
All I see are disappointed faces
So you see it's easier to stay up
Pull an all-nighter or at least try
Than to be shook awake by the painful reality
The sobering pathetic state of my life
So to avoid the jolt of the sudden truth
I stay up until I can't fight and fall
Honestly I'd sleep forever if I could
But I can't so I'd rather not go to sleep at all
I know this is ironic but that moment when I first awaken and realize it's a ****** new day in a ****** up world with the same hateful state of mind is so ******* discouraging and difficult I would prefer to slowly fade into it from a long tired night than for it to hit me like a ton of bricks after a wonderful fantasy dreamland for however many blissful hours of relief.
Annie Siby Oct 2018
I was startled to hear the sound of kissing again. Flesh lapping against each other like waves, my hands stroking the nape of your neck, tracing patterns and you biting my lip, grinning a little bit.
Kiss me.
We're way too eager that your crooked teeth bump against mine.
Laugh and pull away.
Graze the hollow at the base of my throat.
Your earlobes.

Your hands.
My *******.
Gasps that escape our lips.
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
Sending all signals they possess the soul
Feel a jolt from clouds of lightning

This is all true I know
They have taken my soul

Replaced by something new
Just to get a new aspect view

Free the eternal soul within me
Not a question of why or what is with this

Songs I sing can not be replaced
The thought of that can not be erased

Things these days have no means to an end
I hope that someday there will be a another message I can send

Feeling the pressure I release a gift that will surface
Hoping someday something new will serve it’s purpose

They all confused me
Confounded because my talent is not lazy

Help me survive where I want to be
Because they all diluted me
Natasha Jul 2018
It wasn’t so much
Like falling
As it was being hit
By a fifty-ton train
That jolted me awake.
K Balachandran Nov 2014
Across the green of the lawn, the morning sun
makes a spectacular  splash, a wash of gold,
the lonely tree blissfully embracing soft fog
all night long, gets annoyed and feels cheated
as the hands of sun tickles wisps of fog, startled
she  hurriedly leaves disentangling the branches.
A black cat, rudely woken up by sun's sultry pinch
still her eyes half closed,  runs across the lawn,
the dark shadow of the tree fallen across her path
engulfs her, perplexed she rolls on the ground
still her eyes closed, thinks she is trapped and
something is going to happen,"I am dead" she meows,
a morning bird on a low branch, seeing this,is amused,
in mirth she  tweets aloud" you fool, you fool, get up"
MC Hammered Dec 2013
I am the
fleeting darkness
after the lights flicker off.
Shrouding shadows.

I am the
ever present
feeling of hidden eyes.
Secretly staring.

I am the
ominous, cold jolt
branching up shaking spines.
Striking silently.

— The End —