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a single bead
of cold sweat
my forehead
it's time.
trying some new things out
sankavi May 21
he's the ominous boy I barely know
bright blue eyes
messy hair
never smiling
he's always just there

been hurt far too many times to count
does drugs to mask the pain

is it working though?
do you finally feel happy?
is killing your body fixing your soul?
No one wants to be alone, nor forgotten. They can forget others well, having no sense of care, but those who do have kissed kind hearts hurt so delightfully. Tearing and shredding at your morality, your sanity... is this what you desire? Heartbreakingly painful intimacy when you don't feel anything. The ****** can only bleed for so long when sacrifice has not been made. Desire, lust, need, want, claim, capture, devour. I want you! I want to kiss your lips to make me happy for self-benefits. Trying to care is... difficult for the human mind. Can you really be bothered to let me have a kiss? It's simple, I promise. Each kiss shows how well you care about me.

  Do not make me feel like anything.

  A peck is all I want and that's it. Share your love with me, I will do the same in return; equally passionate. Let me grab your face, press my fingers into your oily skin, and devour you like an apple. Chewing slowly, but generously. Traveling magic sounds surrounding us, dark glooms suffocating. A train screams against the tracks, rushing winds blowing our clothes. We stand so close to the bullet, but it does no damage. Green pastures want us to tame them, but we choose the toxic city life. You, me, in my city dreams, let us dance. Hazardous fumes scraping our nostrils clean, they want in immediately. Picking, inhaling. No! Get out. You are not killing our future babe. I slither up your arms and hesitate before I beg for your acceptance with simplicity.

  Be my bird and I'll be your snake that withdraws from hunger horrors.

  Your kisses will qualm my intricate reptilian cannibalism.

  Repeat! Cannibalism. Let me devour your love with ominous speakings.

  Please smother me with your attention, let us share wondrous memories today. I do not want babes I've decided, but only you. I want our souls to be bound together in marriage. Allowances of a pretzel to show our romance united is a treacherous pleasure I need. Our animal ate the pretzel. Escaping into my realms and waking in the morning, I plan to think of only you. So easily in love, you already have my heart. Vanish and friends will be agitated hearing me moan about your missing ambiance. I will do nothing in the meantime, and wait for your return. Promised plans, are not so promised when you're the only person who's on my mind. Cry, oh cry is all I can do.

  But I can't help it, I love you so much. My so's and my much's mean it well.

  I hope you don’t forget me someday. I can't fathom to think of being left alone. My fathoms of loneliness are on jury duty, but I wish they return from the seas, free of a witness charge. Darkness, galore of shadow stepping winds. Crawl over the hills, dance on the strings, exhale through holes. Play the song of loneliness to set the mood, the ambiance, everything. The heart is no longer seeping with love but thick sadness. You've sent me into depression, how dare you! Eliminate yourself from my eyes, your presence is banned. Forcing myself to forget you are an odd sin. Why would I and how could I? I adore you so.

  Love me... let me hear you say you love me once, but not twice.

  Each head turn, I always think you're there with me. Can you really be there and a ghost greeting me? Won't life be easier if I see the image of you? Visualizing your frame is not meant as seeing your face. Having my heart quiver and deteriorate every second I am gone, you are a fool to be reckoned with. Come, return, quickly. A portal is waiting. Dramatic fear, dashing opponents, tipping over love scenarios. Sinking sinking sinking? I don't know at this point anymore.

  I miss you, come back, don't leave me.

  Over here I'm wandering blindly into the darkness, falling into solitude. Dear white knight, won't you do something? Guide me in the right ways, or else, I will return to be claimed by an unspeakable force. Unpleasant pleas of safety measure terribly. You're not good at maths, are you? Guide me! If you won't save me, then I am done being kind to you. You are a despicable human being... get out, get out! I never want to think about you again. Just leave me be and allow me to walk in shambles and prison clothes. My times are now mine, not yours. Who were you to begin with? You were really a mistake, weren't you?

  Shoo, leave. Rid of yourself, you... good riddance.

  Do not ever enter my life again, continue your own path of self-loathing stupidity and remain irresponsibly foolish as always. You were really big for nothing. If you had caring eyes, you would notice someone genuinely cared, but you chose to remain in the sunlight. So be it then, a choice is a person's will to do. You may not see this, but, kind loves turn cold 'cause of people like you, putrid filth. They were better off without you anyway, your crime. I can fathom about my loneliness whenever I want, but it'll be a blessing to have you gone for sure. Silence and end it, midnight ramblings of lost love and liquified dreams are no more.

  **** them all, and fall in love with rotten fakeness that doesn't inflict pain.

  Engage it and be engaged. You want to marry and be married again? No problem, love is fine. Any usurpers will be demolished as speckles of dead skin cells. Pull it off carefully, carefully. Rip it! Pull it all away like furniture hidden for centuries, take it away, tear it off, expose it, reveal it, LET IT BE SHOWN TO THE WORLD! Unused profanities of the word 'fathom' work so well in sentences. If you can't fathom the thought, then why are you here? Shouldn't you be next in line waiting for prescription refills? That being aside, I'll take my leave and ghost into the sun. Goodbye.
yes im getting back into poetry again yipee
Ominous silence!
All clocks chime in unison,
Silence recoils quick
Steven Forrester Dec 2018
Some times I wonder
Some times I think
Some times I ponder
Am I on the brink?
It seems so simple
But is it really?
A heart is delicate
And mines the epitome
It's barely holding together
In a messed up jury rigged state
Made presentable
With safety pins
And a lot of tape
When ever I start to feel
The way she makes me
I think is this real?
'cause it feels like a dream

I want to know
What makes her tick
I want to know
What makes her sick
Somebody better check me

I'm catching feels
And I can't catch my breath
My heart thumps
And I reel

Feeling feathery
Frightfully fearing
While furiously fighting
Figuratively of course....
This finesse at finding
Fiery finality

Kind of makes me hesitate
So commiserate
And resuscitate
Let's conversate
And enjoy the ride
Hannah L Aug 2018
by Hannah Lee

A forest needs rain,
to flourish and thrive.
A human needs pain,
to learn and move on.

A sunset needs to be bruised,
to produce the colors you see.
An athlete needs to learn to lose,
before learning to shoot their goals.

A child needs to be curious,
to learn about her surroundings.
To love, you must be experienced,
for how can you love others when you can't love yourself?
Danielle Jul 2018
In the morning, I rise to find
warm, sour beer stains in
the grooves of my teeth.
Traffic lights are still flashing
and rattling around beneath my eyelids,
perfectly hidden from any view
but my own.
Something ominous has moved in,
curling up in the seams of my comforter
and I cannot seem to find the right words
to draw it out
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