Natasha Oct 20
Each unhappy in their own worlds
They were driven together.

Then desperate for each other
They clung to their unhappiness

But now apart they soar:

Their weightless bodies drift
And when they pass
These two old friends–
Ghosts locking eyes–
Share a knowing smile.
Natasha Sep 11
First I fell for your eyes
With hazel specks and inviting guise
Then I fell for your laugh
Uneven and hearty and somewhat shy.

Soon I fell for your hands
Then your lips, your brain, and incredible drive—
Your truths, your dreams, your curious smile
Your biggest regrets and most convincing lies.

And now I’ve fallen for you.
And all at once it feels jeopardized—
I fear to confess
Those 3 little words that
Historically have been so weaponized.
Natasha Jul 26
my past self was afraid
that letting you go
meant letting go of
a piece of myself.

I wish I could tell her:
that is how you will
Find Yourself.
Natasha Jul 24
Step by step she's trodden on
Her jeans are stained
Her blouse is torn.
Two toes edge the crumbling cliff
She turns behind–
But alas! She slips.

And down she plummets
Down, down she falls
Her eyes are dazed
Her lips forlorn.

But as she reaches
Not one yard saved
Strong talons grasp–

To home she’s dragged.
Natasha Jul 24
I never thought I could love
Anyone else.
But when I shiver
You make me warm.
You gently blow
On the dying ember
He left behind.
Natasha Jul 24
It wasn’t so much
Like falling
As it was being hit
By a fifty-ton train
That jolted me awake.
Natasha Jul 24
And when you least expect it,
My darling,
A wave will swell above you
As crests caress your arms
And bobbing
You’ll float in
Endless bliss.
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