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simple simon Aug 2017
He was Prince with no kingdom
She was an Angel with broken wings
Their love was forbidden
Their love wasn't supposed to exist

She walked with grace and pride
Though her soul was dying inside
But men gave up thrones for her
Coz men only saw her smile

He had the heart of a Dragon
But Dragons eventually fall
His fire was burning out
He needed someone to light it back

Two pieces from different puzzles
One tormented soul and one broken heart
She lit up his spark
He calmed her soul
Their love was forbidden
Their love wasn't supposed to exist
But it did
An Imperfect You and an Imperfect Me make a Perfect Us
simple simon Jun 2017
Time to put you to sleep
So my dear,listen to this lullaby
And don't let any word slip

Check inside the closet
Check under the bed
You won't find any Monsters there
Coz they're hiding inside your head

Try to dream of Rainbows
Try to dream of Unicorns
Cross your heart and pray
That the Bats and Spiders don't come again

Think of happy Memories
Think of happy Moments
But your past is too Troubled
Your past is too Dark

Give up trying to dream of Glitter
And let in the Ash and everything Bitter
Leave your mind open to the Monsters' gain
And as you drift into the eternal Abyss
Cross your heart and pray
That you may never wake Again
Darkness has a Certain calm effect
simple simon Jun 2017
She did not have the body of a Goddess
Neither did she have the smile of a Princess
She didn't sound like an Angel
And her heart was not made of gold

She had named her right hand "Regret"
And her left was "Heartbreak"
They both had scars
Some fresh,Some for old time sake
She never hid them coz she didn't want to forget

For hours she would sit in the closet
Crying and hugging her big,brown Teddy
She badly wanted to be normal
But she didn't know what normal meant

She wanted to write herself a happy ending
But her ink was dark and full of despair
Her life felt like a badly scripted tragic movie
And ever scene was worse than before

One day she sat at the bus stop
Lost deep in her Fantasy world that she didn't see her sit next to her
She felt a hand on her shoulder
And a voice saying
"You're beautiful"
After those three words,She was never the same again
Never Struggle to be normal..........................................Normal is just fake reality
simple simon Feb 2017
once there was a kingdom
ruled by a very kind dark queen
one day she got very ill
and it seemed that her fate was sealed
the doctors couldn't save her
but one peasant found her the cure
the queen made her a knight
coz she thought his heart was pure
using the cover of the night
the peasant mastered a great army
and took the kingdom from the queen
the queen fled to another land
and the peasant ruled with an iron hand
but then he realized he was incomplete
the power was too much
he missed being a peasant
he begged the kind dark queen to come back
but she had started a much prettier kingdom
covered with green grass and daisies
now the peasant is planting roses and lilies and daisies
hoping that the queen will return
to rule again with her kind darkness
simple simon Jan 2017
Without much await
We start of with a little hate
Not too much though coz it'll spoil the paste

Time to put your heart at stake
So to the mix add heart break
An essential ingredient for this dark cake

Take some voices and a bit of ur troubled past
Blend it with your bad choices and a pich of lust
This will help the cake form a firm crust

Well its time for us to bake
So fire up the oven with untamed rage
And let's wait for our mistakes to form our dark cake
simple simon Dec 2016
Most look at you
And see stars in your eyes
But when I look in your eyes
I see a galaxy
I see planets of pain
All revolving around a sun of tortured past
I see black holes of torment
And supernovas of untamed rage
Sometimes I see asteroids of revenge
And shooting stars of uncertain future
I see a young girl begging to be loved
Buts hates herself soo much to accept it
But when others look at you and see stars
I look at the stars and see you
  Dec 2016 simple simon
I walk with other people ,
I do what they do ,
I listen what they say ,
But nobody notices me .

Within the crowd I am all alone .
I run behind them ,
Trying to match their fast pace .
But nobody is there to stands by me .

All in their own world ,
Forgetting my existence .
I tried to be what they want ,
But nobody wants me .

I still try to find someone
Someone who will notice me,
Stand by me , will want me .
But someone is still nobody

I really don't know
What I lack , what I should have ?
To fill the spaces empty for somebody
But now I think I will remain forever just as a Nobody
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