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flora Mar 2021
even whilst you hang
beautifully in the sky,
you’re eternally
writing music for us
as you move the tide
creating a harmony
that brings balance
to this earth.

a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.
Tangthai T Jan 2021
in the night nearly morning
i do miss you again
when the silence embraced me
i just starting to miss you
for 3 years that i stuck in the past
i do miss you everyday
my friend told me ‘you should find another inspiration’
i answer i cannot the one who replaced you
And the final thought
by my side
this place are still you and it will be you as always
my third spring is coming in 3 months
my third spring without you is also coming in 3 months
how can i pass the sad spring
chris Feb 2020
you said with the heart of a friend

'you loved me forever'

don't say those words again

they are so light to you but are too heavy to me
this heart must have given you a hard time

I'll back off a little, I'll wait
I'll stand far away so that you're comfortable
I'll beg like this
max Jul 2019
the moon shines brightly tonight
his pale face peers down on me
as i wonder
if he is okay
up there all alone
hhhhh this hit close but :\
levi eden r Apr 2019
there was one night when i got home from work.
my family was getting ready to go to sleep while i was just barely taking off my shoes.
i dragged my body up the stairs and into my room where i leaned against my doorway.
it was thanksgiving.
my older sister began telling me everything i missed and i began to relive my work day.
something in my chest began to feel heavy.
and once again,
i needed a hug.
my mouth felt zipped,
i couldn't open it if i tried.
i remember slowly falling to my knees.
still in my work clothes,
i began to cry.
oh how badly i wanted to spend this holiday with my family,
oh how badly i just wanted that day to be over so i could consider it the past.
the present felt like a sharp pain in my chest.
i closed my eyes as tears made their way down my face.
in that quiet, painful moment
i felt arms around me.
i let myself go completely.
the silent tears turned into sobs as my head dug into my older sisters shoulder.
she rubbed my back and told me i did good, that she was proud of me,
that i did well.
inspiration from the end of a day by jonghyun
y'ay'a Dec 2018
a year's passed us by,
i'm still not ready to say
goodbye. i love you.

a year's passed us by,
i'm still not ready to say
goodbye. i need you.

a year's passed us by,
but you're still here by my side.
always be with you.
jonghyun, i love you
y'ay'a Dec 2018
for i cannot tell a lie
i really do hate being alive

i hate knowing that there's a mere six litres of blood in our bodies
that's three two-litre bottles of soda
three two-litre bottles of soda
is all that keeps me here
and i hate it

i hate knowing that the leafcutter ant can hold up to fifty times its weight in its jaw
and i can't even hold myself up throughout the day
for there is no one weaker than i
no one who has struggled as much as i
and i hate it

i hate knowing
that the people i once knew
and opened myself up to
have blocked me out of their minds
but i can't seem to get them out of mine

i hate that so much

but i'm not filled with hate

i love the moon
the moon is all i have left in life to look up and look forward to

and on the nights where he hides
and i can only see him behind closed eyes
i hope he can still hear me
when i tell him i've been doing just fine

and i'm not lying
i really mean it, i swear
i mean
it's just so hard these days, you know?

wish you were here
spoken word vent poem meant to be about depression now it's just desperation and mourning
y'ay'a Dec 2018
missing you comes in waves
and i drown in them every time
y'ay'a Sep 2018
misery is when
the phases of the moon
are all there is left
to look forward to
y'ay'a Oct 2018
you have brought me light
and now, i know not of how
to see without you
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