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Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
I have been crying all the time but you don't seem to care
Every day and yet
Remain unaware
A heart covered
Lingering scars only I am able to see
Over years
Drop by drop
Blood spilled out of me
Leaving trails of splattered mistakes in my wake as I go
Prints of regret showing which to not follow
Yet I never seem to correct my mistakes
SassyJ Apr 2016
As the night shifts, the glass prints
The universe retorts and restores
Connective strands pulls from dark
Exposed from the rumbled tosses

Mosses generate, diversified integration
Masses inaugurated in magical reality
Electrified from the syndical sorrows
Tarots of the forgiven, sad sung songs

The tree branches held strong as I slid
The town halls illuminated to capture
A magnificence of a nature umbilical
Enclosed in the warmth of the placenta

My centre cored on the base of the earth
A need to belong on grounded dense soil
Calm tornados and typhoons unheated
Treated in fountained grace of existence
Baylee Oct 2015
The unique
left on coffee cups
is intriguing.

No two are
the same,
even if the same person
drinks from them.

But they aren't
all that different either.
A light tan drip
stains around the opening
in the lid
of each coffee cup.

Some are surrounded
by lipstick prints.
Others are just
a coffee drip-stain.
Chase The Moment Feb 2015
Relationships are fingerprints
Each becomes

Whorls spinning into seamless
Chaotic cosmos

Never Removed

The world
Leave a

CopyRight©2015 Kelly Chase
All Rights Reserved
The walls around my mind
Are Japanese screens
With intricate designs
Of memory
Printed on them
Easy to break
But easy to repair

The walls around my heart
Are made of obsidian
They protect a delicate city
Untouched, as of yet, by human hands
Hard to break
When they do
How much damage will be done?
Paris May 2014
Some guys will leave lip prints on your body that will fade away, but will leave cuts in your heart that will last forever.
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