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simple simon Oct 2016
I sit on the edge of the well
Coz my life ain’t going that well
Stones in my backpack
Coz hope is what lack

I sit on the edge of the well
Coz am empty as a shell
I have no reason to live
And my soul is the only thing left to give

I sit on the edge of the well
Coz my life has become a living hell
I know you tried your best
But it seems as if the devil has become my guest

Don’t worry am not taking my life
Coz how can I take my life when I have none left
I sit at the edge of the well
Writing this note in my blood wishing I brought a pen
''The prince is never going to come. Everyone knows that; and maybe sleeping beauty's dead.”
Martin Narrod May 2014
while I may do you perfectly. the snow angels on gasoline st., did you
see them? All of the houses were dripping wet too, one girl with gold laces on her leopard shoes wore red plastic pants; totally soaked to the bone.

to train ourselves to brave the heat of each others' bodies as we awaken in  one small bed, one small blanket. the both of us yawn. it's so fun to make waffles but neither of us like to eat preference. I love you to death but prefer to brush my teeth alone- one tooth at a time.

embrace your new t-shirt, even though not everyone enjoys a good show of a flock of crows. hand drawn indie wicker-hipster prints. coffee by the pint. you crack me up like vitrifying glass sheens of the individual bubbles in a bubble bath or the ******, glazed eyes of the monsters' eye while a shark attacks.

creaky sounds of bodies mapped by fingers, tickled tummies rippled by listening to witch house singers. you crack me up, count chocula. It's Saturday, I love to laugh while laying down. everybody's funnier when they're laying on the ground. we toast to ghosts.

luminous lengths of birthday candles

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— The End —