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Feb 2019
It's the waking up I hate
Not the going to sleep
People often confuse the two
Not understanding what I mean
I love to dream the night away
The bed is one of my favorite places
But every time I open my eyes
All I see are disappointed faces
So you see it's easier to stay up
Pull an all-nighter or at least try
Than to be shook awake by the painful reality
The sobering pathetic state of my life
So to avoid the jolt of the sudden truth
I stay up until I can't fight and fall
Honestly I'd sleep forever if I could
But I can't so I'd rather not go to sleep at all
I know this is ironic but that moment when I first awaken and realize it's a ****** new day in a ****** up world with the same hateful state of mind is so ******* discouraging and difficult I would prefer to slowly fade into it from a long tired night than for it to hit me like a ton of bricks after a wonderful fantasy dreamland for however many blissful hours of relief.
Written by
Amanda  24/F/Alaska
     Silverflame, Juneau, Fawn, --- and M-E
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